26 Oct 2021How the pandemic made phishing worse

20 Oct 2021Becoming a Resilient Digital University

19 Oct 2021First cohort graduate Nexus

11 Oct 2021New resource for those facing amputation

08 Oct 2021Welcoming international student plan

06 Oct 2021Smart microscope slides detect cancer

07 Oct 2021Partnership to test for concussion

07 Oct 2021La Trobe vaccination survey results

07 Oct 2021Revealing the colour of cancer cells

06 Oct 2021Highly employable graduates

06 Oct 2021La Trobe PhD students embed in schools

05 Oct 2021World Teacher's Day 2021

29 Sep 2021Short-course boosting nursing workforce

28 Sep 2021The Auslan interpreter is not just the side show

21 Sep 2021Student awarded for environmental impact

21 Sep 2021Early therapy reduces babies’ autism diagnosis

17 Sep 2021Media Statement: Roadmap to reopening

17 Sep 2021Regional manufacturing gets new hub

15 Sep 2021Media Statement: Decision to Proceed

15 Sep 2021Supporting emerging regional businesses

13 Sep 2021La Trobe awarded $3m in NHMRC grants

01 Sep 2021Regional students receive scholarship

08 Sep 2021Digital jobs training at La Trobe

08 Sep 2021Asking R U Really OK?

06 Sep 2021Preventing violence against women

02 Sep 2021La Trobe in world's top 250 universities

01 Sep 2021Mysterious marsupial caught on camera

31 Aug 2021Breaking down stigma of FASD

26 Aug 2021Early university offers through Aspire

19 Aug 2021Fatima Killeen announced as recipient of Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize 2021

19 Aug 2021Six regional students look to the skies

18 Aug 2021Weight Stigma: 2020-2021 National Survey

17 Aug 2021Women in STEM scholarship recipient

16 Aug 2021La Trobe in world’s top 350 universities

12 Aug 2021LGBTQ peers vital for suicide prevention

12 Aug 2021Australia’s first certified Green Lab

11 Aug 2021La Trobe’s newest ARC Future Fellowships

09 Aug 2021Supporting a neurodiverse workforce

05 Aug 2021Telehealth training future professionals

29 Jul 2021Olympic skating reveals lurking misogyny

21 Jul 2021Recognising disability to improve care

19 Jul 2021Lavender industry benefits from research

13 Jul 2021Change proposal: Bendigo

13 Jul 2021La Trobe University Change Proposal

13 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Shepparton

13 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Mildura

13 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Albury-Wodonga

08 Jul 2021Painting picture of breast cancer spread

07 Jul 2021Research shows how to retain volunteers

06 Jul 2021Partnership supports education pathways

29 Jun 2021La Trobe builds cyber security workforce

29 Jun 2021Latest technology for Bendigo Creek

26 Jun 2021Growing the future of agriculture

25 Jun 2021Bendigo's new Health and Biomedical Hub

21 Jun 2021Robot to improve wombat health

17 Jun 2021Reaching out to patients in a pandemic

17 Jun 2021Student revenue fall a blow to research

17 Jun 2021Media Statement: Casual pay review

17 Jun 2021Strengthening rural health partnership

15 Jun 2021Combating long-term effects of COVID

08 Jun 2021La Trobe climbs in QS Global Rankings

02 Jun 2021Would I let my kids play football?

28 May 2021Shakespeare, Trump and tyranny

25 May 2021Osteoarthritis program improving lives

17 May 2021La Trobe’s online MBA ranked in top tier

15 May 2021Women kicking goals at La Trobe

14 May 2021New library opens to Bendigo community

12 May 2021La Trobe secures $6 million for research

11 May 2021Celebrating International Nurses Day

05 May 2021How GP clinic size affects patients

07 May 2021Mildura graduates' time to celebrate

30 Apr 2021Promising wastewater treatment discovery

30 Apr 2021Border graduates' time to celebrate

29 Apr 2021Researching the common cold and COVID-19

29 Apr 2021Sequencing genomes of every vertebrate

29 Apr 2021Alcohol & sexism increase male violence

27 Apr 2021Scholarships entice students to Border

27 Apr 2021VC to chair Universities Australia

21 Apr 2021La Trobe’s global impact recognised

15 Apr 2021How La Trobe is transforming microscopy

13 Apr 2021Health benefits of laughter are no joke

07 Apr 2021Supporting conversion therapy survivors

31 Mar 2021Chronic conditions and loneliness

30 Mar 2021Flying start for renewable fuels project

26 Mar 2021Cell remnants’ role in cancer biology

24 Mar 2021$1.53m in ARC Linkage grants awarded

24 Mar 2021Student carers' untapped potential

22 Mar 2021Rural nurses valued more than ever

18 Mar 2021Communication is key to containing COVID

18 Mar 2021Regional students flock to dentistry

18 Mar 2021La Trobe recognised for student support

15 Mar 2021New hubs are catalysts for innovation

12 Mar 2021Bendigo solar reduces running costs

11 Mar 2021Local research to improve aged care

11 Mar 2021Researching probiotics and strong bones

05 Mar 2021Why is vaccine supply so limited?

04 Mar 2021Putting natural capital on farm accounts

04 Mar 2021La Trobe excels in QS subject rankings

04 Mar 2021A woman of her time

04 Mar 2021Study into AFLW head and knee injuries

02 Mar 2021Seeing university "ghost" students

25 Feb 2021A taste of academic research

25 Feb 2021Award-winning teaching at La Trobe

23 Feb 2021La Trobe partners with Optus U

23 Feb 2021Artwork showcases rich collaboration

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - Martin Luther King's Dream

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - Effects on Employment

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - Effects on Education

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - Effects on Public Accommodation

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - The Civil Rights Movement

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - Effects on Voting Rights

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - The Election of Barack Obama

19 Feb 2021New research to develop therapeutics

17 Feb 2021Why COVID vaccinations can be trusted

17 Feb 2021La Trobe A-W expert wins national awards

16 Feb 2021La Trobe COVID lockdowns experts alert

10 Feb 2021Fighting fake news in the COVID-19 era

11 Feb 2021Women need more support to breastfeed

09 Feb 2021Optimising mental health after stroke

04 Feb 2021Study reveals lack of tobacco oversight

05 Feb 2021Rural doctors needed more than ever

05 Feb 20212021 Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellow

03 Feb 2021Schools can support youth mental health

02 Feb 2021LGBTQA+ youth national survey published

03 Feb 2021How will we remember 2020?

01 Feb 2021Hydrogen cluster funded in the Mallee

29 Jan 2021Untold stories of Aboriginal exemption

28 Jan 2021La Trobe staff and alumni honoured

26 Jan 2021Discovery makes the invisible visible

21 Jan 2021UniLodge to run La Trobe’s new residence

20 Jan 2021Funding to give hope to people with MS

20 Jan 2021Collaborative technology benefits teams

20 Jan 2021Vale Mrs Olga Tennison

18 Jan 2021Sports Stadium hailed for sustainability

14 Jan 2021Free course to boost agri-food business

14 Jan 2021La Trobe welcomes 2021 students

06 Jan 2021New insights into iconic Aussie animals

04 Jan 2021IIT Kanpur - La Trobe Director appointed

17 Dec 2020Nuro: An online tool to clear the mind

17 Dec 2020La Trobe experts available this summer

17 Dec 2020Working from home: Employer guidelines

15 Dec 2020Melbourne City partnership to continue

15 Dec 2020Campus Director appointed in Bendigo

15 Dec 2020La Trobe awarded $5.8m in NHMRC grants

10 Dec 2020Cannabis genomics' therapeutic potential

10 Dec 2020Improving mental health in the classroom

09 Dec 2020How COVID-safe Santa can save Christmas

04 Dec 2020La Trobe celebrates the Class of 2020

02 Dec 2020Solar edges AW campus closer to net zero

30 Nov 2020Online learning brings greater choice

30 Nov 2020Is self-employment good for parents?

27 Nov 2020La Trobe's New Colombo Plan Scholars

26 Nov 2020Impacts of surfing on coastline safety

25 Nov 2020Physiotherapist wins top science award

24 Nov 2020Supporting essential student services

19 Nov 2020La Trobe wins Higher Education Award

19 Nov 2020Major literary award for La Trobe writer

18 Nov 2020La Trobe receives $4.1m in ARC grants

17 Nov 2020Outstanding graduate outcomes

12 Nov 2020LGBTIQ adults' national survey published

12 Nov 2020La Trobe University Statement

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Albury-Wodonga

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils Regional Campus Plans

11 Nov 2020Joe Biden and the US-China relationship

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Shepparton

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Mildura campus

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Bendigo campus

09 Nov 2020Skull shines light on human evolution

09 Nov 2020Exploring death through art in Bendigo

06 Nov 2020Joining forces for health research

06 Nov 2020The challenge of leading a divided USA

06 Nov 2020Does Victoria need a COVID hospital?

03 Nov 2020La Trobe’s DECRA funding success

29 Oct 2020La Trobe partners with Fishburners

28 Oct 2020La Trobe excels in Education

30 Oct 2020How would Biden presidency impact Aus?

26 Oct 2020Lecturer shortlisted for esteemed award

30 Oct 2020Old freedoms return to Victoria

22 Oct 2020WHO is right about lockdowns

22 Oct 2020Apple 5G iPhones not yet in Australia

13 Oct 2020La Trobe Professor a Young Tall Poppy

15 Oct 2020Hylton Menz awarded AAHMS fellowship

15 Oct 2020Solar edges Bendigo closer to net zero

14 Oct 2020Researching Australian history, culture

08 Oct 2020Virtual Book Week event for schools

09 Sep 2020Research to curb injury in women’s footy

07 Oct 2020La Trobe welcomes Government support

06 Oct 2020La Trobe committed to kickstart Victoria

05 Oct 2020La Trobe leads fight against sepsis

05 Oct 2020Bushfire recovery research funded

02 Oct 2020La Trobe committed to a regional future

05 Oct 2020NZ opens travel bubble with some states

06 Oct 2020Public naming practices: The gender gap

01 Oct 2020Ancient rites of cell death revealed

30 Sep 2020Global partnership brings joint PhDs

24 Sep 2020Research delivers smoke taint toolkit

24 Sep 2020Boosting health workers' skills

21 Sep 2020La Trobe unveils new Strategic Plan

21 Sep 2020New partnership increases choice online

21 Sep 2020Verily Connect trial a success

09 Sep 2020Scorpions a clue to restoring ecosystems

10 Sep 2020Investing in Australian lavender

11 Sep 2020‘Died from’ or ‘died with’ COVID-19?

02 Sep 2020Lyrebirds: nature's ecosystem engineers

02 Sep 2020La Trobe achieves global top 250 ranking

04 Sep 2020Should I stop running if my knee hurts?

03 Sep 2020The rights of people with disabilities

29 Aug 2020Matildas waltzing home to La Trobe

27 Aug 2020The complexity of the China-US rivalry

26 Aug 2020The good oil on extra virgin olive oil

26 Aug 20203 new COVID-19 projects begin

26 Aug 2020Research shows rural aged care shortfall

24 Aug 2020La Trobe joins call for City Deal

21 Aug 2020How the dark gets in

19 Aug 2020Energy efficiency research funding boost

19 Aug 2020Explore La Trobe from home

17 Aug 2020Regional students receive early offers

14 Aug 2020Online tools to help prevent suicide

12 Aug 2020AMA Art Prize 2020 winner announced

07 Aug 2020Conserving Victoria's alpine stoneflies

31 Jul 2020Rethink needed on flawed rugby research

29 Jul 2020ARC Future Fellowship funding success

28 Jul 2020Funding to prevent premature births

23 Jul 2020Older Australians drinking more heavily

23 Jul 2020Artificial light keeps birds up at night

22 Jul 2020La Trobe passes net zero solar milestone

22 Jul 2020Helping small businesses connect online

22 Jul 2020COVID's impact on mental health workers

21 Jul 2020Threatened species on brink since fires

10 Jul 2020Who was William Shakespeare?

10 Jul 2020Albury Wodonga Regional Deal welcomed

10 Jul 2020Death the Leveller

09 Jul 2020Airborne transmission and COVID-19

06 Jul 2020Modelling COVID-infected lungs in 3D

02 Jul 2020Funding to stop LGBTIQ family violence

30 Jun 2020Reclaiming childhood rights

29 Jun 2020New pathways for enrolling at La Trobe

29 Jun 2020La Trobe launches SOLAR Lab

29 Jun 2020La Trobe research is world class

25 Jun 2020La Trobe rises in Golden Age rankings

24 Jun 2020Watching Hamilton today

24 Jun 2020Coronavirus and sex hormones

24 Jun 2020We need a royal commission into robodebt

23 Jun 2020La Trobe staff vote yes to Variation

24 Jun 2020Coal addiction comes at huge cost

19 Jun 2020Response to tertiary reform announcement

16 Jun 2020Artificial Intelligence for cancer care

17 Jun 2020Committing to gender equity in pandemic

18 Jun 2020Deaths in custody, the law and police

16 Jun 2020How do you stay safe on the slopes?

15 Jun 2020Better breastfeeding data needed

15 Jun 2020New National Industry Innovation Network

15 Jun 2020Should I wear a mask on public transport?

11 Jun 2020Queen's Birthday Honours 2020

10 Jun 2020Short courses for a changing workforce

10 Jun 2020New material tackles harmful fungi

10 Jun 2020La Trobe University statement

10 Jun 2020La Trobe rises in global QS rankings

11 Jun 2020Attending G7 carries diplomatic risks

11 Jun 2020Cutting the ABC cuts public trust

03 Jun 2020Media statement

02 Jun 2020Navigating public transport safely

02 Jun 2020Leadbeater’s possum has its day in court

01 Jun 2020Yves Rees wins Calibre Essay Prize

02 Jun 2020Lab experiments moved online or mailed

18 Oct 2011Law Professor joins China’s 1000-Plan

26 May 2020Beware the ‘cauldron of paranoia’

26 May 2020Socialising safely as restrictions ease

20 May 2020La Trobe research makes global impact

21 May 2020Grant to help LGBT conversion survivors

22 May 2020Is taking hydroxychloroquine wise?

19 May 2020State funding support welcomed

18 May 2020COVID, intellectual disability & rights

14 May 2020Short courses to upskill the workforce

15 May 2020Aus-China relationship is in a hole

12 May 2020Research into COVID-19 related psychosis

12 May 2020COVID-19's impact on Australian research

15 May 2020COVID hurting abortion access nationwide

15 May 2020COVID throws fuel on US-China relations

07 May 2020How influenza virus hijacks our defence

08 May 2020How George Pell failed sex abuse victims

07 May 2020Sport managers flock to online program

07 May 2020Physios warn of post-lockdown injury

05 May 2020World first role for technology expert

04 May 2020Linkage Grant to study alcohol harm

01 May 2020Applications open: Aspire early offers

01 May 2020La Trobe joins Digital Health CRC

05 May 2020Reflecting on death and ageism

30 Apr 2020Why Singapore’s COVID-19 cases growing

30 Apr 2020Universities more important than ever

29 Apr 2020International student support welcomed

30 Apr 2020Private health insurance during COVID-19

28 Apr 2020Helping businesses adapt and innovate

29 Apr 2020COVID-19: China and Australia relations

30 Apr 2020Violence at work: the new normal?

28 Apr 2020La Trobe supports its students

24 Apr 2020Alcohol’s financial toll on women

28 Apr 2020COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America

22 Apr 2020La Trobe is top of the world for impact

22 Apr 2020 Fairley La Trobe lecture cancelled

21 Apr 2020COVID-19: how Australia should prepare

20 Apr 2020High rates of COVID-19 deaths in men

21 Apr 2020Why do we need quality health reporting?

17 Apr 2020Can sex in isolation be fulfilling?

17 Apr 2020New free program for leaders in lockdown

16 Apr 2020Reconstructing fossils

15 Apr 2020COVID-19 and long-term drinking habits

16 Apr 2020Great time to start a vegetable garden

16 Apr 2020Should we relax COVID-19 restrictions?

09 Apr 2020The Pell verdict: what happens now?

07 Apr 2020What do all these numbers mean?

07 Apr 2020Improving concrete infrastructure

08 Apr 2020 5G and COVID-19 conspiracy theories

06 Apr 2020Vale Professor Dennis McDermott

02 Apr 2020Fossil discoveries rewrite our history

06 Apr 2020Harnessing community in a pandemic

06 Apr 2020New findings of the Homo erectus

06 Apr 2020Who can get tested for coronavirus?

02 Apr 2020Viral spread of COVID-19 misinformation

31 Mar 2020Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellows appointed

31 Mar 2020Working from home: utopia or chaos?

02 Apr 2020COVID-19 and climate change connected

30 Mar 2020Australian Muslim artists exhibition

27 Mar 2020COVID-19 and the Social Security System

30 Mar 2020COVID-19 and global politics

25 Mar 2020The importance of social distancing

25 Mar 2020A shift towards long-term rental homes

23 Mar 2020Thucydides and the plague of Athens

23 Mar 2020La Trobe COVID-19 Expert Alert

24 Mar 2020The social disruption of COVID-19

31 Mar 2020Renewed interest in localisation

20 Mar 2020Human security during COVID-19 crisis

20 Mar 2020At least 6 months of disruption expected

19 Mar 2020Hidden women of history - Sonia Revid

19 Mar 2020Cancelling events over 100 people

18 Mar 2020Questions over US leadership

18 Mar 2020Why are older people more at risk of coronavirus?

13 Mar 2020Violating Peace: Sex, Aid & Peacekeeping

12 Mar 2020How plants sound the alarm about danger

11 Mar 2020What links autism and the gut?

18 Mar 2020New Wallan campus opens

20 Feb 2020Searching for Shakespeare's library

04 Mar 2020La Trobe joins MACH as Affiliate Member

04 Mar 2020La Trobe excels in QS subject rankings

16 Mar 2020Netanyahu's chances in Israeli election

03 Mar 2020Cathy McGowan AO, new role with La Trobe

12 Mar 2020Logging is last thing our wildlife needs

09 Mar 20203 ways public health has saved lives

09 Mar 2020Concussion and Australian Rules Football

17 Mar 2020The cuter the dog the more we want it

27 Feb 2020Brain disease in former Aus rules player

17 Mar 2020Iran could change its action in Syria

26 Feb 2020Research Academy launches in India

26 Feb 2020SRK La Trobe scholarship awarded

20 Feb 2020Scholarship helps fulfil dentistry dream

19 Feb 2020Meeting NDIS rural workforce demands

19 Feb 2020How GM sold us the Australian dream

14 Feb 2020La Trobe is the new home of softball

17 Feb 2020Supporting career journeys

11 Feb 2020Making sport accessible for everyone

10 Feb 2020Fighting modern slavery

10 Feb 2020La Trobe announces senior appointments

06 Feb 2020What we learn from fish that change sex

31 Jan 2020Aiia Maasarwe scholarship awarded

03 Feb 2020La Trobe celebrates Australia Day Awards

31 Jan 2020Does flexible work ‘work’ for parents?

30 Jan 2020Unis have vital role in times of crisis

24 Jan 2020Australia Day Honour for La Trobe VC

23 Jan 2020Adam Smith, kidnapped

21 Jan 2020La Trobe supports bushfire recovery

20 Jan 2020Threatened species habitat up in smoke

20 Jan 2020La Trobe awarded record LIEF grants

20 Jan 2020Habitat up in smoke

17 Jan 2020La Trobe class of 2020

13 Jan 2020La Trobe's green initiatives recognised

21 Jan 2020Regional students receive scholarships

16 Jan 2020Measuring bushfire's impact on vineyards

15 Jan 2020Alcohol tax reform needed

10 Jan 2020The women of the League of Nations

09 Jan 2020Raising regional educational aspirations

07 Jan 2020Australian Bushfires

03 Jan 2020Identifying autism through new tech

02 Jan 2020Attracting psychologists to rural areas

19 Dec 2019Supporting women to become IoT experts

17 Dec 2019Supporting health workers in Timor-Leste

18 Dec 2019Impact of meth use depends on your genes

16 Dec 2019La Trobe Summer/Christmas Expert Alert

13 Dec 2019Paving the way to healing complex trauma

14 Dec 2019Joint media statement: Krystal Browitt

11 Dec 2019Running research: Heel-toe or toe-heel?

11 Dec 2019VR and AR helping students ace anatomy

11 Dec 2019Former La Trobe student honoured

09 Dec 2019La Trobe awarded $2.98m in NHMRC grants

06 Dec 2019Building Indigenous health careers

05 Dec 2019La Trobe receives $3.35m in ARC grants

09 Dec 2019Can ethics/arts stop a tech apocalypse?

05 Dec 2019Is fingerprint login really secure?

05 Dec 2019La Trobe joins SGroup

03 Dec 2019Dean and Head of Law School appointed

03 Dec 2019La Trobe shortlisted for green uni award

29 Nov 2019Launch of Sydney Rare Book Week

27 Nov 2019Samuel headed to Indo-Pacific in 2020

27 Nov 2019Prestigious award a first for Bendigo

26 Nov 2019Study: alcohol & tobacco policy impacts

13 Dec 2019New incentives to study in Shepparton

13 Dec 2019New incentive to study in Albury-Wodonga

11 Dec 2019Big support to bring students to Bendigo

25 Nov 2019International student wins top honour

22 Nov 2019New Wallan campus to open in 2020

21 Nov 2019La Trobe Psychology rises in ranking

20 Nov 2019Ten years of improving rural health

20 Nov 2019Mental health expert speaks in Bendigo

20 Nov 2019The wild west of pulp advertising

18 Nov 2019La Trobe welcomes puppies to Bundoora

18 Nov 2019Supporting carers in higher education

17 Nov 2019Rapid alcohol delivery service risks

15 Nov 2019ARC funding success for La Trobe

14 Nov 2019When literature was a weapon

15 Nov 2019Victims of abuse still face barriers

15 Nov 2019Bushfire preparation: black spots

13 Nov 2019La Trobe MBA receives global recognition

12 Nov 2019Cells control their dance of death

12 Nov 2019La Trobe honours Distinguished Alumni

12 Nov 2019Stigma hinders overdose medicine use

11 Nov 2019La Trobe takes regional business global

10 Nov 2019Honour for La Trobe Professor

08 Nov 2019La Trobe student Whittlesea Mayor

07 Nov 2019La Trobe shines in Education

04 Nov 2019Smart Farming for Sustainability

01 Nov 2019Government backs La Trobe

31 Oct 2019Medicinal Agriculture Hub Launched

31 Oct 2019Heel pain: to jab or not to jab?

29 Oct 2019Chinese art donated to La Trobe

28 Oct 2019Scholarship to honour Aiia Maasarwe

23 Oct 2019Culture helps heal Aboriginal survivors

22 Oct 2019Donation to tackle sedentary lifestyles

17 Oct 2019Students influence renowned war memorial

17 Oct 2019Celebrating our creative arts students

16 Oct 2019New role to combat sexual violence

11 Oct 2019Rugby World Cup: Do bonus schemes work?

10 Oct 2019Is this study legit?

08 Oct 2019Healthcare failing transgender people

11 Oct 2019Trump: withdrawing troops from Syria

25 Sep 2019Early childhood educator scholarships

07 Oct 2019Digital technology for anatomy students

07 Oct 2019AFLW star inspires others

11 Oct 2019Trump: the impeachment inquiry

03 Oct 2019La Trobe excels in Arts & Humanities

04 Oct 2019What’s fuelling interest in veganism?

02 Oct 2019Let's re-frame labour pain

03 Oct 2019La Trobe experts on education topics

11 Oct 2019The myth of the white Aussie bloke

02 Oct 2019Philip K. Dick: Pulp author and prophet

30 Sep 2019NFNL calls La Trobe home

26 Sep 2019Everyday sexism & women's mental health

01 Oct 2019Protecting young social media users

24 Sep 2019Aus Pulp Fiction: Romances and Funnies

20 Sep 2019Athena SWAN Bronze Award achieved

20 Sep 2019VC term extended by three years to 2024

23 Sep 2019Status counts in the Brownlow Medal

17 Sep 2019Victorian hog deer genetics revealed

19 Sep 2019Australia's limited leverage in Iran

11 Sep 2019AMA Art Prize 2019 winner announced

12 Sep 201910 year best in World Rankings

10 Sep 2019La Trobe brings Cisco on campus

11 Sep 2019The Golden Era: Australian Pulp Fiction

11 Sep 2019New tech course an Australian first

09 Sep 2019Cybersecurity Alliance launched

05 Sep 2019Women in Leadership Forum, Mumbai

03 Sep 2019New guidelines for Runner's Knee

03 Sep 2019Asian Smart Cities Network launches

02 Sep 2019La Trobe awarded $6m in NHMRC grants

30 Aug 2019ASDetect wins BHERT Award

28 Aug 2019La Trobe welcomes new education plan

26 Aug 2019Health partnership with Medibank

26 Aug 2019Funding to cut hospital admissions

22 Aug 2019Alternative teaching pathway opens

21 Aug 2019Research agreement signed with PepsiCo

22 Aug 2019Inland Rail scholarships announced

19 Aug 2019Shepparton in Vic Net Zero target first

19 Aug 2019Albury-Wodonga in Net Zero target first

19 Aug 2019Mildura in Vic first for Net Zero target

19 Aug 2019Victorian first for Net Zero target

19 Aug 2019Bendigo in Vic first for Net Zero target

21 Aug 2019Farm-based diagnostic tool funded

19 Aug 2019Explore uni life at La Trobe’s Open Day

14 Aug 2019World-class centre for future engineers

16 Aug 2019La Trobe climbs in ARWU global ranking

09 Aug 2019Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research funded

14 Aug 2019Difference of genes for male and females

14 Aug 2019Thin understandings of Chinese Communism

12 Aug 2019Next-gen antibiotic research funded

08 Aug 2019Shah Rukh Khan Scholarship at La Trobe

06 Aug 2019Time to fund breastfeeding research

05 Aug 2019How to make coffee in space

05 Aug 2019Humanities meets tech: a new degree

01 Aug 2019Financial support for Aspire applicants

01 Aug 2019Herd immunity preventing infection

31 Jul 2019Embedding entrepreneurship in education

01 Aug 2019Organic waste used in climate research

30 Jul 2019New role to improve player performance

23 Jul 2019Women missing out on the best heart care

25 Jul 2019Time to act on China's cultural genocide

23 Jul 2019Students help make Bendigo more liveable

23 Jul 2019Tit-for-tat ships raise Iran-US conflict

23 Jul 2019Indonesian policy protects disabilities

19 Jul 2019Bad timing for Australia-China relations

17 Jul 2019Language boost for kids at autism risk

17 Jul 2019Early autism treatment boosts language

16 Jul 2019Video intervention offers promising language boost for kids at risk of autism

15 Jul 2019Unlocking chemo-resistance in cancer

16 Jul 2019Maternal secrets of our earliest ancestors unlocked

16 Jul 2019Australian ants prepared

15 Jul 2019Making the Margins

15 Jul 2019La Trobe to honour Shah Rukh Khan

15 Jul 2019Ancient Roman port history unveiled

18 Jul 2019Australian pioneers of self-sufficiency

16 Jul 2019Bendigo celebrates NAIDOC Week

09 Jul 2019Secrets of a sex changing fish revealed

18 Jul 2019Reintroduction of Siamese crocodiles

08 Jul 2019Nurses and lawyers' heavy drinking study

08 Jul 2019Emojis substituting gestures

03 Jul 2019Plant nutrient detector breakthrough

08 Jul 2019No common ground between Trump and Kim

02 Jul 2019La Trobe's online MBA recognised

01 Jul 2019Peer support reduces carer burden

27 Jun 2019Brief on Aus-China relations launches

28 Jun 2019Victorian student teacher revolution

27 Jun 2019La Trobe awarded funding from the NDIS

09 Jul 2019Donor-conceived families left guessing

19 Jun 2019Leadership award for health researcher

19 Jun 2019Islamic Museum partnership strengthened

19 Jun 2019Call for river model, management change

19 Jun 2019Sports Brain Bank for Victoria

04 Jul 2019Conspiracy in sport

03 Jul 2019Family is critical in mental health

14 Jun 2019Training boosts body confidence in kids

17 Jun 2019Cyber attack hampers protesters

24 Jun 2019Support for top regional students

03 Jul 2019Dire reality for Hong Kong crisis

13 Jun 2019Queen's Birthday Honours 2019

12 Jun 2019New student accommodation gains pace

12 Jun 2019Jaclyn earns STEMM mentor opportunity

03 Jul 2019Young people more sexually responsible

09 Jun 2019Secondary students' sexual health survey

06 Jun 2019Full IHRA membership for Australia

05 Jun 2019The Penguin Paperback

03 Jun 2019Five stars achieved in QS stars ratings

03 Jun 2019WATTLE Program back for second year

31 May 2019The library – now a tourism hotspot

31 May 2019Netanyahu in fight of his political life

30 May 2019Support vital to voter participation

31 May 2019China is Scott Morrison’s biggest test

27 May 2019La Trobe scientist honoured by peers

27 May 2019Collaborative agreement signed with XFEL

23 May 2019Life-changing autism training launched

31 May 2019Blocking Huawei means delayed 5G

22 May 2019New ARCSHS Director appointed

31 May 2019The new NAFTA’s assault on public health

31 May 2019Concussion symptoms may be long-lasting

31 May 2019A Us-China Cold War is unlikely

31 May 2019US-Iran dispute threatens to escalate

16 May 2019Mallee innovation centre launched

15 May 2019Understanding post-concussion symptoms

16 May 2019Truth, weaponised: short-sellers

31 May 2019Does diplomacy still have a chance?

13 May 2019High stakes for US-China trade dispute

10 May 2019The art versus the badly behaved artist

08 May 2019Why do we have a QWERTY keyboard?

09 May 2019New joint research hub with ECNU

08 May 2019Are TV debates dead?

08 May 2019Root cause of online harms not addressed

08 May 2019Funds accelerate zero emissions target

09 May 2019Dogs come to the rescue for stoneflies

09 May 2019Teacher bullying taking a toll

02 May 2019Dogs sniff out endangered insects

31 May 2019Issues that swung elections

01 May 2019Professor achieves global recognition

31 May 20192019 election posing problems for media

26 Apr 2019La Trobe earns global accreditation

30 Apr 2019New student accommodation underway

29 Apr 2019Major discovery on bacteria 'superglue'

26 Apr 2019$3.45m for higher education access

22 Apr 2019Study looks at bisexual mental health

21 Apr 2019How does wildlife fare after fires?

19 Apr 2019Study exposes teacher-targeted bullying

18 Apr 2019Funding for high-tech nursing labs

18 Apr 2019Australian heavy drinking trends

16 Apr 2019La Trobe federal election experts

16 Apr 2019Politicians do keep their promises

15 Apr 2019Research centre to boost space economy

15 Apr 2019Eco-Corridor named Nangak Tamboree

15 Apr 2019La Trobe student awarded scholarship

12 Apr 2019New tool tackles childhood obesity

10 Apr 2019La Trobe to deliver education innovation

31 May 2019Fish deaths in the lower Darling

09 Apr 2019Funding to combat rural road trauma

08 Apr 2019Workforce success for autistic employees

05 Apr 2019Where livestreaming legislation fails

04 Apr 2019Bendigo Pioneers' new name

04 Apr 2019Fostering tolerance in regional areas

29 Mar 2019World-first stem cell therapy trial

29 Mar 2019La Trobe delivers high research impact

29 Mar 2019John Brumby AO – our new Chancellor

31 May 2019How big tech designs its own rules

31 May 2019The journey of a Wati Wati man

27 Mar 2019World-leading research results

31 May 2019The personalities of pets and owners

26 Mar 2019La Trobe researcher wins Premier’s Award

31 May 2019Who will win next US presidential race?

31 May 2019The men experiencing sexual difficulties

14 Mar 2019Tech trial to bust number plate theft

21 Mar 2019C-section research wins health award

31 May 2019Greg Combet and the future of capitalism

20 Mar 2019La Trobe getting employability right

19 Mar 2019The Hayne Royal Commission: An appraisal

20 Mar 2019Why do we have two kidneys?

31 May 2019Why do bats sleep upside down?

18 Mar 2019Chair of Digital Health appointed

15 Mar 2019$1.5m grant for Palliative Care Unit

16 Mar 2019La Trobe statement

30 May 2019Private health and public hospitals

15 Mar 2019Are Chinese-Australia relations toxic?

12 Mar 2019La Trobe welcomes Wintermute Biomedical

14 Mar 2019The myth of the great wave

14 Mar 2019The famous Mrs Fanny Finch

13 Mar 2019Researchers delve into dementia care

07 Mar 2019Sushi, with a side of crickets

18 Mar 2019Is moderate drinking good for me?

12 Mar 2019Puppies start journey to help with PTSD

18 Mar 2019How birds become male or female

08 Mar 2019Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellows

30 May 2019Managing China election will be tricky

04 Mar 2019Mum to mum calls lift breastfeeding rate

30 May 2019Biometric systems not completely secure

05 Mar 2019Start-up selected for Plug and Play

30 May 2019From secret ballot to democracy sausage

04 Mar 2019From the military to the academy

30 May 2019Coal ‘ban’ carries significant message

30 May 2019US-North Korea summit ends abruptly

22 Feb 2019La Trobe kicks goals in QS rankings

28 Feb 2019Autumn Cycling Classic returns

27 Feb 2019Why your face looks the way it does

30 May 2019What does 'intersectionality' mean?

05 Dec 2018Wanted: Mums to help new mums at risk

21 Feb 2019Boost for Australian grain industry

26 Feb 2019Saving our wheat from climate change

24 Feb 2019La Trobe 1969 premiers reunited

30 May 2019Australian surfing pioneer Isabel Letham

25 Feb 2019La Trobe recognised for gender equality

22 Feb 2019A Trump before Trump: Sir Allen Lane

22 Feb 2019Prader-Willi Syndrome trial

21 Feb 2019Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems

21 Feb 2019La Trobe ranks in top 50 in Asia Pacific

20 Mar 2019Breakthrough in fighting plant disease

30 May 2019Gene-edited babies: a philosopher’s view

19 Feb 2019Cutting-edge science in Bendigo

18 Feb 2019La Trobe celebrates Fulbright Scholar

15 Feb 2019Book love

15 Feb 2019La Trobe backs the Melbourne Rebels

13 Feb 2019Curious case of cassowary casque

11 Feb 2019New Pro Vice-Chancellor appointed

11 Feb 2019Global partnership announced

08 Feb 2019When debating drug use, fun is important

30 May 2019Tim Wilson’s ‘retirement tax’ website

07 Feb 2019The Good Place, banks and corporations

06 Feb 2019Partner violence and abortion linked

30 May 2019Understanding why women have abortions

07 Feb 2019The birth of the Victorian CFA

06 Feb 2019Bendigo's history lost on Black Saturday

05 Feb 2019Respect and equality program partnership

05 Feb 2019New rural medical students welcomed

05 Feb 2019Eminent engineer joins La Trobe

04 Feb 2019Autism chair and scholarship announced

31 Jan 2019Australian first LGBTI crisis study

31 Jan 2019La Trobe partners with Parade College

30 Jan 2019Six-year-old boys prefer muscular bodies

30 May 2019What does it mean to be a legal parent?

26 Jan 2019Top Australia Day Honour for Chancellor

30 May 2019Yang Hengjun arrest raises questions

25 Jan 2019La Trobe Sports Park enters new phase

24 Jan 2019La Trobe gets clever about weather

24 Jan 2019How genes and evolution shape identity

30 May 2019Dirty deeds: the mineral wealth pursuit

30 May 2019The Classics: Wide Sargasso Sea

17 Jan 2019Joint media statement

07 Feb 2019Government focus on militarising Pacific

07 Feb 2019Will hip resurfacing help Andy Murray?

16 Jan 2019Class of 2019 receives VTAC study offers

14 Jan 2019La Trobe receives Olympic recognition

14 Jan 20195 things that make breastfeeding easier

11 Jan 2019Future robots: more R2D2 than C3PO

11 Jan 2019Employment success for La Trobe students

11 Jan 2019New research leader appointed

04 Jan 2019Do you have a balanced experience diet?

02 Jan 2019When a fair trial could be at risk

20 Dec 2018Protecting our digital heritage

19 Dec 2018Scott Morrison's latest bad move

19 Dec 2018Native cherries are a bit mysterious

18 Dec 2018La Trobe expert list for holiday season

18 Dec 2018The actual threats to academic freedom

14 Dec 2018Plants don't like touch, new study finds

14 Dec 2018$7M regional medical boost

13 Dec 2018Recovered Aboriginal songs offer clues

13 Dec 2018Shaky US-China relationship tested

11 Dec 2018Proposal to tackle rural road trauma

13 Dec 2018Students learn how to get smart online

11 Dec 2018Alcohol industry exploiting liquor laws

30 Nov 2018La Trobe secures $5.2m in NHMRC grants

12 Dec 2018Not so simple to reward performance

11 Dec 2018Inaugural WATTLE Program launches

11 Dec 2018Dogs to help detect vulnerable species

07 Dec 2018New high blood pressure treatment hope

05 Dec 2018How Australian journalists are faring

04 Dec 2018Statement: tobacco funding opposed

04 Dec 2018Guide to the classics: Euripides’ Medea

04 Dec 2018G20 summit brings temporary truce

04 Dec 20183D challenge inspires young engineers

03 Dec 201850 shades of Shakespeare

03 Dec 2018Donald Trump and Xi Jinping meet at G20

15 Nov 2018Companion robot trialled in classrooms

30 Nov 2018New research increases childcare choices

19 Nov 2018Fitbits go the distance

28 Nov 2018La Trobe's ARC funding success

26 Nov 2018Which witchetty grubs to grab

27 Nov 2018New Colombo Plan scholars announced

27 Nov 2018New Engineering Professor

27 Nov 2018Engineering alumni go back to the future

19 Nov 2018Spotlight on AFL's biggest injury worry

23 Nov 2018Tips for picking the right sports shoe

23 Nov 2018US-China tension causes trouble for Aus

21 Nov 2018Dating the Cradle

20 Nov 2018Threat to Aussie mammals ranked

21 Nov 2018After APEC: cooperation left in the cold

21 Nov 2018Victoria votes: health promises guide

19 Nov 2018Should we confiscate bankers' super?

15 Nov 2018Graduate Art Show in Bendigo

15 Nov 2018La Trobe to lead new autism research

13 Nov 2018Asylum seeker project highly commended

13 Nov 2018One year on: marriage equality vote

13 Nov 2018Expansion plans welcomed

12 Nov 2018Ivanhoe Grammar University Campus opens

12 Nov 2018ARC College of Experts admits academics

09 Nov 2018Autism early education breakthrough

08 Nov 2018Big jump in world subject ranking

07 Nov 2018Where Morrison and Shorten differ

07 Nov 2018World’s tallest statue costs environment

06 Nov 2018New Aboriginal Australian discovery

06 Nov 2018Career hope for people with autism

02 Nov 2018Diet rich in fish helps fight asthma

01 Nov 2018Potent peptide shows promise in trial

01 Nov 2018Top marks for Arts and Humanities

30 Oct 2018La Trobe plans strong education future

29 Oct 2018 Our relationship with dick pics

29 Oct 2018Removing sex from birth certificates

29 Oct 2018Battle fought by suffragists continues

28 Oct 2018Australia's shifting booze culture

24 Oct 2018The secret life of infertile women

24 Oct 2018La Trobe Distinguished Alumni Awards

22 Oct 2018Private hospital preferred operator found

22 Oct 2018University City of the Future funding

29 Oct 2018Morrison's stubborn coal commitment

19 Oct 2018La Trobe highly ranked in key subject

18 Oct 2018Bendigo Tech School launches

17 Oct 2018Innovative support for rural carers

18 Oct 2018Innovation grant for gifted researcher

17 Oct 2018La Trobe partners with Supply Nation

16 Oct 2018All eyes on November’s G20 meeting

15 Oct 2018Report on LGBT conversion therapy harms

10 Oct 2018Spotlight on bisexual mental health

05 Oct 2018One in four pregnancies unplanned

05 Oct 2018Shorten's difficult home affairs dance

05 Oct 2018Why corporate culture must be regulated

05 Oct 2018Comforting a child through sibling loss

05 Oct 2018What makes you a man or a woman?

05 Oct 2018Why the 2018 inter-Korea summit matters

05 Oct 2018Risks of a new Cold War are real

04 Oct 2018Exploring gender equality in the arts

02 Oct 2018Giant leap in molecular imaging

02 Oct 2018Master of Business Analytics world class

27 Sep 2018Protecting female footballers' knees

26 Sep 2018La Trobe soars in world rankings

26 Sep 2018Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge signed

26 Sep 2018Young ignore energy drink alcohol risk

26 Sep 2018Bendigo international student recognised

26 Sep 2018Igniting passion for postgraduate study

25 Sep 2018Karen Quinlan appointed to NPGA

25 Sep 2018Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous appointed

25 Sep 2018Aged care residents & staff undervalued

21 Sep 2018IT degree scoops major publishing award

20 Sep 2018Peace in Middle East remains bleak

20 Sep 2018Animals offer insight to gender equality

17 Sep 2018La Trobe welcomes autism funding pledge

17 Sep 2018Aggressive nationalism is on the rise

13 Sep 2018Cord blood clue to respiratory diseases

14 Sep 2018Rare cancer trial funding boost

14 Sep 2018A new collection of Clever Conversations

13 Sep 2018AI could allow more men to do care work

12 Sep 2018Conservative voters and gender obstacles

11 Sep 2018La Trobe in top 10 for graduate jobs

10 Sep 2018Three things Insatiable gets right

07 Sep 2018Our urban environment amplifies poverty

06 Sep 2018Lies, fake news and cover-ups

04 Sep 2018Life-changing autism training funded

04 Sep 2018Regional funding will boost opportunity

03 Sep 2018Asia’s order beyond the great powers

31 Aug 2018Carlton College of Sport launched

31 Aug 2018Sea levels biggest concern for Pacific

31 Aug 2018The Bishop era

30 Aug 2018La Trobe scoops two AFR HE Awards 2018

28 Aug 2018Suburban rail link a game changer

27 Aug 2018A memo to Scott Morrison

27 Aug 2018Do you cycle, walk, drive or train it?

27 Aug 2018Digital divide: getting seniors online

24 Aug 2018‘Balmain basket weavers’ strike again

22 Aug 2018Autonomous buses closer to reality

21 Aug 2018La Trobe student wins full scholarship

21 Aug 2018The gender gap in our hate speech laws

20 Aug 2018Experts explore childhood trauma impact

15 Aug 2018La Trobe retains position in world ranking

15 Aug 2018How two Noongar boys spoke up

14 Aug 2018Turnbull pushes reset button with China

13 Aug 2018Centre for aphasia gets green light

14 Aug 2018La Trobe hosts Bollywood greats

13 Aug 2018First Cloud Technology degree

12 Aug 2018Gender bias leads to more male births

09 Aug 2018A new chapter or a stalemate?

09 Aug 2018Our complicated relationship with bats

09 Aug 2018Volatile substance abuse ongoing issue

09 Aug 2018Some veterans feel alienated on campus

07 Aug 2018Has environmental ethics failed?

06 Aug 2018Strengthening cyber security defences

02 Aug 2018What's the secret to Aldi’s success?

02 Aug 2018Medicinal Agriculture Hub funded

02 Aug 2018La Trobe receives ARC Future Fellowships

01 Aug 2018Statement from University leaders

01 Aug 2018Nine-Fairfax merger rings warning bells

31 Jul 2018Poor and elderly let down

27 Jul 2018Economic push in Melbourne's North

25 Jul 2018Accelerated growth linked to autism

25 Jul 2018La Trobe reaches Eureka finals

24 Jul 2018The rise of strongman politics

24 Jul 2018Micro-wasps take on crazy-ant colonies

27 Jun 2018Training boost for nurses

20 Jul 2018Aussie battler returns home

19 Jul 2018Nursing climbs in top 100 ranking

16 Jul 2018Prospects poor for Trump-Putin meeting

12 Jul 2018Reducing Australia's cancer death rate

13 Jul 2018New Zealander deportation on the rise

12 Jul 2018Where are you from?

11 Jul 2018Who is Brett Kavanaugh?

10 Jul 2018Aboriginal names for ten suburbs

10 Jul 2018Cash and support for innovators

06 Jul 2018Failure to stand up for press freedom

04 Jul 2018La Trobe unveils new synthetic pitch

04 Jul 2018La Trobe writer wins Mary Gilmore Award

03 Jul 2018Sequencing the koala genome

03 Jul 2018Koala genetic code cracked

03 Jul 2018Rural health boost for La Trobe

02 Jul 2018Questions about ethical breeding remain

02 Jul 2018Sexual harrassment report published

02 Jul 2018Coping with the Beijing freezer

29 Jun 2018Game-changer camera launched into space

27 Jun 2018La Trobe Online MBA is world leading

26 Jun 2018Is gender inequality inevitable?

25 Jun 2018Better brain health at your fingertips

22 Jun 2018Our obsession with the Anglosphere

21 Jun 2018Time to denounce China’s Muslim gulag

21 Jun 2018Health and Wellbeing Hub

19 Jun 2018Breakthrough or pause in hostilies?

18 Jun 2018Addressing response to royal commission

18 Jun 2018China-India border dispute

18 Jun 2018The women expats who found liberation

15 Jun 2018Education freeze should ring alarm bells

14 Jun 2018John Brumby AO to be our next Chancellor

14 Jun 2018What the summit agreement leaves out

14 Jun 2018How flexischools could close the gap

13 Jun 2018Why do brumbies evoke such passion?

13 Jun 2018Changes to security laws too hasty

12 Jun 2018How epidemics have evolved

12 Jun 2018Shaky US-North Korea summit set to begin

12 Jun 2018Five years on, NDIS progress is slow

06 Jun 2018La Trobe top 60 in Golden Age rankings

26 Jun 2018Statement on Strathallan Golf Club

04 Jun 2018Chinese Indonesian women break silence

04 Jun 2018Australia-China relations need a reset

25 May 2018Unpacking Australia’s NBN

25 May 2018Maritime boundary agreement in peril

24 May 2018President Moon Jae-in's pivotal role

23 May 2018Concerning childbirth trends

18 May 2018US won't end Israel-Palestinian conflict

18 May 2018China's debt diplomacy in the Pacific

17 May 2018La Trobe celebrates 200,000th graduate

17 May 2018Students take action

16 May 2018A history of the marsupial lion

15 May 2018Labor's pledge for regional study

15 May 2018La Trobe awards outstanding individuals

14 May 2018The case for constitutional monarchies

14 May 2018Should women take a break from the pill?

09 May 2018New insights into our origins

10 May 2018Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal

09 May 2018Budget 2018 prepares for election battle

10 May 2018A new solution to rural doctor shortage

08 May 2018New solution to rural doctor shortage

07 May 2018Reshaping our cities to be inclusive

03 May 2018New student accommodation at La Trobe

01 May 2018Emmanuel Macron heads to Australia

01 May 2018The meeting of North and South Korea

30 Apr 2018Designing the compassionate city

20 Apr 2018CityStudio to make Bendigo more liveable

06 Apr 2018Young knees at risk of repeated injury

19 Apr 2018Bendigo Law student receives top prize

17 Apr 2018La Trobe to host Autumn Cycling Classic

17 Apr 2018Review backs regional higher education

13 Apr 2018Head of Shepparton Campus to retire

13 Apr 2018Chinese military base in Vanuatu rumours

13 Apr 2018The story of Fook Shing

11 Apr 2018Tony Abbott revenge of the ‘delcons'

09 Apr 2018Turnbull is down, but certainly not out

09 Apr 2018Pat Cronin Foundation launch at La Trobe

05 Apr 2018The story of netball

05 Apr 2018Larundel artworks gifted to La Trobe

04 Apr 2018Social drug use may help rehabilitation

04 Apr 2018How gold rushes helped the modern world

28 Mar 2018Do you need private health insurance?

23 Mar 2018Cricket deaths detailed in new research

21 Mar 2018NDIS shortfall in disability housing

16 Mar 2018Turning plants into medicine factories

15 Mar 2018Domperidone can boost breast milk supply

14 Mar 2018La Trobe and Carlton Football Club

14 Mar 2018Why VR cannot match the real thing

12 Mar 2018Ancient DNA provides new insights

12 Mar 2018Students get the Career Ready Advantage

08 Mar 2018Tackling unconscious biases

07 Mar 2018New research centre staff in Mildura

06 Mar 2018Closing the gap in midwifery care

05 Mar 2018Treatment of asylum seekers in Australia

01 Mar 2018Minimum NT alcohol price to reduce harm

28 Feb 2018World leader in QS subject rankings

27 Feb 2018Experience the future of transport

26 Feb 2018Five tips for better liver health

23 Feb 2018International students' Aussie welcome

22 Feb 2018 Teflon tycoons and sticky-taped kits

22 Feb 2018Turnbull and Trump key talking points

21 Feb 2018La Trobe awarded for gender equity

19 Feb 2018New hope for stroke patients

19 Dec 2017Leading next generation IVF

16 Feb 2018Four types of drinker: which one are you

15 Feb 2018Science program for students a success

14 Feb 2018Sex and the sisterhood

14 Feb 2018Close the gap: more indigenous graduates

13 Feb 2018Fitbits for animals

12 Feb 2018US security approach is deeply troubling

12 Feb 2018How an Olympic broadcast works

10 Feb 2018La Trobe University media statement

19 Dec 2017Landmark concussion study a game changer

05 Feb 2018Virtual reality and pain free exercise

07 Feb 2018Classroom design and architectural fads

07 Feb 2018Trump, Turnbull and Afghanistan

05 Feb 2018Respected expert new Optus Cyber Chair

05 Feb 2018Curious kids

02 Feb 2018New research on same sex parents

01 Feb 2018Kids: genes they do and don't inherit

01 Feb 2018National brain cancer study

31 Jan 2018La Trobe and Goulburn-Murray Water MOU

15 Dec 2017Autism and link to suicidal thoughts

29 Jan 2018Timorese nurses to tackle violence

29 Jan 2018Asia is set for a difficult year in 2018

25 Jan 2018What makes a classic song?

25 Jan 2018Bendigo 2018 Young Citizen of the Year

24 Jan 2018World leader in sustainable communities

24 Jan 2018The moral value of wilderness

24 Jan 2018Young Australians are drinking less

21 Dec 2017Virtual support helps curb drinking

19 Jan 2018The term LGBTI - it's time for a rethink

19 Jan 2018Trump’s first year: bizarre and alarming

15 Dec 2017Early autism diagnosis, better outcomes

16 Jan 2018La Trobe welcomes class of 2018

16 Jan 2018Global political hotspots in 2018

12 Jan 2018Statement on AMA medical workforce plan

08 Jan 2018Employers give La Trobe top marks

03 Jan 2018Stay on the couch or go for a run?

20 Dec 2017Evolutionary history of men and women

19 Dec 2017Regional response to funding cuts

18 Dec 2017Statement on university funding cuts

18 Dec 2017La Trobe academic expert list for summer

15 Dec 2017Royal Commission recommendations

13 Dec 2017Prestigious Honorary Doctorates awarded

13 Dec 2017How conservatives use identity politics

05 Dec 2017Health research attracts record funding

06 Dec 2017Accelerator Program graduates celebrated

06 Dec 2017Struggle to juggle risk for kids

06 Dec 2017Renowned artists unite for Bendigo event

22 Nov 2017Habitat destruction favours the mediocre

04 Dec 2017Penguins under threat from fishing nets

04 Dec 2017Impact of same-sex marriage vote

04 Dec 2017Dastyari saga: need for donations reform

30 Nov 2017Fishing nets major threat to penguins

30 Nov 2017First Aspire students to graduate

29 Nov 2017Researchers explore faith on goldfields

28 Nov 2017Industry and research best - our newest VC’s Fellows

28 Nov 2017Graduates pump millions into local economies

22 Nov 2017Agricultural scientist wins food award

24 Nov 2017Parents helping kids become independent

24 Nov 2017North East Link welcomed – more detail needed

24 Nov 2017Foreign Policy White Paper, power shifts

22 Nov 2017When the US locked up white Australians

22 Nov 2017Research a step in the right direction

20 Nov 2017Cyber games winners announced

20 Nov 2017Zimbabwe political situation

16 Nov 2017Dogs key to making connections

16 Nov 2017Mungo Man returns home

15 Nov 2017The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back

15 Nov 2017Yes result will have positive impact

15 Nov 2017Marriage equality and discrimination

10 Nov 2017All aboard La Trobe Autonobus

13 Nov 2017Jenny Graves on women in science

10 Nov 2017Early career success in research funding

10 Nov 2017Medicine monopolies and TPP trade talks

09 Nov 2017Cann Group relocates to La Trobe

09 Nov 2017Call for quicker access to cheaper drugs

09 Nov 2017Top 200 ranking for Life Sciences

08 Nov 2017Trump's tour of Asia-Pacific region

06 Nov 2017Animation meets biology

06 Nov 2017La Trobe hosts world film premiere

06 Nov 2017Knowing what is a farm is not that easy

02 Nov 2017Optus offers new cyber scholarships

01 Nov 2017Grief rituals: Day of the Dead

01 Nov 2017Not just about sex

01 Nov 2017Cash and support for innovators

01 Nov 2017Key protein stops breast cancer spread

02 Nov 2017Funding for cancer weight loss research

31 Oct 2017International students success

30 Oct 2017Anti-doping study supported by IOC

25 Oct 2017Guide to the Classics: Virgil’s Aeneid

25 Oct 2017China's ambition burns bright

24 Oct 2017Rural Health Commissioner welcomed

23 Oct 2017Workplace tool for employees with autism

23 Oct 2017Endangered mountain pygmy possum

20 Oct 2017Type 2 diabetes study collaboration

19 Oct 2017X, Y and the genetics of sex

19 Oct 2017In Trump we trust

19 Oct 2017Chinese and Japanese politics

18 Oct 2017La Trobe in top 300 for computer science

01 Nov 2017A statement on land sale negotiations

18 Oct 2017Professor wins top science prize

16 Oct 2017Bendigo creative arts courses

16 Oct 2017Outdoor concert to celebrate La Trobe 50

13 Oct 2017Seed germination breakthrough

12 Oct 2017Screen exposure and young children

11 Oct 2017Regions need strong local campuses

11 Oct 2017China and Communist Party Congress

11 Oct 2017La Trobe's research funding success

11 Oct 2017Dove: real beauty and the racist history

03 Oct 2017Straight from the athlete’s mouth

27 Sep 2017Shepparton support for medical school

25 Sep 2017Alcohol's strong link to cancers

22 Sep 2017Greek myth, film and American anxiety

21 Sep 2017Transgender teens and hormone treatment

21 Sep 2017The legal benefits of being married

19 Sep 2017Evidence's new battle with sentiment

18 Sep 2017Weirdos & hoons are barriers to freedom

18 Sep 2017Australian-first partnership

18 Sep 2017Can caffeine aid weightloss?

13 Sep 2017Arts & Humanities get global recognition

16 Aug 2017Turnbull must learn from Deakin

08 Sep 2017The postal survey is bizarre and typical

08 Sep 2017Are children better off

06 Sep 2017Triple confirmation for La Trobe

08 Sep 2017 Cultivator returns to 29 Deakin Avenue!

01 Sep 2017Mildura art lecturer featured in Dubbo

01 Sep 2017Study reveals health benefits of quinoa

31 Aug 2017Statement on new Queensland Med School

30 Aug 2017Award for children in care initiative

25 Aug 2017Staff give students University opportunity

25 Aug 2017Asian trips await more than 240 students

22 Aug 2017Course site on sale to local council

23 Aug 2017Supporting women's academic promotion

18 Aug 2017 Islamic terrorism is our reality

18 Aug 2017Start-up businesses get a huge hand-up

18 Aug 2017Cyber Games launching careers

15 Aug 2017Another world ranking rise for La Trobe

14 Aug 2017Turning phones into pocket-sized labs

14 Aug 2017 Aged care residents given a voice

14 Aug 2017Virtual reality key to stress research

11 Aug 2017People, palm oil, pulp and planet

09 Aug 2017Travelling inside a plant cell

04 Aug 2017Bendigo Tech School director appointed

03 Aug 2017World's most powerful X-ray Laser

02 Aug 2017Scholarships for Agribusiness

02 Aug 2017Just do the weather

02 Aug 2017Academics join new OT research academy

01 Aug 2017Joint Statement – Respect.Now.Always

01 Aug 2017Community asked to bring ideas for site

01 Aug 2017Minimum alcohol price will save lives

31 Jul 2017Identity, politics and institutions

28 Jul 2017Identity politics, racism , free speech

28 Jul 2017From Sydney to Mildura

28 Jul 2017 Recognition for philanthropist

28 Jul 2017Find Your Clever at La Trobe

28 Jul 2017Stroke survivors urged to keep moving

28 Jul 2017100,000 reasons to celebrate

27 Jul 2017Students given insights into depression

26 Jul 2017Seniors LOL for better health

25 Jul 2017Search for new disease treatments

20 Jul 2017New $10m Sydney campus officially open

20 Jul 2017Our changing relationship to the bush

20 Jul 2017Teenage kid's relationship with alcohol

19 Jul 2017Dementia friendly rural communities

19 Jul 2017To the Bone: Harmful or helpful?

18 Jul 2017Bendigo a winner in disability funding

17 Jul 2017Which native animals should we eat?

14 Jul 2017What's making housing unaffordable?

14 Jul 2017What are ‘Creepshots’

13 Jul 2017Life experience for budding writers

13 Jul 2017La Trobe leads on aged care training

13 Jul 2017Asia’s dangerous new geopolitics

07 Jul 2017Rural Medical School expert joins team

10 Jul 2017Healthy minds deliver health fixes

07 Jul 2017Popular workout benefits ageing muscles

05 Jul 2017Training Hubs only part of the solution

04 Jul 2017Crops tricked to take up more phosphate

30 Jun 2017After IS falls, expect aftershocks

04 Jul 2017Ten years since the iPhone changed us

29 Jun 2017Gold Rush Victoria as wasteful as today

29 Jun 2017Nursing and Tourism fly high in rankings

22 Jun 2017Queen's Birthday Honours 2017

22 Jun 2017The stark reality of regional healthcare

21 Jun 2017Eminent public health advocate appointed

19 Jun 2017Hallmark Program Leadership Symposium

19 Jun 2017Plant scientist goes back to his roots

19 Jun 2017Twenty years after the handover, Hong Kong proves itself a headache for China

23 Jun 2017Food transport to be revolutionised

19 Jun 2017Turnbull government must find a way to rid Australia of foreign donations

19 Jun 2017Students improve care through Big Ideas

15 Jun 2017Breakthrough in reptile research

15 Jun 2017A billion-dollar gamble on X-ray Laser

13 Jun 2017First ever trial for autonomous shuttles

09 Jun 2017Malthouse brings leadership to Mildura

08 Jun 2017QS puts La Trobe in top 1.4% of Unis

06 Jun 2017The Australia-China Relations Institute

06 Jun 2017How women won the vote in Australia

05 Jun 2017Molecules Readied To Fight Diseases

06 Jun 2017New online courses and website launched

02 Jun 2017Is it safe to express milk before birth?

02 Jun 2017Landmark study on antenatal expressing

02 Jun 2017Fifty years on from the Six Day War

01 Jun 2017Taking Asia's temperature at Shangri-La

01 Jun 2017$200m Synchrotron wows regional students

31 May 2017New sculpture installed at La Trobe

30 May 2017Indigenous youth experience La Trobe

30 May 2017Weighing up diet programs

29 May 2017Students develop campus bus tracker

31 May 2019The forgotten Pacific Islander residents

24 May 2017How IEEE Will Leverage Entrepreneurship

24 May 2017Regional higher ed faces 'triple whammy'

24 May 2017301 express bus shuttle here to stay

23 May 2017Carnage at concert in Manchester

19 May 2017Respected educator joins La Trobe

19 May 2017Shinzo Abe pushes ahead with reform

19 May 2017We should not commit combat troops

19 May 2017The legacy of colonial control by design

18 May 2017White House scandals won't end soon

18 May 2017Study programs may no longer be free

18 May 2017China’s vision for globalisation

17 May 2017Feeding the next generation of graduates

15 May 2017Once upon a time in America

15 May 2017Teens experience ‘Poison Cabinet' at SLV

12 May 2017Scientists bring Saturn to Melbourne

11 May 2017How much TV is too much?

08 May 2017Another human species interacts with us

10 May 2017University and students reject cuts

10 May 2017Disappointment and optimism for MDMS

10 May 2017Opinion: Budget 2017

09 May 2017Exposing a prescribed killer

09 May 2017What happens next for journalists

09 May 2017VCE students get a taste of the UN

10 May 2017Insights from transatlantic academic

08 May 2017 China’s Eurasian gambit

04 May 2017La Trobe leads cyber security solution

03 May 2017History provides lessons for Turnbull

03 May 2017La Trobe boosts ties with India

02 May 2017Online MBA is Australia’s best

02 May 2017La Trobe diet plan for depression

28 Apr 2017Sisters succeed at La Trobe Mildura

27 Apr 2017Richard Larkins installed as Chancellor

24 Apr 2017MDMS solves regional doctors shortage

26 Apr 2017Opinion: Epigenetics

26 Apr 2017Opinion: The US, Russia and China

24 Apr 2017US remains committed to the Asia-Pacific

21 Apr 2017Grand plan engineered for Bendigo campus

21 Apr 2017Trump and North Korea

20 Apr 2017Study reveals need for cancer rehab

20 Apr 2017Students and partners leap into new lab

12 Apr 2017Insights into regional drinking patterns

13 Apr 2017The solution to Syria is complicated

13 Apr 2017Attacking North Korea

12 Apr 2017La Trobe study named most influential

12 Apr 2017Australia and India: some way to go yet

10 Apr 2017Changing the mindset of Bosnia's youth

06 Apr 2017La Trobe among global young guns

05 Apr 2017Michael Kirby: Health, Law and Sexuality

04 Apr 2017New indoor stadium for Melbourne's north

04 Apr 2017Living with a nuclear North Korea

03 Apr 2017Tying funding to student performance

31 Mar 2017Ballet research to optimise performance

27 Mar 2017Tech innovator hits Victorian shores

30 Mar 2017Trump tears down US climate policy

30 Mar 2017Liquor review must address violence

29 Mar 2017Impact of fires on cockroaches

27 Mar 2017Vaccine views study

27 Mar 2017Li Keqiang’s visit a good sign

24 Mar 2017Russia’s meddling in the French election

23 Mar 2017Terror in London

23 Mar 2017Students set to experience IPL

22 Mar 2017Trump's credibility takes a hit

21 Mar 2017How ‘America First’ plays out in Asia

20 Mar 2017Tony Walker Vice Chancellor's Fellow

20 Mar 2017Opinion: 18C

17 Mar 2017Make the Difference campaign off to strong start

17 Mar 2017Russia expands in the Middle East

16 Mar 2017La Trobe strengthens Pacific engagement

15 Mar 2017Reflecting on the House of Mirrors

15 Mar 2017Education and health key for taskforce

13 Mar 2017La Trobe Pregnancy Pilates study

13 Mar 2017La Trobe opens new expanded City Campus

10 Mar 2017Indigenous students Aspire to La Trobe

09 Mar 2017La Trobe to boost school cyber skills

08 Mar 2017La Trobe subjects among global elite

08 Mar 2017'Career Ready' initiative kicks off 50th

07 Mar 2017La Trobe women Square the Ledger

03 Mar 2017The politics of Aboriginal kitsch

03 Mar 2017Opinion: Foreign policy white paper

02 Mar 2017La Trobe 50th Anniversary exhibition

02 Mar 2017University sexual assault policies

01 Mar 2017Bendigo, Brexit and Trumpism

01 Mar 2017La Trobe backs new Indigenous Strategy

01 Mar 2017Countries to watch in 2017 - USA

28 Feb 2017Countries to watch in 2017 - Indonesia

28 Feb 2017Countries to watch in 2017 - China

01 Mar 2017Regional brain drain worsens

24 Feb 2017From the Paddock to the Agora

24 Feb 2017Netanyahu’s visit in perspective

23 Feb 2017Students to work on new tech in Germany

22 Feb 2017What's most likely to kill you?

22 Feb 2017La Trobe partners with Melbourne Rebels

21 Feb 2017Boycotting Netanyahu is not the answer

07 Mar 2017Scholarships for people seeking asylum

20 Feb 2017Flies help unlock cancer clues

22 Feb 2017Decoding Trump and the Russians

17 Feb 2017Netanyahu visit historic for Australia

16 Feb 2017International scientist to lead CAPR

15 Feb 2017Grub for future generations

15 Feb 2017On the frontlines of space technology

15 Feb 2017UN honors alumna Maureen Wheeler

13 Feb 2017Melbourne City Women's FC wins title

14 Feb 2017Complementary medicine clarification

09 Feb 2017A fractured political system

08 Feb 2017PhD students get career ready

07 Feb 2017La Trobe's success in NHMRC funding

16 Mar 2017Hyllus Maris Memorial Lecture reignited

03 Feb 2017Is the damage to Australia worth it?

31 Jan 2017Lawn Lunch – celebrating La Trobe's 50th

30 Jan 2017World first trial of shark inspired drug

27 Jan 2017Time to review our US relationship

27 Jan 2017The idea of ‘fair go’ can vary

25 Jan 2017Why we lose our hearing and vision

24 Jan 2017The blindness of Putin's friends

24 Jan 2017Improving mental health nursing

23 Jan 2017Trump enters US-Russia-China relations

18 Jan 2017What's the point of sex?

18 Jan 2017La Trobe makes more than 7,000 offers

16 Jan 2017How will the west manage Russia

16 Jan 2017Zika virus can be transmitted sexually

01 Mar 2017Life imitates art to protect environment

07 Mar 2017Art to protect the environment

11 Jan 2017Why are most people right handed?

10 Jan 2017Timor-Leste terminating maritime treaty

09 Jan 2017Five political leaders to watch in 2017

09 Jan 2017Dabiq and the Islamic State massacres

05 Jan 2017What if Marilyn Monroe acted on stage

05 Jan 2017DNA study of Indigenous Australians

07 Jun 2017La Trobe’s Art Now Summer School at NGV

22 Dec 2016A solution to the asylum-seeker problem

21 Dec 2016Resurgent Russia shapes new world order

21 Dec 2016Dishing the dirt on subsoil manuring

19 Dec 2016La Trobe gives Humanitarian Scholarships

16 Dec 2016La Trobe engineering student wows BMW

15 Dec 2016We need to rethink our foreign policy

15 Dec 2016Review of medical places welcomed

15 Dec 2016Venezuela on the verge of dictatorship

15 Dec 2016Scientific society honours Chancellor

09 Dec 2016Master of Sports Analytics

08 Dec 2016Risk estimates - what you need to know

08 Dec 2016La Trobe recognised for gender equality

06 Dec 2016Tipping the scales on Christmas Island

06 Dec 2016Responding to domestic violence in Timor

06 Dec 2016Politics divorced from political reality

06 Dec 2016Easing chemo side effects using ginger

05 Dec 2016Researchers awarded NHMRC grants

02 Dec 2016The age of uncertainty is upon us

02 Dec 2016La Trobe's new PhD with a difference

02 Dec 2016The wasp saving Christmas Island's crabs

02 Dec 2016Phonics Screening Check for Australia

29 Nov 2016Students awarded prestigious scholarship

28 Nov 2016Biochemist appointed new College leader

25 Nov 2016Lessons from ancient Athens

25 Nov 2016What next if Trump pulls out of the TPP

25 Nov 201640 years of Latin American studies

23 Nov 2016A flawed system delivered Trump victory

23 Nov 2016La Trobe committed to teacher training

22 Nov 2016La Trobe gets The Big Idea double header

22 Nov 2016Showcasing La Trobe innovation

22 Nov 2016Exploring face blindness through art

23 Nov 2016New approach to teaching required

25 Nov 2016Science to unlock poppy potential

21 Nov 2016Trump: Elites smashed by 'parochials'

22 Nov 2016Unearthing Lancefield’s megafauna

17 Nov 2016The Mind of the Islamic State

16 Nov 2016Richard Larkins to become new Chancellor

15 Nov 2016Trump spells trouble and opportunity

14 Nov 2016Gender parity a long way off in Japan

14 Nov 2016The missing link in youth justice?

11 Nov 2016World first study on 'revenge porn'

11 Nov 2016Trump may not be all doom and gloom

10 Nov 2016What’s in store for Asia under Trump

10 Nov 2016President Trump will change the US

10 Nov 2016The Trump presidency is worrying news

09 Nov 2016La Trobe leads sustainable future

08 Nov 2016La Trobe young researchers recognised

08 Nov 2016Australian law needs a refresh on HIV

25 Nov 2016Rebuilding Nepal’s ancient architecture

07 Nov 2016La Trobe regional alcohol study

07 Nov 2016Evidence of early human life discovered

04 Nov 2016Whoever wins, we're in for a wild ride

04 Nov 2016La Trobe's archaeology discovery

04 Nov 2016What is racism?

02 Nov 2016Opinion: The reality of the US election

02 Dec 2016Rise and fall of oil in popular culture

01 Nov 2016Sex in dragons

01 Nov 2016Changing dietary fat recommendations

01 Nov 2016La Trobe attracts major research grants

31 Oct 2016Researchers win NHMRC grants

28 Oct 2016Alumni awarded for excellence

26 Oct 2016Master of Cybersecurity

26 Oct 2016How we became so cruel to asylum seekers

26 Oct 2016Optus & La Trobe tech-collaboration

26 Oct 2016Unified response to family violence

25 Oct 2016Opinion: Election of Hillary Clinton

24 Oct 2016Boosting higher education for migrants

20 Oct 2016La Trobe experts respond to final debate

20 Oct 2016Differences on liberalism in Asia

19 Oct 2016Time to regulate brain stimulation?

19 Oct 2016Doctors to make Wikipedia more accurate

17 Oct 2016The great policy void

17 Oct 2016Social media and crime

13 Oct 2016Hope taken from asylum seekers

13 Oct 2016Social media and sexual harassment

11 Oct 2016Free speech – how far is too far?

11 Oct 2016Viciousness reaches new lows in debate

10 Oct 2016La Trobe expert responds to US debate

07 Oct 2016Foreign investment and the car industry

06 Oct 2016The new statistics

05 Oct 2016Australia's prosecution of war criminals

06 Oct 2016Chisholm delivers La Trobe degrees

03 Oct 2016 Volatility, thy name is Trump

03 Oct 2016Queer rights around the world

03 Oct 2016Autism app Google finalist

29 Sep 2016La Trobe offers new Agribusiness degree

28 Sep 2016How to respond to China's rise

28 Sep 2016Young leaders Aspire to La Trobe study

26 Sep 2016How social media can damage body image

26 Sep 2016We need to talk about young men and porn

23 Sep 2016Unique dementia training collaboration

23 Sep 2016 Policy versus populism

15 May 2012Bouverie Centre student awarded

21 Sep 2016La Trobe Business School dreams big

21 Sep 2016How do we 'handle' Pauline Hanson?

21 Sep 2016La Trobe ranks in QS Top 50 under 50

21 Sep 2016Opinion: Is HEPPP effective?

21 Sep 2016Opinion: Botswana at 50

15 Sep 2016Opinion: marriage and religion

14 Sep 2016Technology refreshes learning experience

13 Sep 2016La Trobe to lead China-focused research

13 Sep 2016The ‘news’ is dead, long live the news.

13 Sep 2016La Trobe Law School partners with ASRC

12 Sep 2016World’s most powerful X-ray

09 Sep 2016Life sciences research in top 200

08 Sep 2016Expanded Pacific sport partnership

06 Sep 2016La Trobe climbs international rankings

02 Sep 2016Autism app wins coveted National iAward

02 Sep 2016Young children and gender dysphoria

31 Aug 2016Ice use and Indigenous Australians

31 Aug 2016How opera ran away with the circus

31 Aug 2016Indo-Pacific opportunities for students

26 Aug 2016Unlocking regional Victoria's big ideas

24 Aug 2016Workplace equality partnership announced

18 Aug 2016Bollywood launch for India study visit

18 Aug 2016Cheating in sport - how much do we know?

18 Aug 2016The Nauru files: why don’t we believe?

17 Aug 2016Whitlam to Turnbull: our governments

15 Aug 2016La Trobe rises 200 places in world ranks

15 Aug 2016A solution to our refugee crisis

05 Aug 2016MOU Forges Strong Partnership

11 Aug 2016Clare Wright wins prized Alice Award

09 Aug 2016The Donald Trump of ancient Athens?

08 Aug 2016Bendigo opens its doors to the community

05 Aug 2016La Trobe extends partnership with AFL

05 Aug 2016Autism expert visits Mildura

27 Jul 2016La Trobe Open Day - Opportunity abounds!

03 Aug 2016Young offenders need specialist care

03 Aug 2016Award for Bendigo dentistry student

03 Aug 2016La Trobe world-class Sports Park

29 Jul 2016Clinton win not that simple

28 Jul 2016Bendigo showcases new research talent

28 Jul 2016Multimillion upgrade of Bendigo campus

26 Jul 2016Did sex drive mammal evolution?

19 Jul 2016New study probes gut microbe autism link

20 Jul 2016Plans to lead in regional creative arts

18 Jul 2016Taking wing with health scholarships

15 Jul 2016Aspire student keeps on giving

14 Jul 2016La Trobe pushes button on new technology

13 Jul 2016AIDS not public health issue but HIV is

13 Jul 2016Are our political parties past use-by?

12 Jul 2016Partnership with AFL tackles depression

11 Jul 2016A win but Turnbull needs to alter course

29 Jun 2016Real-life experience for budding writers

30 Jun 2016La Trobe autism app wins state iAward

28 Jun 2016Young people drinking less

28 Jun 2016AFL needs social change to stop misogyny

27 Jun 2016Animal tales & new theory for Stonehenge

24 Jun 2016Regional policy recognition welcome

16 Jun 2016Artist explores flawless selfies

23 Jun 2016Fighting superbugs with pineapple stems

20 Jun 2016Ancient cultures, new ideas about memory

20 Jun 2016An ancient partnership revealed

17 Jun 2016The debate around uncapping uni places

17 Jun 2016Importance of William Barak’s Ceremony

16 Jun 2016New ways to beat liver fluke in cattle

16 Jun 2016La Trobe brings industry to classroom

14 Jun 2016Study shows value of Aboriginal Club

14 Jun 2016The liberating bling of the goldfields

06 Jun 2016La Trobe and Carlton in new partnership

27 Aug 2015Plants may have short-term memory

06 May 2016$5m project to save PNG cocoa industry

01 Jun 2016Can Aboriginal beauty break colour bar?

01 Jun 2016Man Who Knew Infinity - a must see film

31 May 2016Health infrastructure needs new staffing

31 May 2016LEAP launches into 2016

30 May 2016Hip arthritis and muscle wastage

30 May 2016MOU forges strong partnership

27 May 2016Fossil fuel decision a significant step

25 May 2016$5M strategic innovation fund created

26 May 2016Social exclusion of childless women

25 May 2016La Trobe signals fossil fuel divestment

24 May 2016Same-sex apology draws a line in sand

24 May 2016Diversity and change strengthens family

23 May 2016John Brumby receives Honorary Doctorate

20 May 2016Dismay over new city medical school

19 May 2016Schools and Hospitals cut by $80bn?

19 May 2016Toxic blooms- new normal for our rivers?

17 May 2016Goldfield lessons in religious diversity

21 Jun 2016Sunraysia football netball scholarships

17 May 2016100 years since Sykes-Picot Agreement

26 Apr 2016Bendigo Campus to host new tech school

10 May 2016Studying US basket ballers’ knee pain

09 May 2016Allied Health internationally recognised

06 May 2016Building respect, not fear of punishment

05 May 2016Trump looms in wildly unpredictable race

04 May 2016Rural medical school still not approved

04 May 2016Carpageddon: what you need to know

28 Apr 20162016 Election higher ed policy to watch

22 Apr 2016Sexual violence on campus

19 Apr 2016World-first blood test for Parkinson's

20 Apr 2016Right time to reset immigration debate

18 Apr 2016Do we need Church & Telstra's two cents?

15 Apr 2016The sex-starved creatures hunting genes

14 Apr 2016Research centre to explore life inland

14 Apr 2016Mendelian gene diseases not inevitable

11 Apr 2016Writing in dark territory

08 Apr 2016Reform fixtures to lift footy attendance

06 Apr 2016La Trobe climbs young gun rankings

05 Apr 2016Twenty20:It's just not cricket

04 Apr 2016Hospital funds deal cautiously welcomed

04 Apr 2016Connect with nature, learn about insects

29 Jun 2016Sleep science goes wild

31 Mar 2016Three ideas to revitalise small business

23 Mar 2016Generation wealth gap unfair, not unjust

22 Mar 2016The cost of corporate resilience

21 Mar 2016QS rankings put La Trobe in global elite

21 Mar 2016Fear and loathing in political debate

18 Mar 2016Senate changes give voters more control

16 Mar 2016Specialist care costs too hard to find

16 Mar 2016United action to fight Alzheimer's

14 Mar 2016'Ugly' animals need research funding too

11 Mar 2016Views on intersex genes need to change

11 Mar 2016Commercialisation of media a new reality

09 Mar 2016Kids of same-sex parents not worse off

08 Mar 2016More women on the board, more profits

08 Mar 2016Sexual rights are increasingly polarised

07 Mar 2016Opposition to broiler farms on the rise

02 Mar 2016Facts needed in Safe Schools debate

04 Mar 2016Pell's testimony shows church in denial

03 Mar 2016ATAR system valuable but needs reform

18 Dec 2015Turning plants into medicine factories

01 Mar 2016Australia should heed Oscars' protests

29 Feb 2016Field trips essential to biology studies

26 Feb 2016Sports news shifts to sponsored content

26 Feb 2016Australia needs inclusive sex education

26 Feb 2016APN sale end of an era for regional news

25 Feb 2016Strategic relationship behind subs deal

24 Feb 2016Psychology's problem with victim blaming

15 Feb 2016Is there hope for the climate at last?

23 Feb 2016Senate rule changes won't benefit voters

22 Feb 2016How colonialism formed Melbourne's grid

22 Feb 2016Contraception key for maternal health

19 Feb 2016Voting should be optional for elderly

19 Feb 2016How the law can help end 'revenge porn'

16 Feb 2016Autism: promoting a meaningful life

15 Feb 2016What it feels like to freeze on TV

15 Feb 2016New shuttle bus service launched

11 Feb 2016New autism app to help parents

11 Feb 2016GM opposition stifling food innovation

10 Feb 2016Suffragists can inspire today's politics

10 Feb 2016La Trobe lecturer awarded for research

10 Feb 2016Dr Dan Grant joins La Trobe in new role

05 Feb 2016John Makeham appointed at La Trobe

08 Feb 2016La Trobe pays respects to Dr John Hirst

08 Feb 2016Ten ways to help nature adapt to change

05 Feb 2016La Trobe leads national aphasia trial

03 Feb 2016Melbourne City Women's remarkable win

01 Feb 2016New treatment gives tendon pain the boot

01 Feb 2016Presidential race sees rise in outsiders

07 Jun 2017Experience how your mind sees art

27 Jan 2016Top Australia Day honour for scientist

27 Jan 2016Leaving water for wildlife a lifesaver

25 Jan 2016Alcohol industry targets heavy drinkers

25 Jan 2016Better sex-ed needed in society

20 Jan 2016Finding a way out of offshore detention

08 Mar 2017Boosting academic pathways for nurses

19 Jan 2016La Trobe makes 8,000 offers to students

19 Jan 2016LTU Art Institute appoints new director

14 Jan 2016LTU ranks in top 200 most international

12 Jan 2016Militant suffragettes or terrorists?

07 Jan 2016Korean Peninsula nuclear politics

06 Jan 2016Students’ technology push into Germany

04 Jan 2016The new world order that fizzled

16 Dec 2015La Trobe Future Fellows awarded $1.5m

21 Dec 2015Analysing Abbott's failures

18 Dec 2015Stonefly research to take off

18 Dec 2015Malcolm Turnbull and Thucydides

18 Dec 2015Is virgin birth possible?

17 Dec 2015OTARC wins major global award

14 Dec 2015Bacterium could influence cancer spread

02 Dec 2015La Trobe sky scanner to US South Pole

10 Dec 2015World-class research supports regions

01 Jul 2015Recognition for top cell death research

04 Dec 2015La Trobe in top three for research

03 Dec 2015La Trobe launches pioneering dog lab

02 Dec 2015Melbourne in world’s top student cities

01 Dec 2015New camp helps Indigenous students SOAR

30 Nov 2015Better rat trap wins engineering prize

24 Nov 2015Being poor linked to dropping out of uni

20 Nov 2015La Trobe know-how reaches for the stars

20 Nov 2015Resettlement priority for asylum seekers

19 Nov 2015Charlie Sheen & $10m worth of HIV stigma

18 Nov 2015Bosnia still divided, 20 years on

17 Nov 2015LTU joins forces with regional tafes

12 Nov 2015Cultural diversity a national strength

12 Nov 2015Floods and sinking pavements targeted

09 Nov 2015Keeping Mildura thriving

12 Nov 2015This isn't way to fix private health

12 Nov 2015Recognising LGBTI family violence

11 Nov 2015Saving Aussie honey bees - and farmers

10 Nov 2015LTU launches rural aged care forum

09 Nov 2015New way for Indigenous maternity care

09 Nov 2015Mental health link to work life balance

09 Sep 2015Major discovery into cancer weight loss

03 Nov 2015Origins of workplace gender inequality

05 Nov 2015Gaps in university application process

03 Nov 2015All the rivers run – or do they?

30 Oct 2015Is there really a moral case for coal?

28 Oct 2015LTU researchers top 1% in the world

28 Oct 2015Barriers to regional higher education

22 Oct 2015Electric bacteria could save millions

26 Oct 2015Benefits of one-to-one midwifery care

26 Oct 2015Would you like to live to 1000?

14 Aug 2015Helping workers in Melbourne’s north

23 Oct 2015Distinguished alumni awarded

21 Oct 2015Crocs sleep with one eye open

20 Oct 2015What will reforms mean for Bendigo?

20 Oct 2015The rise of North Korea's money masters

19 Oct 2015La Trobe invention to put mums at ease

19 Oct 2015Partnership aims to get people moving

15 Oct 2015US politics set for change

14 Oct 2015$1million grant for bio-medical research

13 Oct 2015New campaign to stop pet neglect

07 Oct 2015Taking great strides in gender equality

01 Mar 2013Rowe off course on sport journalism

06 Oct 2015How do we stop online abuse?

06 Oct 2015Is the next big idea a tram-ride away?

06 Oct 2015PhD student wins prestige scholarship

05 Oct 2015La Trobe students work on SMILE

19 May 2015High-tech bid for basketball supremacy

01 Oct 2015La Trobe ranks in international top 400

29 Sep 2015How artificial light effects mammals

18 Sep 2015La Trobe ranks in world top 400

25 Sep 2015LGBT experience of dementia and ageing

23 Sep 2015Plan to transform Bendigo campus

11 Sep 2015Rhinos relocate to La Trobe

22 Sep 2015Chance to dance for Parkinson's research

18 Sep 2015La Trobe supports Bendigo diversity

17 Sep 2015The future of HIV is here

15 Sep 2015New PM must mend fences and economy

14 Sep 2015Same sex marriage link to mental health

03 Sep 2015Fear & greed: Australia-China relations

10 Sep 2015Scoring goals for social inclusion

10 Sep 2015Academic & Alan Jones agree on one thing

10 Sep 2015Taking more refugees won't solve Syria

09 Sep 2015Why is Rupert Murdoch on Twitter?

07 Sep 2015Ancient DNA charts human migration

07 Sep 2015Putting together the Neolithic puzzle

07 Sep 2015Two years in even Abbott backers despair

31 Aug 2015New Colombo funding boost

25 Aug 2015#TalkWithMe

24 Aug 2015Fantasies turn to nightmares via hackers

21 Aug 2015Remembering the Pacific's people in war

20 Aug 2015Raising brain injury awareness

18 Aug 2015Intergenerational fairness

14 Aug 2015The ghosts of 1945 still haunting Asia

13 Aug 2015Drawtism for autism

13 Aug 2015The real opposition to same-sex marriage

11 Aug 2015Educating engineers of the future

10 Aug 2015When is assassination justified?

07 Aug 2015Hiroshima and our cultural amnesia

04 Aug 2015Patients more likely to die on weekends

04 Aug 2015Students benefit from hospital reopening

03 Aug 2015Advanced $2.5m surface science lab opens

23 Sep 2015La Trobe science inspires Tall Poppies

31 Jul 2015Maths scholars among world’s elite 100

31 Jul 2015Investor clause modification no TPP fix

28 Jul 2015From Hogwarts to Wi-Fi

30 Jul 2015Wong-Bernardi debate and marriage myths

28 Jul 2015Urgent action needed on hepatitis

27 Jul 2015Gene study uncovers America’s ancestors

27 Jul 2015Pathways to the future

27 Jul 2015Subdued Labor as Shorten gets way

24 Jul 2015La Trobe University PhD showcase

09 Jul 2015New economics for city waterways

23 Jul 2015National conference no reform for Labor

22 Jul 2015Should cheaters be named and shamed?

22 Jul 2015China's hepatitis crises

21 Jul 2015Could infant screening prevent autism?

16 Jul 2015MurrayDarling Basin resource in pipeline

15 Jul 2015La Trobe Law School launches ALHR office

13 Jul 2015Study gives voice to Pacific Islanders

07 Jul 2015Strong boost in new ARC research grants

08 Jul 2015Regional students rewarded

03 Jul 2015New mental health project targets AFL

26 Jun 2015Groundbreaking new theory for Stonehenge

30 Jun 2015Why it pays to keep staff happy

25 Jun 2015New family violence screening a success

25 Jun 2015The future of Australian Universities

24 Jun 2015Greatest health opportunity of our time

24 Jun 2015Contradictions and delights in Mumbai

23 Jun 2015VC's term extended to 2021

23 Jun 2015School students get into science

19 Jun 2015Melbourne’s north mecca for rare parrot

22 Jun 2015Volunteers the focus for Aspire 2015

18 Jun 2015Boats help beat desert climate change

18 Jun 2015La Trobe Queen's Birthday honours

15 Jun 2015Ambassador recall proves futile decision

15 Jun 2015Big pharma the real winner in TPP plan

15 Jun 2015Human cell death captured for first time

10 Jun 2015Health risks of criminalising gay people

09 Jun 2015New drug hailed "Viagra for women"

09 Jun 2015Better work options for adults with ASD

25 May 2015A leader in maths and computer sciences

04 Jun 2015Kids are all right in same-sex families

02 Jun 2015La Trobe cancer detection breakthrough

01 Jun 2015Pop-Up University heads to the Wimmera

01 Jun 2015Questioning moral guilt

01 Jun 2015Ants fall victim to climate change

28 May 2015Modi must now sell domestic reform

27 May 2015Paedophile priests criminals not sinners

27 May 2015Wasp import set to save Christmas Island

13 May 2015Philipp joins world young elite in maths

25 May 2015Connecting sex, health and society

13 May 2015Budget 2015 overlooks rural health care

08 May 2015Measurements don't lead to better health

08 May 2015La Trobe Graduate Research School launch

08 May 2015New approach to treating mental illness

07 May 2015La Trobe open for business

07 May 2015Failing to protect primates in research

06 May 2015 La Trobe welcomes shuttle bus funding

06 May 2015Cuts to primary services not the answer

06 May 2015RBA should move to 10 basis-point cuts

04 May 2015UK election won't reflect voters' will

01 May 2015Relations with Indonesia pose challenges

30 Apr 2015Innovative toothbrush program for school

30 Apr 2015Steep rise in ‘new uni’ survey results

29 Apr 2015Parenting options for people with HIV

29 Apr 2015La Trobe in top global subject rankings

29 Apr 20152015 important anniversary for Asia

23 Apr 2015Girls excel at IT when boys not around

22 Apr 2015Lest we forget the WWI heroes at home

21 Apr 2015Indonesian women face divorce stigma

20 Apr 2015Research centre opens at Northern Health

16 Apr 2015Is a walk better than a gym session?

16 Apr 2015Rare book donation a win for book lovers

16 Apr 2015Gallipoli conflict began pre-1915

17 Apr 2015Big Pharma - profits before patients?

20 Mar 2015What really happened at Gallipoli?

14 Apr 2015Friendship in war not just for men

14 Apr 2015How much should uni students contribute?

14 Apr 2015High tech R&D tackles transport problems

14 Apr 2015Turkish view remains neglected

09 Apr 2015Climate change: Franzen is wrong

10 Apr 2015The man who shaped the Anzac legend

02 Apr 2015Report shows LGBT community in distress

02 Apr 2015Easter scuppers some modern certainties

02 Apr 2015Turning the spotlight on known rapists

26 Mar 2015NSW power privatisation causing sparks

26 Mar 2015La Trobe Asia Board meets for first time

26 Mar 2015Government needs to scrap 5% burn target

25 Mar 2015Boost for Shepparton nursing students

25 Mar 2015Students join Indian Premier League

24 Mar 2015The health condition costing 7.4 billion

23 Mar 2015Reflecting on the late Malcolm Fraser

19 Mar 2015Replacing classroom with outdoors

23 Mar 2015Republican fear of Iran has consequences

20 Mar 2015Zero sum game on China's bank

20 Mar 2015Unsticking our stamps from Howard's era

20 Mar 2015Hanoi graduates mark La Trobe learning

19 Mar 2015Scholarships pave pathways for students

17 Mar 2015Street Harassment has to stop

12 Mar 2015Out of care and out of uni options

12 Mar 2015New La Trobe and Kyushu Uni partnership

12 Mar 2015Educators collaborate on creative arts

10 Mar 2015Triggs on side of human rights

10 Mar 2015Tackling challenges in regional cities

10 Mar 2015Picture tells a thousand words

05 Mar 2015How to spot autism in school children

03 Mar 2015Artwork dishes up environmental message

04 Mar 2015Research on toxic metal could save lives

02 Mar 2015Rising rates of conflict hurting kids

27 Feb 2015City Football Academy unveiled

24 Feb 2015Alcohol's role in domestic violence

18 Feb 2015O-Week launches at La Trobe Bendigo

19 Feb 2015New students flock to Bundoora

17 Feb 2015Wominjeka La Trobe

17 Feb 2015Calls for clear political narratives

11 Feb 2015Graduates accepted for coveted program

12 Feb 2015New medical training centre for students

12 Feb 2015Will the baby boomers reinvent ageing?

11 Feb 2015Japan's big stake in Abbott leadership

10 Feb 2015Launch of innovative training program

06 Feb 2015Why China is banning Islamic veils

29 Jan 2015Putin regime cannot be appeased

27 Jan 2015Ask Grandad sex-ed kit free to schools

23 Jan 2015Women talk sex in later life

10 Feb 2015Alternative to Medicare co-payment

19 Jan 2015Why do we ignore climate change?

15 Jan 2015New values in the wake of Charlie Hebdo

15 Jan 2015Penny Davies named citizen of the year

06 Jan 2015We need to start listening to experts

05 Jan 2015The poor health of Australia's democracy

18 Dec 2014Rainforest yields growth secrets

16 Dec 2014Global award for Bendigo academic

15 Dec 2014Smart seat to rescue kids left in cars

12 Dec 2014Pre-teen inventor wows crowds

11 Dec 2014Unique ageing project

11 Dec 2014Teaching leadership for politicians

02 Dec 2014All roads lead to Rome - via La Trobe

10 Dec 2014La Trobe student creates drink dispenser

09 Dec 2014Ethnic discrimination in China

04 Dec 2014Students takes Bendigo to Asia

03 Dec 2014Finding democracy in the Upper House

02 Dec 2014$720,000 in scholarships available

26 Sep 2014Sachin Tendulkar celebrates La Trobe’s MoU with Indian Premier League team

28 Nov 2014HIV and Mobility a roadmap for action

26 Nov 2014New radar wins national engineers' award

21 Nov 2014La Trobe MBA surges in global rankings

24 Nov 2014The future of learning

24 Nov 2014Autism: How parents make a difference

20 Nov 2014New Indigenous teaching scholarships

21 Nov 2014La Trobe welcomes Labor’s bus pledge

18 Nov 2014The lost child: anxiety over innocence

14 Nov 2014La Trobe first for technology careers

17 Nov 2014Genes and the future of men

13 Nov 2014Working dads stressed with family juggle

11 Nov 2014MBA tour to visit rural and regional Vic

12 Nov 2014La Trobe doubles share of research funds

11 Nov 2014Remembrance Day: why remember the dead?

06 Nov 2014Inspiring regional Victorians to study

05 Nov 2014Nutrition key to Aboriginal health

04 Nov 2014Exhibition a first for art institute

07 Oct 2014Rural and regional sport under spotlight

04 Nov 2014Envoy in troubled waters

03 Nov 2014Improper conduct at the Inland Mission

31 Oct 2014Public transport investment welcome

31 Oct 2014Edge of the Outback launches book

30 Oct 2014Day of the Dead - reflection for living

27 Oct 2014Crucial week for higher education

27 Oct 2014Violence and sports - what's the link?

27 Oct 2014Does price matter when picking a uni?

22 Oct 2014Whitlam's election heralded new era

22 Oct 2014How Australia has changed since Whitlam

20 Oct 2014No 'pastoral earthquake' at Bishops meet

20 Oct 2014Policy bodes ill for trade negotiations

20 Oct 2014When initimate photos are posted online

14 Oct 2014To tweet or not to tweet?

15 Oct 2014What do parents fear?

15 Oct 2014Math study link to global disease spread

14 Oct 2014Study shows parents fear stranger harm

10 Oct 2014State award for community health project

07 Oct 2014Students to swap classes for conference

08 Oct 2014What's next for journalism?

03 Oct 2014La Trobe ranked among world universities

30 Sep 2014Are we on the verge of a new Dark Age?

30 Sep 2014Women, work and menopause

19 Sep 2014Upstart's AFL Grand Final live broadcast

23 Sep 2014Tomorrow’s pharmacy entrepreneurs shine

23 Sep 2014Gender identity and mental health

23 Sep 2014Where are the ethics in enviro-policy?

22 Sep 2014IS threat symptom of deeper ailment

18 Sep 2014Wedded to wedding: does marriage matter?

12 Sep 2014Taking the first step in brave new world

15 Sep 2014Leadership award: building communities

12 Sep 2014La Trobe scholar creates unique database

12 Sep 2014La Trobe caps fees for Aspire students

09 Sep 2014Abbott woos India in key foreign policy

10 Sep 2014Can Bill Shorten reinvent Labor?

08 Sep 2014Research partnership led by Aussie icon

03 Sep 2014Love of horses keeping jockeys healthy

02 Sep 2014Recognition for innovative education

02 Sep 2014A need to act on rural doctor education

01 Sep 2014Teaching art in a wider context

26 Aug 2014Monster climate petition urges action

26 Aug 2014Forum looks into future of manufacturing

22 Aug 2014Students chosen for leadership forum

21 Aug 2014Partnership offers exciting new subjects

14 Aug 2014Finding an audience for refugee artists

13 Aug 2014Major funding for brain injury project

13 Aug 2014Students could be on the move

11 Aug 2014Indigenous Careers Day at La Trobe

08 Aug 2014Burnoff policies could do lasting damage

08 Aug 2014Texts Mark the Spot for Bendigo students

08 Aug 2014Twitter enhances teacher education

07 Aug 2014More GPs needed to balance budget

06 Aug 2014New Victorian Breastfeeding Guidelines

06 Aug 2014Clare Wright tells of her 'epic fail'

04 Aug 2014Bendigo education partners join forces

05 Aug 2014La Trobe forges partnerships with TAFEs

04 Aug 2014Refugee stories come to the fore

01 Aug 2014Student wins Flying Doctor scholarship

01 Aug 2014Gallipoli: the beautiful city

01 Aug 2014Stopping the rot in Dental Health Week

31 Jul 2014AFL conditions ripe for tanking

31 Jul 2014Improving safety in the fitness industry

28 Jul 2014Art enriches teaching skills

25 Jul 2014Author shortlisted for national award

24 Jul 2014Funding not enough for expert research

23 Jul 2014La Trobe welcomes Aunty Joy Murphy

23 Jul 2014Needed: Aboriginal heritage protection

21 Jul 2014Students, families celebrate success

18 Jul 2014Tokyo's subtle revolution

16 Jul 2014La Trobe student receives EPA award

15 Jul 2014Penalty shootout controversy continues

15 Jul 2014La Trobe celebrates Naidoc leaders

14 Jul 2014Genomics creates more productive cattle

14 Jul 2014Brazil kicking goals on animal welfare

07 Jul 2014Report on sexual assault and older women

07 Jul 2014Joining forces in Asia's Brave New World

04 Jul 2014La Trobe targets big issues of our time

02 Jul 2014School students live the La Trobe life

03 Jul 2014La Trobe names new College leadership

03 Jul 2014The Iraq War's coalition of the shilling

02 Jul 2014Is Hindi India's new English?

02 Jul 2014Calls for transparency on animal testing

01 Jul 2014Students gain passport to China

30 Jun 2014The sacred space of 'live sites'

27 Jun 2014World Cup fatigue wears thin

23 Jun 2014La Trobe students winging to Asia

25 Jun 2014Australia's post-war migration a success

25 Jun 2014HIV in Australia - still more to do

24 Jun 2014Dr Peter Brukner joins La Trobe

23 Jun 2014La Trobe unveils reform plan

23 Jun 2014Was Opera Australia's response correct?

19 Jun 2014Grant aims to slash outpatient wait time

19 Jun 2014Tracing Prabowo's cultural appeal

18 Jun 2014Female leaders missing in academia

17 Jun 2014New dentistry head and clinic at Bendigo

11 Jun 2014Busting Brazil’s football myth

11 Jun 2014We should stand up to shock jocks

11 Jun 2014World Cup's 'celebration capitalism'

10 Jun 2014Intangible legacies of hosting World Cup

06 Jun 2014An evolutionary view of ‘gay genes’

06 Jun 2014Autism researchers eye fruit fly

05 Jun 2014Two sides to every hyperlink

05 Jun 2014La Trobe academics share Aztec expertise

12 Jun 2014The mystery of life and ten new species

05 Jun 2014Speaking up for those who go unheard

03 Jun 2014New head for Shepparton campus

02 Jun 2014Vaccination blow from a baffling budget

30 May 2014Free-market think-tanks conscript Joe

29 May 2014State Award for dentistry partnership

29 May 2014Is China's 'go west' strategy doomed?

17 Jun 2014Limited options in response to Thai coup

27 May 2014Sexual violence in pubs and clubs

22 May 2014North Korea’s compliance on climate

20 May 2014Commonwealth Games bound

21 May 2014Act now or face more pain later

21 May 2014Bringing together tomorrow’s leaders

22 May 2014Water bill savings? Be cautious

20 May 2014Debt trap for uni students in budget

27 May 2014Income equality is a matter of fairness

19 May 2014Public lecture to explore migrant safety

14 May 2014World first ancient fossil discovery

13 May 2014Australia's international standing

08 May 2014State budget misses shuttle bus service

07 May 2014Rainbow Flag to rise over La Trobe

08 May 2014The trap of being a negative opposition

02 Apr 2014Mildura reaches 1000 graduate milestone

07 May 2014How can science be communicated?

01 May 2014Teen sexual health survey launched

02 May 2014Bollywood comes to La Trobe University

24 Apr 2014Ideas and Society: Racism in Australia

01 May 2014Health graduates set to make their mark

30 Apr 2014La Trobe historian wins Stella Prize

05 May 2014Strategic policy after the northern tour

01 May 2014Malcolm Fraser: An unlikely radical

15 May 2014Universities are afraid of competition

28 Apr 2014Graduation is a community celebration

24 Apr 2014Government funding for non-uni providers

17 Apr 2014PUBLIC LECTURE: Book vs. Film

17 Apr 2014India 2014: few votes in foreign policy

04 Mar 2014Scholarships help kickstart uni

14 Apr 2014Review of Demand Driven System Welcomed

27 Feb 2014First student cohort welcomed to new MBA

10 Apr 2014Bigger amputations, less complications?

09 Apr 2014The end of Downer's Cyprus adventure

01 Apr 2014Sport: social glue and force for change?

08 Apr 2014Scholarships to help aspiring teachers

09 Apr 2014Primary school student becomes teacher

04 Apr 2014MH370 fallout reveals a region on edge

03 Apr 2014Norrie’s court victory is a leap forward

04 Apr 2014Gender equity: glacial change

03 Apr 2014National campaign for a strong future

01 Apr 2014MOU boosts La Trobe Spanish program

01 Apr 2014The Ukraine and volatile global politics

31 Mar 2014Frame of Mind: Art for autism awareness

22 Jan 2014Major archaeological project underway

25 Mar 2014Turnbull faces rural telecoms challenge

21 Mar 2014Bolt, Brandis and freedom of speech

24 Mar 2014Tour de Transplant visits La Trobe

25 Mar 2014La Trobe supports Tour de Transplant

25 Mar 2014La Trobe supports Tour de Transplant

20 Mar 2014Has evolution wired us for happiness?

20 Mar 2014Aboriginal health through empowerment

21 Mar 2014New ethic needed in business schools

19 Mar 2014Private health shouldn't be subsidised

18 Mar 2014The China dream runs into ethnic reality

17 Mar 2014La Trobe takes fresh approach to Asia

14 Mar 2014Left and right both wrong on refugees

12 Mar 2014New insights into cell death

13 Mar 2014Not 1914: Asia prepares to avoid war

11 Mar 2014Helping those with acquired brain injury

07 Mar 2014Rich insights on Indonesia’s periphery

10 Mar 2014Three-person IVF debate needed

07 Mar 2014Drums of war in Putin's ear

07 Mar 2014La Trobe researcher targets parasite

06 Mar 2014La Trobe welcomes transport concessions

05 Mar 2014Leaders feature on Women's Honour Roll

03 Mar 2014Spirits soar with visit

03 Mar 2014Summer of science for six students

24 Feb 2014Melbourne: Australia's intellectual hub?

28 Feb 2014Cost-cutting push ignores health savings

28 Feb 2014La Trobe on track for reform

27 Feb 2014Strengthening links with Border health

27 Feb 2014Festival goes from strength to strength

26 Feb 2014La Trobe shines on a world scale

27 Feb 2014Bendigo welcomes international students

24 Feb 2014O-Week: welcome new regional students

24 Feb 2014Bendigo welcomes 1300 new students

21 Feb 2014La Trobe welcomes Hallmark students

18 Feb 2014La Trobe receives funding boost

19 Feb 2014LOL! Healing powers of laughter

19 Feb 2014North Korea: UN faces difficult task

19 Feb 2014The solution for AFL ‘tanking’

14 Feb 2014Pets galore: study into animal hoarding

17 Feb 2014Labor's Green opportunity

13 Feb 2014Cyprus and the peace process

11 Feb 2014Australians lead on gender equality

10 Feb 2014Killing Schrödinger’s feral cat

10 Feb 2014Engineering road show heads to Mildura

13 Feb 2014Spotlight on Agicultural Education

06 Feb 2014Indian elephant in the room

05 Feb 2014Partnership for the future of aged care

05 Feb 2014Research seeks to answer key questions

03 Feb 2014Alcohol and violence at home

31 Jan 2014Inspiration or cultural appropriation?

31 Jan 2014New partnership with Bendigo Art Gallery

03 Feb 2014Masters students showcase their research

30 Jan 2014Complementary medicine partnership

29 Jan 2014An inspiring study tour to Turkey

28 Jan 2014Pharmacy students converge on Bendigo

28 Jan 2014Is nationalism really so bad?

28 Jan 2014The rise of teaching-only academics

17 Jan 2014Positive step for those with Parkinson’s

21 Jan 2014Fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

22 Jan 2014Making breastfeeding less difficult

22 Jan 2014My hat: a symbol of cultural differences

20 Jan 2014Debate ignited by hidden 'kangaroo'

22 Jan 2014Mountain pygmy-possum breeding success

15 Jan 2014What will become of Richard III’s bones?

13 Jan 2014Twenty years on, meet the Zapatistas

12 Jan 2015Is home-court really an advantage?

10 Jan 2014Science and Indigenous education awards

10 Jan 2014Tennis stars fail to fire at home

02 Jan 2014Science struggles with pet ownership

03 Jan 2014Keating, reform and 'political capital'

23 Dec 2013A pre-Christmas spiritual snapshot

23 Dec 2013What to know about the TPP

23 Dec 2013What is sign language?

18 Dec 2013Marine parks need management plans

16 Dec 2013Game of Thrones in Pyongyang

12 Dec 2013Capturing the face of 3rd world rubbish

13 Dec 2013Vision set for La Trobe Art Institute

16 Dec 2013Comb jellies amongst earliest animals

28 Mar 2012Six-day Japanese language immersion camp

13 Dec 2013Revealing lessons learnt from NSW fires

13 Dec 2013Update from the latest TPP meeting

12 Dec 2013Questioning assumptions about sex work

12 Dec 2013Sydney campus to be officially set up

10 Dec 2013La Trobe discovers early signs of autism

10 Dec 2013New direction for Professor

11 Dec 2013Melbourne's North Summit Report launched

09 Dec 2013A bitter pill to swallow for Australians

09 Dec 201330 new Antarctic marine species found

06 Dec 2013La Trobe's new website goes mobile-first

04 Dec 2013Our literary focus on the North Atlantic

02 Dec 2013La Trobe MBA recognised for excellence

03 Dec 2013Australia commits to a US vision of Asia

03 Dec 2013Big Idea scores La Trobe a Big Win

03 Dec 2013Forgotten figures of the Eureka Stockade

02 Dec 2013Where do redundant journalists go?

02 Dec 2013Clinical Health school up and running

05 Dec 2013Pope Francis channels Marx in manifesto

29 Nov 2013Contribution to plant science recognised

28 Nov 2013Weed research offers Alzheimer's insight [MP3]

28 Nov 2013Women of the Eureka Stockade [MP3]

06 Dec 2013What to do with art stolen in WWII?

27 Nov 2013Greek Australian community at crossroads

27 Nov 2013Eight-point plan for aid agencies

25 Nov 2013Where does Doctor Who come from? [MP3]

25 Nov 2013It's time to fix the mess with Indonesia

22 Nov 2013Adorable crayfish-dwelling flatworms

22 Nov 2013Lessons for Abbott on Indonesia

21 Nov 2013Why I don't support Zoe's law

21 Nov 2013Negotiating our health at TPP talks

19 Nov 2013New innovative and affordable degree

18 Nov 2013Students win AMP University Challenge

14 Nov 2013Out of the lecture - into the classroom

15 Nov 2013Major gift to research modern parenting

14 Nov 2013Homophobia in the Commonwealth

15 Nov 2013Recognition for international education

12 Nov 2013How significant are p values, really?

11 Nov 2013Australia's asylum seeker policy [MP3]

11 Nov 2013Students help engineer a better world

11 Nov 2013November 11: the other Australia Day

08 Nov 2013Dental students brush with mobile clinic

12 Nov 2013La Trobe University wins Wurreker Award

08 Nov 2013Young environmental scientists gather

08 Nov 2013Call for action on internet surveillance

11 Nov 2013Recognition for work in development

08 Nov 2013Women are central to Australia's history

12 Nov 2013Indonesian leaders choose Bendigo

04 Nov 2013Enhanced screening, reduced protection

02 Oct 2013Large-scale Indigenous artworks unveiled

01 Nov 2013A life of work in Arnhem Land [MP3]

01 Nov 2013The Greek Archives [MP3]

01 Nov 2013La Trobe research targets big issues

30 Oct 2013Young Muslim Leaders graduate

31 Oct 2013Is it a sell-out to compromise on Fiji?

30 Oct 2013Art-based research milestone

28 Oct 2013Rules of engagement fall short

24 Oct 2013Remote control physics labs in schools?

24 Oct 2013Alumni select favourite art for exhibit

24 Oct 2013The changing nature of the War on Drugs

24 Oct 2013Students stage History Week exhibitions

24 Oct 2013Graduands strengthen regional workforce

22 Oct 2013New Head of Campus at La Trobe Mildura

22 Oct 2013La Trobe welcomes schools vision

25 Oct 2013La Trobe brings MBA to the regions

21 Oct 2013Success in Newcastle Poetry Prize

18 Oct 2013La Trobe modernising through restructure

18 Oct 2013First years shine at Planning Awards

15 Oct 2013Pharmacy student wins national award

15 Oct 2013Book launch: State of the Nation

14 Oct 2013The legacy of Martin Luther King [MP3]

19 Sep 2013Bendigo partners forge closer links

14 Oct 2013China’s domestic focus saps growth

11 Oct 2013Care needed in growth of the peri-urban

11 Oct 2013La Trobe welcomes ‘Plan Melbourne'

11 Oct 2013Young people living well in rural areas

07 Oct 2013Will Abbott take a stand on West Papua?

07 Oct 2013Turnbull's big call: Disconnecting NBN

07 Oct 2013The water molecule [MP3]

04 Oct 2013International leadership program visit

04 Oct 2013A Talk with Andrés Neuman [MP3]

04 Oct 2013Gay causes and questions of conscience

07 Oct 2013Future leaders arrive in Bendigo

03 Oct 2013Does Abbott's win matter in Beijing?

01 Oct 2013Society failing at an age-old problem

30 Sep 2013Jean-Paul Sartre: Key Concepts [MP3]

27 Sep 2013Somalia must not take heat for extremism

26 Sep 2013Whistle while you work [MP3]

23 Sep 2013Weed provides insight into Alzheimer’s

19 Sep 2013Australia's first peri-urban conference

19 Sep 2013Large scale conservation partnerships

19 Sep 2013Native animals and the future of men

18 Sep 2013NAB grant supports school partnership

17 Sep 2013The Greens are not the enemy for Labor

17 Sep 2013Foreign affairs after the 2013 election

17 Sep 2013Teachers to help reduce suicide risk

13 Sep 2013Our MBA ranked in the top two in state

16 Sep 2013Expectations of the Coalition Government

13 Sep 2013La Trobe scholar wins Premier's Prize

13 Sep 2013AFL coaches experience high work stress

12 Sep 2013How do we solve the Senate problem?

11 Sep 2013La Trobe among leading universities

10 Sep 2013La Trobe's Alumni Awards announced

09 Sep 2013Fact and fantasy on the Syrian crisis

09 Sep 2013Memory expert to lecture at La Trobe

06 Sep 2013Clamping the umbilical cord at birth [MP3]

06 Sep 2013How does the Senate voting system work?

06 Sep 2013US risks making Syria another Iraq

04 Sep 2013Adjunct Professors for Art Institute

04 Sep 2013Collaboration key to cancer fight

04 Sep 2013Partnership attracts major funding

03 Sep 2013Hindu swamis discuss financial problems

30 Aug 2013National Stronger Regions Fund welcomed

29 Aug 2013When to go hard against Brazil in football [MP3]

29 Aug 2013Oxford bioethicist to deliver lecture

27 Aug 2013Opposition winning the battle of ideas

26 Aug 2013China’s first top-100 global brand?

26 Aug 2013La Trobe University honours Bob Brown

26 Aug 2013Nationals support rural medical school

26 Aug 2013Targeting regional skills shortages

14 Oct 2013Murray River listed as endangered

23 Aug 2013Egypt's military back with a vengeance

23 Aug 2013Cataloguing of Greek archives begins

20 Aug 2013Caesar and Gaul [MP3]

20 Aug 2013Should we feed starving polar bears?

20 Aug 2013Boost to Curriculum Bridges program

19 Aug 2013Bob Brown: The personal and political

16 Aug 2013The latest infant formula scandal

14 Aug 2013New tertiary education model announced

14 Aug 2013Info, tours, food and fun at Open Day

15 Aug 2013Unique role in US global health program

13 Aug 2013Victorian Pharmacy Student of the Year

22 Jul 2013Sex, desire and nature in Aussie fiction

07 Aug 2013Pandoravirus promises future surprises

06 Aug 2013The End of the Homosexual? [MP3]

06 Aug 2013On track to be Number One in sport

06 Aug 2013Can Labor squeak in?

02 Aug 2013Students given medical career insight

05 Aug 2013Better decision making for the future

05 Aug 2013The future of local food: the GM debate

05 Aug 2013Corporatocracy killing democracy

01 Aug 2013Problems are common in group homes

30 Jul 2013Egypt revolts [MP3]

30 Jul 2013High-tech system should keep rail safe

30 Jul 2013La Trobe celebrates success stories

26 Jul 2013Closing the chapter on the homosexual?

26 Jul 2013Control of alcohol warnings at risk

26 Jul 2013Andrew Demetriou opens City Campus

24 Jul 2013La Trobe rural students win scholarships

19 Jul 2013Study tour to historic UK

23 Jul 2013Protests in Turkey [MP3]

23 Jul 2013The psychology of water use [MP3]

22 Jul 2013Climate change: reasons for our failures

23 Jul 2013Muslim Leadership Program opens

23 Jul 2013Boat people - 20% of our immigrants?

22 Jul 2013Where do the Rudd reforms leave us?

17 Jul 2013Placebo use in medical practice

17 Jul 2013Following the facts or the money?

16 Jul 2013Media misses the point about the Ashes

15 Jul 2013Parasitic worms and river blindness [MP3]

15 Jul 2013Will Australia build trust with Iran?

12 Jul 2013La Trobe wins Southern University Games

11 Jul 2013New research on cord clamping in babies

11 Jul 2013No change without trauma in Middle East

10 Jul 2013Eye-tracking research in sport [MP3]

08 Jul 2013China: Surveillance society

01 Jul 2013Diplomatic experience at the Model UN

04 Jul 2013Relations with Indonesia at risk

02 Jul 2013Quest for new liver fluke vaccine

08 Jul 2013Solving the BDS image problem

10 Jul 2013Australia-Indonesia Dialogue

28 Jun 2013Labor again betrays Australians

28 Jun 2013Mid-year uni entry expands horizons

28 Jun 2013Victory of opportunist politics

25 Jun 2013How refugees stimulate the economy

24 Jun 2013The reality of homophobia in sport [MP3]

24 Jun 2013Bridging the school, uni gap

12 Jul 2013Do children deserve the right to vote?

21 Jun 2013Mick Malthouse on the AFL coaching life [MP3]

21 Jun 2013Plan to deport foreign criminals flawed

20 Jun 2013Pharma payments to doctors remain secret

20 Jun 2013A protest in unequal Brazil

24 Oct 2013Buses & football fuel protest in Brazil

19 Jun 2013New Director of Alumni and Advancement

13 Jun 2013Bad policy: Towing back the boats

12 Jun 2013Euro advocate admits to big mistake

11 Jun 2013Taking the pulse of rural health [MP3]

09 Jun 2013WHO designation for work health centre

11 Jun 2013Giving education away for free

10 Jun 2013The significance of Matariki Day

06 Jun 2013Medical School alliance

07 Jun 2013Border research published in US journal

07 Jun 2013Universities welcome new support

06 Jun 2013La Trobe Law moot success continues

06 Jun 2013Universities welcome food precinct plan

05 Jun 2013The state of football in Australia [MP3]

05 Jun 2013Asbestos: who is accountable?

03 Jun 2013New diagnostic test for fire blight

03 Jun 2013Racism in the AFL

03 Jun 2013Don't ignore signs of autism

03 Jun 2013New gender and diversity studies journal

03 Jun 2013Building bridges to the study of science

03 Jun 2013Global warming – do the maths

31 May 2013Diet and sport performance [MP3]

31 May 2013New higher education alliance

07 Mar 2013Historian leading iTunes U instructor

29 May 2013A taste of uni for school students

29 May 2013Nick Cater's classless warfare

30 May 2013Hip study to improve lives

27 May 2013The rights of factory workers

27 May 2013China’s museum-style multiculturalism

27 May 2013Albury-Wodonga Campus prizes awarded

27 May 2013The sorry history of Australia's apology

24 May 2013The social history of chocolate [MP3]

24 May 2013Dancing with Parkinson’s Disease

23 May 2013Supplements and athletic performance [MP3]

21 May 2013New buildings launched at Bendigo campus

23 May 2013Grand Challenges Explorations grant

23 May 2013Alumnus wins Clunies Ross Award

22 May 2013Eating insects by accident or design

21 May 2013Sustainability earns global recognition

06 May 2013Three perspectives on Julian Assange

21 May 2013Secrets of Fortuna revealed

21 May 2013Inspiring Australia – engaging the world

15 May 2013Accounting for the World

20 May 2013Director appointed to lead Art Institute

17 May 2013Kevin Rudd at La Trobe University

16 May 2013Bringing down barriers to dental care

14 May 2013Unknown wonders: Barmah-Millewa forest

13 May 2013Different mothers to one another's

13 May 2013The Synthesis of Aspirin

13 May 2013Understanding how social skills develop

13 May 2013La Trobe celebrates Fair Trade Fortnight

14 May 2013 Rainbow Flag to fly high at La Trobe

15 May 2013Trout: rabbits of the river

10 May 2013Preventing sexual assault in older women

09 May 2013Body image and sport participation [MP3]

09 May 2013Casual vacancies and unelected senators

09 May 2013Focus on peace and cultural diversity

10 May 2013Rural Health School opened in Bendigo

08 May 2013La Trobe disciplines in world's top 100

13 May 2013No win for public transport in budget

07 May 2013Athens Dialogue report released

06 May 2013Why do we need pets? [MP3]

06 May 2013Recovery From ACL reconstruction [MP3]

03 May 2013Preserving world archaeological heritage

06 May 2013Malthouse to launch new sports courses

01 May 2013Islam singled out for gender inequality

01 May 2013Clear relationships needed

29 Apr 2013Two paths to marriage equality

30 Apr 2013Progress for women's reproductive rights

30 Apr 2013Screening for intimate partner violence

29 Apr 2013Is ANZAC day really unique?

01 May 2013Achievements to be celebrated

29 Apr 2013Hope for a Malaysian Spring

29 Apr 2013Victoria catches up on crayfish rules

26 Apr 2013Students encouraged to go to university

26 Apr 2013Bollywood comes to La Trobe

30 Apr 2013LECTURE: An anatomy of systemic risk

24 Apr 2013Victoria India Doctoral scholarship 2013

23 Apr 2013Australian nurses in World War I [MP3]

23 Apr 2013Beijing's impossible dream

23 Apr 2013Is Abbott really saying yes to the IPA?

22 Apr 2013How unis can win the battle of attrition

19 Apr 2013Preserving fish breeding populations [MP3]

18 Apr 2013Athletes and body image [MP3]

18 Apr 2013Black magic killings above the law

18 Apr 2013Sighted children of blind parents

18 Apr 2013AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience opens

17 Apr 2013Fishing rules change for Murray crayfish

15 Apr 2013Chief Justice’s Medal for Law Student

10 Apr 2013Deciding the right time to die

16 Apr 2013AFL Players Association and La Trobe

16 Apr 2013New Chief Marketing Officer at La Trobe

15 Apr 2013Venezuela election surprisingly close

17 Apr 2013Rotary MDFRC six-day residential school

12 Apr 2013Vaccines to control liverfluke [MP3]

12 Apr 2013North Korea's hostile posturing [MP3]

12 Apr 2013Bendigo community to celebrate milestone

18 Apr 2013Manufactured 'soccer hooligans’

11 Apr 2013New Vice-Chancellor's Fellow appointed

11 Apr 2013Alpine Ecology field trip to Falls Creek

10 Apr 2013Thatcher and the legacy of class warfare

10 Apr 2013La Trobe welcomes Dr Elizabeth Finkel

10 Apr 2013Level crossing technology now interstate

09 Apr 2013$288m AgriBio opens on Melbourne campus

09 Apr 2013Launch of book by La Trobe historian

04 Apr 2013Method to North Korea's madness?

04 Apr 2013The AFL coaching lifestyle [MP3]

03 Apr 2013Albury-Wodonga Graduation Ceremony 2013

03 Apr 2013Life-like model teeth to help students

18 Mar 2013Can we feed nine billion in 2050?

28 Mar 2013Resurrection not to be taken literally

28 Mar 2013North Korean threats turn up the heat

26 Mar 2013What class war?

28 Mar 2013The Fishy Fun Run is back for 2013

25 Mar 2013Pacific cold war last thing we want

25 Mar 2013Stress and sport performance [MP3]

25 Mar 2013How a nation fell in love with footy

25 Mar 2013Two new insect species discovered

26 Mar 2013New Head of Campus in Albury-Wodonga

25 Mar 2013The Conversation turns two

20 Mar 2013A message of inclusiveness and diversity

07 Mar 2013Science and Politics of Climate Change

22 Mar 2013The philosophy of time travel [MP3]

21 Mar 2013Pharmacists should clear shelves

21 Mar 2013La Trobe boosts regional art

20 Mar 2013Does your adolescent stutter?

28 Mar 2013Big surprise in giant squid research

20 Mar 2013Research tops conference rankings

19 Mar 2013Event at Victoria's Family Institute

15 Mar 2013Innovation in sport [MP3]

15 Mar 2013A talk with Mick Dodson [MP3]

15 Mar 2013Four dishes, one soup

20 Mar 2013PUBLIC LECTURE: What would Gandhi do?

15 Mar 2013Pope Francis I’s murky past in Argentina

13 Mar 2013Chemistry at the Nanoscale

13 Mar 2013Navigating the modern regulatory maze

11 Mar 2013Existence of breast thrush confirmed

13 Mar 2013La Trobe welcomes plans for TAFE funding

21 Feb 2013Rare publishing success for law student

12 Mar 2013Support for Hume Sustainability Fair

11 Mar 2013Are botanic gardens an obsolete folly?

08 Mar 2013Natural therapy rebates under scrutiny

08 Mar 2013Managing media access in sport [MP3]

08 Mar 2013How business law works [MP3]

08 Mar 2013In death, Chavez is more alive than ever

06 Mar 2013Lecture on Sweden's disability insurance

06 Mar 2013Autism researchers travel to India

05 Mar 2013Alpine Ecology students find new species

07 Mar 2013Bendigo students awarded scholarships

05 Mar 2013Family values push won’t help equality

04 Mar 2013City within a city

01 Mar 2013Gillard could win by raising taxes

01 Mar 2013Generating power from pond muck [MP3]

01 Mar 2013Global treaties threaten public health

09 May 2013The impact of cholesterol medication

08 Apr 2013Cholesterol drugs could impact memory

15 Feb 2013Iconic LIMS research centre open

28 Feb 2013Higher international student intake

27 Feb 2013Time to act to build A Smarter Australia

28 Feb 2013Spirits soar with Kristi, Chelsea visit

25 Feb 2013Archaeological dig at brewery site

26 Feb 2013In conversation with Robert Manne [MP3]

07 Mar 2013Writing in the Woolf’s shadow

28 Feb 2013Artist offers prayers of reparation

11 Feb 2013Conference in honour of Robert Manne

12 Feb 2013Mick Dodson on Indigenous politics

25 Feb 2013Helping hand for Mildura migrants

22 Feb 2013Sport Development [MP3]

22 Feb 2013The search for meaning in flood and fire

27 Feb 2013Students flock to Bendigo

21 Feb 2013More help for people with autism

20 Feb 2013An audio tour of LIMS [MP3]

19 Feb 2013Victoria needs flexibility with droughts

19 Feb 2013Motorbike trip across Asia for awareness

27 Feb 2013Rethinking care for preterm babies

15 Feb 2013Fast track to success

22 Feb 2013LIMS opening ceremony


15 Feb 2013Misplaced racial tension in Jakarta

15 Feb 2013LIMS: research centre to benefit Bendigo

14 Feb 2013Challenging stereotypes of Afghan women

13 Feb 2013La Trobe Future Fellow linguists

13 Feb 2013North Korea’s third nuclear test

11 Feb 2013Sports journalists didn't drop the ball

11 Feb 2013Gaps in disability service provision

08 Feb 2013Celiac disease and gluten free foods [MP3]

08 Feb 2013Can lupin improve your heart health? [MP3]

08 Feb 2013Breathing new life into old maps [MP3]

08 Feb 2013The Chowilla Dam project [MP3]

08 Feb 2013Military intervention provides no cure

07 Feb 2013Is an ethic of biodiversity enough?

07 Feb 2013Alumnus recognised as Artist of the Year

20 Dec 2012Business schools and human rights

18 Dec 2012In defence of invasive species

12 Nov 2010Transcript

06 Feb 2013The Dean Series: Science, Technology and Engineering [MP3]

09 Aug 2010Transcript

28 May 2010Transcript

06 Feb 2013Why we Fail at Mental Health [MP3]

07 May 2010Transcript

06 Feb 2013Food Security [MP3]

06 Feb 2013How Sports are Funded [MP3]

06 Feb 2013Managing Environmental Sustainability [MP3]

23 Oct 2009Transcript

02 Oct 2009Transcript

06 Feb 2013Future Teachers with Lorraine Ling [MP3]

04 Jun 2009Return to study with Mark Tilders

02 Feb 2009Transcript

15 Dec 2008Transcript

15 Dec 2008Transcript

13 Apr 2012Transcript

06 Feb 2013Differential equations [MP3]

06 Feb 2013Australian-Pacific indentured labour trade [MP3]

28 Oct 2011Transcript

05 Sep 2011Transcript

06 Feb 2013The first fleet: the real story [MP3]

06 Feb 2013A talk with Antony Funnell [MP3]

13 May 2011Transcript

06 Feb 2013Snail heart research with Dr Michelle Gibson [MP3]

06 Feb 2013Sustainability Reporting with Carol Adams [MP3]

15 Apr 2011Transcript

06 Feb 2013Will a hurricane impact the election? [MP3]

07 Feb 2013Caring for the critically ill

06 Feb 2013Party conventions and empty chairs [MP3]

06 Feb 2013Reforming the funding of education [MP3]

06 Feb 2013Hume Clinical Simulation Learning Centre

05 Feb 2013What next for Australian policy in 2013?

01 Feb 2013Paramédico: lives of paramedics explored

05 Feb 2013Apply direct with work recognition

04 Feb 2013Reviving Indonesian studies in Australia

04 Feb 2013Novelist Christopher G Moore at La Trobe

29 Jan 2013The sexism that chokes women’s tennis

30 Jan 2013La Trobe to receive international award

29 Jan 2013Will your insurance cover bushfire loss?

25 Jan 2013Our language in your hands [MP3]

25 Jan 2013The secret men's business of the barbie

24 Jan 2013Disposable coffee cup: It’s over!

24 Jan 2013It’s not too late to Apply Direct

22 Jan 2013Men's tennis more competitive

05 Feb 2013OHS accreditation for Masters program

25 Jan 2013Grades aren’t all that count

18 Jan 2013Logan tension not caused by unemployment

18 Jan 2013Market must address charity gouging

18 Jan 2013Archival research into PNG migration

13 Dec 2012Recycling campaign targets mobiles

13 Dec 2012The missing piece of nature is empathy

20 Dec 2011Car heat can be a child death trap

17 Jan 2013Robots set to take revolutionary role

15 Jan 2013MBA students assist communities

17 Jan 2013Healthy wallaby mums show bias for boys

14 Jan 2013What future Australian content?

14 Jan 2013New prestigious scholarships awarded

10 Jan 2013Diplomatic tango with North Korea

07 Jan 2013To states' critics: don't wish too hard

08 Jan 2013Bushfire underinsurance risk

07 Jan 2013How movie accents make us snobs

03 Jan 2013Australia's unusual species

19 Dec 2012Lin Crase to focus on water research

21 Dec 2012Arabs in France in the Early 19th Century [MP3]

21 Dec 2012How the Franklin protesters won fight

20 Dec 2012Diet, obesity and Alzheimer's linked?

17 Dec 2012Reflections on outcomes: COP18 wraps up.

17 Dec 2012Business, Economics and Law now third

17 Dec 2012Without a god, we need a mythical mate

19 Dec 2012VC’s Excellence and Access Scholarships

14 Dec 2012'A cry from the heart' report from COP18

17 Dec 201210 million LTU on iTunes U downloads

14 Dec 2012Savanna Fire Management Initiative COP18

13 Dec 2012Where is the leadership at COP18?

13 Dec 2012Australian Delegation at COP18

14 Dec 2012Accounting for non-profit organisations [MP3]

14 Feb 2013New research gives hope to agriculture

12 Dec 2012"Horstory" Hooves and Steel

11 Dec 2012The future of food, nutrition and health

11 Dec 2012A profile of A. D. Trendall [MP3]

11 Dec 2012North Korea's next rocket launch

11 Dec 2012Health experts excluded from trade talks

10 Dec 2012COP18 Blog: Expectations.

10 Dec 2012COP18 Blog: The youth on climate change.

06 Dec 2012Democracy in a state of emergency

07 Dec 2012Excellence in Asian Studies recognised

07 Dec 2012Mathematics and music [MP3]

07 Dec 2012The Legacy of Arthur Dale Trendall

06 Dec 2012La Trobe third for research in Victoria

05 Dec 2012La Trobe Law School – 20 years of achievement

06 Dec 2012California’s gay therapy challenged

06 Dec 2012Creative writing students at La Trobe win national accolades

05 Dec 2012Doha COP18 blog: The diversity of action

03 Dec 2012'Arabs. Time to Lead.' Blog 5 from COP18

04 Dec 2012In conversation with Kiran Bedi [MP3]

04 Dec 2012Time to bring Fiji in from the cold?

04 Dec 2012'Diamond' cancer research

03 Dec 2012Day 3 blog : COP18 with Simon Molesworth

23 Nov 2012Positive feedback for student projects

06 Dec 2012Stunning Omani artefacts on display at La Trobe University

30 Nov 2012Studying brain disease using dictyostelium [MP3]

29 Nov 2012Reports from COP18 climate change talks

29 Nov 2012Simon Molesworth blogs from COP18: Doha

30 Nov 2012Pick your side and get outside

30 Nov 2012Let's not forget the basin plan story

28 Nov 2012It's on, and on, and ennui go

27 Nov 2012The art of the abandoned [MP3]

23 Nov 2012Is Catalonia closer to independence?

22 Nov 2012Alumnus nominated for Human Rights Medal

22 Nov 2012Reading and the new media revolution

22 Nov 2012Change put on hold in Nazarbayev’s Kazakhstan

20 Nov 2012Tourism in Australia [MP3]

21 Nov 2012Rudd and Turnbull won't enhance debate

20 Nov 2012Graduates at cutting edge of art

16 Nov 2012Women in Australian pubs [MP3]

16 Nov 2012Expert to talk youth mental health

16 Nov 2012‘Diamonds on the Inside’ for cancer care

15 Nov 2012Eminent economist heading to Shepparton

15 Nov 2012University message heads to regional Vic

14 Nov 2012Dignitaries talk regional art

14 Nov 2012Welcome boost in major research funds

14 Nov 2012Research tip for timber industry

13 Nov 2012Cataloguing plant species [MP3]

13 Nov 2012An anthropologist’s toolkit revealed

13 Nov 2012Will China have a minority president?

12 Nov 2012Literature course returns to iTunes U

12 Nov 2012Australia and Obama's return

08 Nov 2012Students win AMP University Challenge

09 Nov 2012Manipulating the molecules of life [MP3]

09 Nov 2012Obama Wins: Dissecting the 2012 Election [MP3]

08 Nov 2012Exclusive business degree for Bendigo

06 Nov 2012Kids Smart ads are not so smart

06 Nov 2012Beat the odds in cup day betting

05 Nov 2012IT Literacy program helpful in community

06 Nov 2012Just what the Government ordered

31 Oct 2012Research to probe lone wolf terrorists

31 Oct 2012Women dominate in maths and stats

30 Oct 2012Video game helps teach science and math

29 Oct 2012German austerity is not the answer

30 Oct 2012Thinking differently about rural health

26 Oct 2012How centenarians age gracefully

26 Oct 2012Archaeology in Cyprus [MP3]

26 Oct 2012Who was the real debate winner? [MP3]

29 Oct 2012Sex education needs to begin earlier

26 Oct 2012Cancer fight one step closer to success

23 Oct 2012Accounting workshops power up young minds

23 Oct 2012The 7arakat Conference Nov 2&3

26 Oct 2012Protecting the air we breathe

23 Oct 2012Looking to our future

25 Oct 2012 The university experience then and now

19 Oct 2012International students in the spotlight

18 Oct 2012On economics and politics [MP3]

19 Oct 2012Research: Siblings need help too

19 Oct 2012Anti-Poverty Week at the Mildura campus

25 Oct 2012Barriers for non-English speakers

17 Oct 2012Highlights of the FM Courtis Collection

16 Oct 2012He's my mother

16 Oct 2012Warning signs

16 Oct 2012Students make arresting case on research

15 Oct 2012Islam part of Australian history

15 Oct 2012Managing opioid induced constipation

12 Oct 2012Pre VP debate and the Indian perspective [MP3]

11 Oct 2012Changes to Autism diagnostic definitions

11 Oct 201240 years at La Trobe

10 Oct 2012The Australian media and China [MP3]

10 Oct 2012Mathematician receives prestigious award

09 Oct 2012Anti-blasphemy laws

08 Oct 2012First Presidential debate recap [MP3]

12 Sep 2012Universities, challenged

08 Oct 2012Bendigo student wins free accommodation

05 Oct 2012Bendigo to plug into world congress

05 Oct 2012Academic made Nanofabrication fellow

04 Oct 2012Why Human Security Matters book launch

04 Oct 2012Planning students travel to Trentham

03 Oct 2012The U.S. Election looms

02 Oct 2012Famed marketing academic visits La Trobe

01 Oct 2012Child Aware Approaches Program

01 Oct 2012Emeritus Professor Nancy F Millis AC

28 Sep 2012The study of languages [MP3]

28 Sep 2012National park tourism developments

12 Sep 2012RU486 and the TGA saga

01 Oct 2012Life-changing experience for students

27 Sep 2012New technology set to save lives

26 Sep 2012The cost of water and quality of life

26 Sep 2012Social media and same-sex marriage

24 Sep 2012Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations

21 Sep 2012Pliny the Elder [MP3]

20 Sep 2012Staff cited for outstanding contribution

20 Sep 2012Leaked videos and the Chinese perspective [MP3]

20 Sep 2012The business of study in Indonesia

25 Oct 2012School type points to uni performance

19 Sep 2012Early diagnosis for foot posture

18 Sep 2012How Australian women won the vote [MP3]

18 Sep 2012Religious leaders hold press conference

18 Sep 2012Take a hike

17 Sep 2012Chinese Moon Festival plans

14 Sep 2012Intimate partner violence against women [MP3]

14 Sep 2012Public lecture on new ambulance stations

13 Sep 2012The legal use of body tissue [MP3]

13 Sep 2012Beagley and the bloggers hit the books

12 Sep 2012Brazil’s Ambassador to Australia

12 Sep 2012Essay prize challenge

14 Sep 2012Public Lecture: Growing Pains

11 Sep 2012Mr Malthouse continues role at La Trobe

11 Sep 2012Shepparton students get Big Break

10 Sep 2012Cubbie Station recent sale

10 Sep 2012U.S. politics experts ready to comment

10 Sep 2012Tyre pressure station lowers emissions

12 Sep 2012Bendigo institution’s past and future

07 Sep 2012Living wage central to our self-respect

06 Sep 2012La Trobe in Human Rights Moot Finals

06 Sep 2012Arab spring, Salafi winter?

06 Sep 2012Questions of equity

04 Sep 2012Reporting the election numbers [MP3]

04 Sep 2012Project hope to grant one child a wish

21 Aug 2012Labor and Greens – enemies or friends?

03 Sep 2012What Mitt could do to us

31 Aug 2012Pressure to raise the 'perfect child' [MP3]

30 Aug 2012Time for new approach to HIV prevention

29 Aug 2012Stylets best when breathing stops

29 Aug 2012Pacific Islands Forum needs to reaffirm

29 Aug 2012Plant Science subject now on iTunes U

28 Aug 2012Open Day 2012

28 Aug 2012Research project on pets and the elderly

28 Aug 2012How antennas work [MP3]

28 Aug 2012Bouverie Centre Research Report Launch

27 Aug 2012Unbalanced view on autism research aired

19 Apr 2012Outstanding Mildura students recognised

23 Aug 2012Paul Ryan's VP nomination [MP3]

23 Aug 2012Safety measure for rail crossings

23 Aug 2012Professor Meg Morris joins La Trobe

23 Aug 2012Dr Sue Shepherd joins La Trobe

23 Aug 2012Work experience by degrees

22 Aug 2012 Crikey what a partnership!

20 Aug 2012Examining the news and lack there of

20 Aug 2012New appointment for La Trobe

20 Aug 2012Ancient Romans and 'outsiders' [MP3]

20 Aug 2012La Trobe Business School unveils new MBA

29 Aug 2012Bendigo represented in 'olympics'

15 Aug 2012Necessary change for a stronger future

17 Aug 2012La Trobe opens doors to community

16 Aug 20122012 GS Watson Annual Lecture

15 Aug 2012Projections of future climate change

15 Aug 2012Get the facts on the HUSS restructure

14 Aug 2012Murray-Darling Plan heads to Parliament

14 Aug 2012Election 2012 is coming [MP3]

14 Aug 2012Transcript

14 Aug 2012Sports Economics subject on iTunes U

15 Aug 2012Bailout hopes could hit Berlin Wall

10 Aug 2012Fiction for Young Adults subject online

10 Aug 2012La Trobe students enriched by India trip

10 Aug 2012What is the future of communication?

27 Jan 2012Towards earlier diagnosis for autism

10 Aug 2012Festival book launch a class effort

06 Aug 2012Using animals for research

03 Aug 2012ASEAN-Australia Youth Summit

03 Aug 2012Chinese in the Bendigo goldfields [MP3]

03 Aug 2012Transcript

02 Aug 2012Shepparton LRHS accommodation

02 Aug 2012Mildura LRHS accommodation opens

02 Aug 2012The Roman World launched on iTunes U

01 Aug 2012Arid zone ecology

10 Aug 2012Students, families celebrate success

30 Jul 2012Bouverie Centre's new resource kit

30 Jul 2012World Hepatitis Day

27 Jul 2012Waiting for Her Majesty to die

27 Jul 2012Transcript

27 Jul 2012Organisational capacity [MP3]

26 Jul 2012Shepparton accounting student wins prize

26 Jul 2012Olympics not a weight debate

25 Jul 2012A long jump forward

25 Jul 2012Cadetships open for application

26 Jul 2012Secuirty 'no shows' a blessing

23 Jul 2012Oil for lives?

23 Jul 2012Mediterranean diet improves health

23 Jul 2012La Trobe welcomes Ms Sheila O’Sullivan

25 Jul 2012Improving regional lives by degrees

20 Jul 2012Transcript

20 Jul 2012The Mediterranian diet [MP3]

20 Jul 2012New resource for high school students

20 Jul 2012Liam Lenten's 'Some Sports Economics'

20 Jul 2012Thinking outside the box

18 Jul 2012How the humanities may again inspire

16 Jul 2012Mexico's presidential elections

16 Jul 2012Pathways to a better death

16 Jul 2012GP's lack of knowledge in contraception

13 Jul 2012Environmental refugees

13 Jul 2012Transcript

13 Jul 2012Internationalising sports management [MP3]

10 Jul 2012La Trobe signs MOU with Kabul University

09 Jul 2012Interview with Brian Schmidt [MP3]

04 Jul 2012Mid-year entry ‘changed my life’

06 Jul 2012Pilots’ charity flight to be recognised

03 Jul 2012La Trobe Judicial Mentoring Program

04 Jul 2012Does $10,000 guitar sound better than $300?

02 Jul 2012International politics of climate change

02 Jul 2012Modern medicine and patients' well being

29 Jun 20122012 Mid-Year Entry Shepparton

29 Jun 2012Transcript

29 Jun 2012How the Carbon Tax works [MP3]

29 Jun 2012Forum to discuss food futures

28 Jun 2012Misconduct and responsibility in class

28 Jun 2012Contextualising law for over 25 years

28 Jun 2012Female leaders in Australian sport

28 Jun 2012Suicide and workplace bullying

28 Jun 2012NDIS: A step out of the dark

28 Jun 2012Carbon tax a job half done

27 Jun 2012Auditor General to chair advisory board

27 Jun 2012Short term homes needed for academics

29 Jun 2012Faculty dean heading to Bendigo

26 Jun 2012From Melbourne to Wodonga to Canberra

26 Jun 2012Safety, ageism and consensual sex

26 Jun 2012Islamic Finance at La Trobe

25 Jun 2012Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

22 Jun 2012Australian Census and the elderly

22 Jun 2012Census data on same-sex couples

22 Jun 2012In2science

15 Jun 2012Research draws international interest

21 Jun 2012Proposed changes for HUSS

21 Jun 2012Farewell Mubarak?

20 Jun 2012It ain’t easy being Greek

19 Jun 2012Rio+20

19 Jun 2012Sex workers

19 Jun 2012Manipulating water prices

14 Jun 2012La Trobe and OurSay talk sustainability

19 Jun 2012Taking religion too literally a problem

15 Jun 2012How to be British in the 21st century

13 Jun 2012Post-grad courses offering flexibility

13 Jun 2012La Trobe loses David Mann

12 Jun 2012New Facebook page for faculty

06 Jun 2012We are drinking too much water

07 Jun 2012An exercise in elitism

04 Jun 2012Lies, dam lies and water plans

04 Jun 2012Have some guts and help the environment

29 May 2012EcoTrivia on World Environmental Day

31 May 2012Euro a catalyst for continent's decline

31 May 2012La Trobe wins international competition

01 Jun 2012New posts in Business and Law at Bendigo

01 Jun 2012City to hold writers festival

30 May 2012Under 50 and looking fabulous

30 May 2012Under 50 and looking fabulous

30 May 2012La Trobe takes on the AMP Challenge

29 May 2012Early exposure to language

30 May 2012Minister launches award winning program

28 May 2012Seeing Gonski in perspective

28 May 2012TAFE turns a blind eye to the deaf

30 May 2012Students to present planning proposals

25 May 2012Computational mathematics [MP3]

25 May 2012Transcript

15 May 2012Education and the struggle for equality

24 May 2012Ageing drivers: Live and let drive

24 May 2012Leading scientist heads to LIMS

23 May 20122012 National Sorry Day

15 May 2012Lisa Jacobson launches The Sunlit Zone

21 May 201260,000 subscribe to LTU iTunes U courses

21 May 2012Cancers and infections

18 May 2012Transcript

18 May 2012Greek burials in Sicily [MP3]

16 May 2012Is there any sincerity left in politics?

25 May 2012Student entry checks carry risks

11 May 2012Transcript

14 May 2012Unis attracting more low SES students

14 May 2012International video competition finalist

14 May 2012National Volunteers Week

14 May 2012A lesson in Islamic Finance on iTunes U

11 May 2012US elections and foreign policy

11 May 2012Will plain-packaging on cigarettes work? [MP3]

11 May 2012Strange bedfellows?

10 May 2012Obama speaks out on gay marriage

09 May 2012Events planning for a good cause

09 May 2012Bonegilla Migrant Experience Workshop

09 May 2012Reparative therapy

09 May 2012Islamic Finance in Australia

08 May 2012Transcript

08 May 2012Private Lives [MP3]

07 May 2012Climate change debate ‘mislabelled’

08 May 2012Gender equality and the law profession

07 May 2012France 2012

04 May 2012La Trobe University Conga for Congo

04 Apr 2012Annual sustainability report released

03 May 2012Victorian Confucius Institute contest

03 May 2012Belief and scepticism

03 May 2012Respite Care Consortium

20 Apr 2012America's worst mom heading to Australia

19 Apr 2012Why is the Labor Party in Crisis?

04 May 2012Celebration ahead for students

30 Apr 2012Labor's future might be with the greens

30 Apr 2012Europe yet to learn from its mistakes

27 Apr 2012What makes a classic children's book? [MP3]

27 Apr 2012Transcript

27 Apr 2012Sustainability Report wins another award

26 Apr 2012Plain packaging on cigarettes will work

26 Apr 2012La Trobe United through Football

24 Apr 2012French presidential elections

23 Apr 2012International uni sport curriculum

20 Apr 2012Hospital chaplains and organ donations [MP3]

20 Apr 2012Transcript

19 Apr 2012Students aim for a sustainable future

20 Apr 2012Penalty shoot-outs

19 Apr 2012Complementary medicines self-regulation

18 Apr 2012Highly regarded professor joins La Trobe

16 Apr 2012Hospital Chaplains

16 Apr 2012La Trobe and TAFE partner with MoU

12 Apr 2012Learning from North Korea's missile test

12 Apr 2012La Trobe mooting takes on the world

11 Apr 2012Transcript

11 Apr 2012The Myall Creek Massacre [MP3]

02 Apr 2012Private Lives 2

02 Apr 2012La Trobe explores financial markets

02 Apr 2012A Talk with Mick Malthouse [MP3]

02 Apr 2012Transcript

02 Apr 2012La Trobe means business on human rights

26 Mar 2012From Persia – with love

23 Mar 2012Think twice before knee surgery

23 Mar 2012Transcript

23 Mar 2012A Talk with Eric Beecher [MP3]

23 Mar 2012In conversation with Mick Malthouse

22 Mar 2012Country towns doing it for themselves

21 Mar 2012ICAA challenges La Trobe students

22 Mar 2012MPs need a lesson in values

21 Mar 2012PUBLIC SEMINAR: Business & Human Rights

22 Mar 2012Community Goals in the Digital Age

16 Mar 2012Pride Week 2012

19 Mar 2012Bullying in schools

16 Mar 2012Bendigo family's generous donation

16 Mar 2012New online physics course on iTunesU

15 Mar 2012Fossil discovery in Asia

15 Mar 2012Let the Skype incident rest

15 Mar 2012A Talk with Paul Ramadge [MP3]

15 Mar 2012Transcript

14 Mar 2012Academics as public intellectuals

13 Mar 2012Impact of GFC not over for Australia

12 Mar 2012Japan: On March 11 and the year after

06 Mar 2012Grant for La Trobe Rural Health School

09 Mar 2012No woman should 'miss' the world

08 Mar 2012Unearthed 2011: top archaeological finds [MP3]

08 Mar 2012Transcript

08 Mar 2012Coal delay for miners makes sense

07 Mar 2012VCE history workshop on China

06 Mar 2012La Trobe extends its Heart

06 Mar 2012Vice-Chancellor heads to Bendigo Campus

05 Mar 2012New book explores Australian psyche

05 Mar 2012Women’s day walk for missing millions

01 Mar 2012The future for newspapers in Australia

02 Mar 2012Wastewater knowledge in the dumps

01 Mar 2012History subject launched on iTunes U

29 Feb 2012Literature subject launched on iTunes U

29 Feb 2012Journalism subject launched on iTunes U

29 Feb 2012Degree of flexibility assists uni offers

29 Feb 2012La Trobe rates tops in student survey

29 Feb 2012Clean up La Trobe Day - 6 March

29 Feb 2012Optus called out stealing AFL broadcasts

28 Feb 2012Cloak of authority can be worn at last

24 Feb 2012OTs converge in Bendigo

24 Feb 2012The human right to water [MP3]

24 Feb 2012Transcript

24 Feb 2012The Gillard-Rudd confrontation

24 Feb 2012TGA reforms

23 Feb 2012Welcome for international students

21 Feb 2012Juggling uni, work and a broken foot

20 Feb 2012Students develop iPad app

16 Feb 2012Post-grad nursing student receives award

22 Feb 2012La Trobe welcomes 1500 new students

15 Feb 2012Academia and experience

15 Feb 2012Helping students understand

15 Feb 2012Islamic Banking boosts career chances

10 Feb 2012MOU signed with Greening Australia

10 Feb 2012Student applauds new 'work ready' course

09 Feb 2012New head means business

03 Feb 2012Consumers and complementary medicines

09 Feb 2012Interns and the modern workplace

13 Dec 2011Advancing Sustainability - Symposium

06 Feb 2012Gillard displays grace under pressure

06 Feb 2012Rinehart is bad for climate coverage

07 Feb 2012Enrolment at Albury-Wodonga

03 Feb 2012Dog attacks can be avoided with care

03 Feb 2012The Australian whaling industry [MP3]

03 Feb 2012Transcript

31 Jan 2012Psychology student numbers on the rise

31 Jan 2012Residential College Life

02 Feb 2012Info night for mature age study

30 Jan 2012Germans can't keep paying for Europe

17 Jan 2012Homosexual: A literary milestone

27 Jan 2012Uni student excels

25 Jan 2012 Sex and baby boomers

25 Jan 2012Use it or lose it

25 Jan 2012Australia's first courses on iTunes U

24 Jan 2012Australia Day and racism

24 Jan 2012Transcript

24 Jan 2012Voting biases in music polls [MP3]

24 Jan 2012Why Rudd's return is Labor's only chance

20 Jan 2012Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation [MP3]

20 Jan 2012Transcript

20 Jan 2012Triple J Hottest 100 decoded?

19 Jan 2012Tops for student demand

19 Jan 2012Antarctica is no place for politicking

11 Oct 2011Advancing Sustainability - Forum

17 Jan 2012Transcript

17 Jan 2012Finding truth in biblical narratives [MP3]

18 Jan 2012La Trobe Bendigo continues strong growth

10 May 2012La Trobe leads demand for uni places

16 Jan 2012John Dewar starts as Vice-Chancellor

02 Dec 2011No 2012 apocalypse - die another day

18 Jan 2012Vic disaster response system world class

14 Feb 2012Sports stadium disasters

13 Jan 2012Welcoming the new Vice-Chancellor [MP3]

13 Jan 2012Transcript

12 Jan 2012US election race baffles the punters

12 Jan 2012Legal eagles drink to a mouse

10 Jan 2012Vale: Sir Archibald Glenn, OBE

09 Jan 2012AFL expansion to change sport landscape

09 Jan 2012Multiculturalism in Australia [MP3]

09 Jan 2012Transcript

16 Dec 2011FLM begins new era as FBEL

05 Jan 2012Tolerance should extend to cults

03 Jan 2012Labor seeks compromise on asylum seekers

13 Jan 2012Why Fiji has moved on

22 Dec 2011Transcript

22 Dec 201172 is the new 65 [MP3]

21 Dec 2011Australia-bound from Germany - by kayak

22 Dec 2011Planning needed for dementia patients

22 Dec 2011Local nurse practitioners to be studied

22 Dec 2011Breastfeeding on the increase

20 Dec 2011A nation teeters on precipice

20 Dec 2011La Trobe wins VicHealth grants

20 Dec 2011Moot Competition finalists

16 Dec 2011HPV vaccine recommended for young men

16 Dec 2011Patronages: the funding of culture and progress [MP3]

16 Dec 2011Transcript

16 Dec 2011Twenty something women most tattooed

16 Dec 2011Far-right terrorism

15 Dec 2011Legal processes and disability

27 May 2011Islamic finance makes its mark

14 Dec 2011Student TV series 'Real' hits Channel 31

13 Dec 2011Students tutor in secondary schools

13 Dec 2011The negative-sum choice

14 Dec 2011'Frustrated rock star' wins award

12 Dec 2011Europe united in a failed experiment

12 Dec 2011The social impact of sport [MP3]

12 Dec 2011Transcript

08 Dec 2011La Trobe boosts partnerships with India

08 Dec 2011Music, mud and gastro

06 Dec 2011Live Blogging from COP17.

06 Dec 2011ABC to run Australia Network

09 Dec 2011Online photojournalism student excels

05 Dec 2011What's wrong with a conscience vote?

05 Dec 2011Crying Wolf comes at a risk

02 Dec 2011The Great Melbourne Telescope [MP3]

02 Dec 2011Transcript

09 Nov 2011Confucius Institute launch at La Trobe

01 Dec 2011Programmed cell death – from biology to therapy

01 Dec 2011Why Labor's not working

01 Dec 2011Lessons from the history of HIV/AIDS

01 Dec 2011Roll up, roll up!

30 Nov 2011Ngarrapna Indigenous Education Unit

29 Nov 2011Transcript

29 Nov 2011Understanding cell death in plants [MP3]

29 Nov 2011John Richards Initiative Symposium

10 Nov 2011Improving climate change reportage

01 Dec 2011Uni Bridges Orientation

15 Nov 2011Annual education conference

28 Nov 2011Fixing water problems ‘once and for all’

28 Nov 2011Indonesian Business Study Tour

25 Nov 2011Transcript

25 Nov 2011Our earliest ancestors [MP3]

16 Nov 2011The Great Melbourne Telescope

22 Nov 2011Transcript

22 Nov 2011Political turmoil in Greece [MP3]

22 Nov 2011Writers discuss Melbourne literature

18 Nov 2011The remix culture [MP3]

18 Nov 2011Transcript

18 Nov 2011Investigating Putin’s dark side

18 Nov 2011Talk is cheap

17 Nov 2011Education policy and bullying in schools

16 Nov 2011AFL players - their age matters

15 Nov 2011Transcript

15 Nov 2011AIDS activism in Australia [MP3]

16 Nov 2011Shaun Tan to present public lecture

16 Nov 2011Communities take charge of power

11 Nov 2011Transcript

08 Nov 2011National Recycling Week BBQ

09 Nov 2011Domestic gardens can improve wellbeing

08 Nov 2011Graduate awarded Rotary scholarship

08 Nov 2011Greece hangs in the balance

08 Nov 2011Transcript

08 Nov 2011The Arab revolution [MP3]

08 Nov 2011 Australian perspectives on gay marriage

07 Nov 2011Mark Amerika lecture on remix culture

07 Nov 2011What’s a scientist, a poker or a puffin?

07 Nov 2011 What Qantas should do (and not do) next

04 Nov 2011Transcript

04 Nov 2011Child body image development [MP3]

02 Nov 2011The forgotten women of war and peace

02 Nov 2011HPV vaccination for boys and young men

01 Nov 2011Qantas in the air again

31 Oct 2011Food shortages and plant genes

31 Oct 2011Kissgate

29 Oct 2011Hope beckons in Turkey

28 Oct 2011Vitamins and supplements [MP3]

27 Oct 2011Trans Pacific Partnership Agreements

27 Oct 2011Students enriched by leadership and volunteer work

03 Nov 2011Pharmacy student group suprise pay out

05 Apr 2013Mud power: making electricty from waste

25 Oct 2011Grant for pulmonary fibrosis research

24 Oct 2011Safe sex for baby boomers

24 Oct 2011 La Trobe NHMRC research awards

21 Oct 2011Big FAT Ideas videos now live

21 Oct 2011Academic on prominent ICAA panel

21 Oct 2011Expanding the nursing profession

21 Oct 2011Transcript

21 Oct 2011Right-brain teaching is half-witted [MP3]

21 Oct 2011Food, drugs and diseases that changed history

20 Oct 2011 The Auslan Corpus Project

27 Oct 2011Local projects must get slice of Clean Energy Fund

19 Oct 2011Women and their resistance to disease

18 Oct 2011La Trobe academic nominated by Finsia

19 Oct 2011La Trobe recognises student’s enrichment

18 Oct 2011La Trobe Safety Patrol

18 Oct 2011Aged care and untrained staff

18 Oct 2011The elite in Europe are living a lie

20 Oct 2011La Trobe Safety Patrol Bendigo

20 Oct 2011Bursary opens up opportunity

14 Oct 2011Transcript

14 Oct 2011Australian women and their gardens [MP3]

13 Oct 2011Incentives needed for Latin lesson

11 Oct 2011Religion and development

11 Oct 2011The Gospel of Barnabas [MP3]

11 Oct 2011Transcript

11 Oct 2011Australia in Asia

11 Oct 2011New robot siblings arrive at La Trobe

10 Oct 2011MCHR celebrates 20 years with conference

10 Oct 2011LTU Albury-Wodonga 20th Anniversary

07 Oct 2011Transcript

07 Oct 2011A talk with Luisa Etxenike [MP3]

07 Oct 2011Apple loses its 'i'

06 Oct 2011Colour, culture and freedom of identity

06 Oct 2011Plastic pollution threat to seabirds

06 Oct 2011The Pharmacy Guild and Blackmores

06 Oct 2011La Trobe University Alumni Lecture

30 Sep 2011Transcript

04 Oct 2011Team La Trobe goes Around the Bay

03 Oct 2011United Nations internship for Law student

06 Oct 2011Top 100 articles list nears completion

04 Oct 20119/11 and the Lone Wolf Terrorist [MP3]

04 Oct 2011La Trobe takes another national award

03 Oct 2011Canadian graduates sworn in to practice

03 Oct 2011Andrew Bolt and the right to free speech

22 Sep 2011La Trobe MBA ranked in top 100

22 Sep 2011The asylum seeker crisis: where to now?

21 Oct 2011Right-brain teaching is half-witted

30 Sep 2011Behind the Curtain: their human face

30 Sep 2011La Trobe takes the lead

05 Oct 2011Behind the Curtain: Their Human Face

29 Sep 2011Not all doom and gloom for regional communities

27 Sep 2011'Ban the Bottle' day 2011

28 Sep 2011La Trobe University's men soccer team

28 Sep 2011Hope in the asylum seeker policy?

28 Sep 2011Monetary unity comes at vast cost

28 Sep 2011Guy Fawkes epic fail

27 Sep 2011Transcript

27 Sep 2011Ancient wallaby protein is a powerful antibiotic [MP3]

05 Oct 2011La Trobe University and Chisolm Institute announce partnership

29 Sep 2011Refurbished gallery showcases international artworks

23 Sep 2011Transcript

23 Sep 2011How 9/11 is Reflected in Journalism [MP3]

23 Sep 2011Sustainability in KL panel discussion

23 Sep 2011Study: No legroom to AFL travel concerns

21 Sep 2011Transcript

22 Sep 2011Economics of everyday life [MP3]

21 Sep 2011New book on gay activism and HIV/AIDS

21 Sep 2011New University wide mentoring program

19 Sep 2011Human Resource degree recognised

19 Sep 20112011 Dean’s Public Lecture

19 Sep 2011The Palestinian-Israeli dispute

16 Sep 2011John Richards Initiative Roundtable

16 Sep 2011Music, mud and gastro—not a good mix

16 Sep 2011Transcript

16 Sep 2011How 9/11 influenced politics [MP3]

16 Sep 2011Trade talks and access to medicines

16 Sep 2011Public health at risk in trade talks

15 Sep 2011La Trobe forges positive links with India

15 Sep 2011International Islamic Finance conference

12 Sep 2011Budding journalists to interview sports stars

13 Sep 2011La Trobe sets up Confucius Institute

21 Sep 2011Behind the Curtain: A Big Ben point of view

09 Sep 2011How 9/11 effected dialogue [MP3]

09 Sep 2011Transcript

08 Sep 2011La Trobe Law student is all Heart

08 Sep 2011Gay marriage, fatherhood and riots?

07 Sep 2011Outlaws mean big business for tourism

08 Sep 2011Food for smiling program encourages healthy eating in pre-school children

02 Sep 2011History of the youth climate movement

05 Sep 2011New Wodonga Student Accommodation

05 Sep 2011Leon Gettler ponders the imponderable

05 Sep 2011La Trobe sponsors Victorian Sport Awards

05 Sep 2011Bad News: Rupert Murdoch's Australian [MP3]

05 Sep 2011Bitterness makes the heart grow sicker

05 Sep 2011Fall in AFL attendances explainable

05 Sep 2011The demise of the Malaysian Solution

02 Sep 2011New program to prevent student dropouts

01 Sep 20112011 Lunchtime Discussion Series

01 Sep 2011Project to explore rural older people's views on social participation

31 Aug 2011‘Super’ funding challenge for science

30 Aug 2011Unique opportunity for IT students

30 Aug 2011Aged care facilities need relationships

30 Aug 2011Managing for climate change online

01 Sep 2011Successful podiatry course strenghtened as new lecturer steps forward

25 Feb 2011LIMS construction begins at La Trobe

26 Aug 2011Transcript

26 Aug 2011Batavia: Australia's darkest tale [MP3]

26 Aug 2011Packaging legislation a much needed win

25 Aug 2011National Parks and private enterprise

25 Aug 2011La Trobe opens doors to community

25 Aug 2011Another state-wide win for Bendigo pharmacy students

24 Aug 2011Tuna or not tuna?

23 Aug 2011Climate change: science, society and us

22 Aug 2011Transcript

22 Aug 2011City planning in Australia [MP3]

22 Aug 2011Council appoints new Vice-Chancellor

18 Aug 2011Exhibition explores interaction with nature

17 Aug 2011Open Day and Wodonga Sustainability Fair

16 Aug 2011Transcript

16 Aug 2011Emotionally intelligent technology [MP3]

16 Aug 2011Manga at La Trobe University

16 Aug 2011La Trobe offering courses on iTunesU

15 Aug 2011Law graduate’s compassion rewarded

15 Aug 2011Annual Hartung Youth Lecture

15 Aug 2011Indigenous family therapy graduates

12 Aug 2011The Malaysia solution

12 Aug 2011MBA Student at Daimler World Dialogue

12 Aug 2011Eureka Prizes – the People’s Choice

12 Aug 2011Transcript

11 Aug 2011Sustainability Report wins award

10 Aug 2011The Trobers AFL grand final

10 Aug 2011Pride week at La Trobe

10 Aug 2011Alumni Awards for achievement

10 Aug 2011The Basin Plan Who Needs It?

10 Aug 2011Breastfeeding friendly workplace

25 Aug 2011Behind the curtain lecture series: Through Ella's Eyes

08 Aug 2011Accolade for human rights accounting

08 Aug 2011Provisions may limit protection

08 Aug 2011Rural and regional education gap

05 Aug 2011Transcript

05 Aug 2011Prosthetics and orthotics [MP3]

05 Aug 2011Government and the central banks

04 Aug 2011Reducing the risk of HIV transmission

03 Aug 2011Australia's burqa fallacy

03 Aug 2011Law and Management honour their finest

03 Aug 2011Lunchtime sustainability seminars

11 Aug 2011Contemporary frontiers in statistics

11 Aug 2011High achievers recognised

01 Aug 2011Alternatives to detention

29 Jul 2011Transcript

29 Jul 2011Marine archaeology [MP3]

28 Jul 2011Why we need ‘The New Statistics’

28 Jul 2011‘Zombie’ enzyme key to better crops

18 Jul 2011Global warming: Tim Flannery

27 Jul 2011Lecturer wins award for innovation

27 Jul 2011Hepatitis C study seeks more volunteers

27 Jul 2011La Trobe responds to business and students needs

27 Jul 2011Murray-Darling Basin plan economics

26 Jul 2011Research innovation focus in Vietnam

26 Jul 2011Rail Trails boosting Victoria’s tourism

27 Jul 2011Mums invited to have photo taken

25 Jul 2011What makes a ‘lone wolf’ terrorist?

25 Jul 2011Centre for Dialogue annual lecture

25 Jul 2011Sports betting

27 Jul 2011Bendigo Honours student wins national nursing award

22 Jul 2011Corporate governance 101

22 Jul 2011Murdoch crisis: the end of an empire?

22 Jul 2011Transcript

22 Jul 2011A Talk with Mark Scott [MP3]

21 Jul 2011ACTU President to talk on climate change

21 Jul 2011New recruitment pathways

21 Jul 2011Kiss of Life or Kiss of Death?

19 Jul 2011Do the right thing, use the right bin

19 Jul 2011How Australians use hypocoristics [MP3]

18 Jul 2011The breastfeeding experience

15 Jul 2011Transcript

15 Jul 2011The rise of digital journalism [MP3]

15 Jul 2011Award for carbon reduction technology

15 Jul 2011Insights into global warming

15 Jul 2011Sri Lankan star wins best paper award

15 Jul 2011Sugar cane waste to fight obesity?

14 Jul 2011Students ‘stand out’ against homophobia

13 Jul 2011Ovarian cancer campaigns need rethink

13 Jul 2011Transcript

13 Jul 2011Protecting ocean life [MP3]

13 Jul 2011Child body image development

12 Jul 2011Australia’s first Islamic banking course recognised by ALTC

12 Jul 2011Bogong Moth gets the ‘all clear’

12 Jul 2011Timetables, hard to read, hard to build

12 Jul 2011The theory of evolution

08 Jul 2011Transcript

08 Jul 2011The naked love theory [MP3]

08 Jul 2011Exercise for people with cerebral palsy

08 Jul 2011La Trobe wins Southern University Games – again

07 Jul 2011Cultural support for AFL players lacking

06 Jul 2011IT cadetships at major firms on offer

05 Jul 2011Asian democracy crusades take root

07 Jul 2011Climate think tank to help businesses

07 Jul 2011Sweden bound scholars

01 Jul 2011Transcript

01 Jul 2011Aust and Sri Lanka agreement world first

01 Jul 2011Impact of the minimum wage

01 Jul 2011Industrial relations and Fair Work?

29 Jun 2011FLM academics receive ALTC citations

29 Jun 2011Parents urged to talk soon, talk often

01 Jul 2011Dental students make difference in Nepal

28 Jun 2011Florence Nightingale Medal recipient

28 Jun 2011Insight for new malaria treatment

28 Jun 2011How Scientology works [MP3]

24 Jun 2011Transcript

24 Jun 2011A new approach to learning spaces

24 Jun 2011China Health Program graduates

23 Jun 2011E-mail ethics and the sensible teacher

22 Jun 2011The economics of kindergarten

21 Jun 2011Transcript

21 Jun 2011Bronze age burials in Cyprus [MP3]

21 Jun 2011Lecturer wins fund Fellowship

21 Jun 2011Obama’s Middle East peace initiative

20 Jun 2011Podiatry support crucial to prevent falls

17 Jun 2011Transcript

17 Jun 2011Fair Share [MP3]

17 Jun 2011Syrian revolution aflame as West ponders

17 Jun 2011Student group fundraiser for Autism and Multiple Sclerosis

16 Jun 2011Global impact of Victorian bushfires

16 Jun 2011Students get a world-wide lesson in city planning

16 Jun 2011Volcanic smoke not alone at stratospheric heights

15 Jun 2011New insight into Dispute Resolution Law

15 Jun 2011How to snare your local bloke

15 Jun 2011New reproductive laws still discriminatory

14 Jun 2011Transcript

14 Jun 2011The origins of Australian slang [MP3]

09 Jun 2011Merits of the Schwab AFL plan

08 Jun 2011La Trobe mooting team makes final rounds

07 Jun 2011Laurens Tan in Bendigo

07 Jun 2011Transcript

07 Jun 2011Authenticity in Shakespeare [MP3]

06 Jun 2011Awards night a great success

06 Jun 2011Dropping 'acknowledge country' protocol

03 Jun 2011Transcript

03 Jun 2011Migration and the gold rush [MP3]

03 Jun 2011Caffeine the hallucinogen?

02 Jun 2011Free uni courses reach all walks of life

02 Jun 2011La Trobe champions student success

31 May 2011PhD graduate uncovers Mildura’s history

01 Jun 2011Thesis Eleven events begin

01 Jun 2011Top ten list of new species

30 May 2011School sex education a yawning gap

27 May 2011La Trobe Australian History Collection

27 May 2011Sports betting puts youngsters at risk

27 May 2011Student mentor supports young scientists

25 May 2011New research findings

25 May 2011La Trobe raises world leaders

25 May 2011FBEL achieves prestigious EPAS accreditation

25 May 2011Graduation day in Mildura

26 May 2011From Alice Springs and Hobart to Bendigo

24 May 2011Common currency is killing Europe

24 May 2011Law should work for innovation

23 May 2011Ideas & Society: Does Wikileaks matter?

23 May 2011The Naked Love Theory

20 May 2011Transcript

20 May 2011Frogs and tadpoles [MP3]

19 May 2011Albury-Wodonga students lead the way

19 May 2011"Knights" or "Knaves"

19 May 2011First recipients of SARRAH scholarships

26 May 2011ALBOE: A Little Bit of Everything

19 May 2011Need to address IT graduates shortage

17 May 2011PhD student Robyn Sampson presents study

17 May 2011Transcript

17 May 2011Obama vs Osama [MP3]

16 May 2011Transcript

17 May 2011The origins of Café Direct [MP3]

16 May 2011Jump-start your university studies

16 May 2011CSIRO scholarship awarded to PhD student

13 May 2011Sexuality education in primary schools [MP3]

12 May 2011Regional processing or trading refugees?

12 May 2011Asylum deal shameful and inhumane

11 May 2011Celebrating International Nurses Day

17 May 2011Behind the Curtain: Knowledge is Power

13 May 2011Law graduate receives Chief Justice honour

13 May 2011Raising the profile of science and maths

10 May 2011Financial results show solid progress

06 May 20112011 Dean's Lecture in Bendigo

06 May 2011La Trobe addresses gender gaps

06 May 2011Transcript

06 May 2011The power of alternative media [MP3]

09 May 2011Courtney Boyd wins $45,000 scholarship

03 May 2011Osama bin Laden

03 May 2011University achieves 11% energy decrease

19 May 2011Graduations more than piece of paper

02 May 2011Transcript

02 May 2011Saving rural health services [MP3]

29 Apr 2011Dental expansion brings regional smiles

03 May 2011New project for the Bouverie Centre

03 May 2011Borchardt Library extends its hours

28 Apr 2011Bendigo preschoolers' art on worldstage

21 Apr 2011Transcript

21 Apr 2011The history of Gallipoli [MP3]

21 Apr 2011Multiculturalism is back

19 Apr 2011Experts debate the latest in finance

15 Apr 2011Beyond homophobia [MP3]

15 Apr 2011Sustainable Sunraysia, fact or fiction?

15 Apr 2011Housing choice for people with disabilities

18 Apr 2011Completing clutch of La Trobe degrees

03 May 2011Student awarded unique opportunity

14 Apr 2011Public Health seminar

14 Apr 2011Behind the Curtain: Freedom's Undead

13 Apr 2011The Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan [MP3]

12 Apr 2011Transcript

14 Apr 20112011 Bendigo Careers Expo

28 Apr 2011Families affected by bullying too

11 Apr 2011Achilles pain study offers relief

11 Apr 2011A farcical election campaign

28 Apr 2011Research to stop cancer regrowth

13 Apr 2012Volunteer ambos vital

14 Apr 2011Bendigo PhD candidate wins AHPA Vic Post Grad Student of the Year

07 Apr 2011La Trobe postgrads feature in festival

07 Apr 2011Power plays and price war

06 Apr 2011La Trobe releases sustainability report

07 Apr 2011Making Connections

05 Apr 2011Aboriginal students' school shock

04 Apr 2011Critical forum on disability

04 Apr 2011Older women a Wii bit happier

04 Apr 2011Outdated laws lag behind medicine

01 Apr 2011Transcript

01 Apr 2011Religious harmony in Australia [MP3]

01 Apr 2011Local student receives research grant

01 Apr 2011Paul Johnson to resign end of 2011

31 Mar 2011Smart-card to curb childhood obesity?

31 Mar 2011Trigger for tumour protein discovered

31 Mar 2011International students get a local taste

31 Mar 2011Wear blue for Autism

30 Mar 2011Aflockalypse now?

30 Mar 2011Japan’s fatigued corporate culture

01 Apr 2011'Gay cure' app is bent says expert

28 Mar 2011Animals in space! [MP3]

28 Mar 2011Transcript

31 Mar 2011Join 21 women in Japan on their journey

24 Mar 20112011 Worner Research Lecture – Bendigo campus

24 Mar 2011Kids become ‘Children of the Bush'

24 Mar 2011Treating addictions by treating spirit [MP3]

04 Apr 2011Pauline Tan offered prestigious award

23 Mar 2011Grand Prix alert

18 Mar 2011What is Labor's future?

22 Mar 2011Beechworth facilities to close

18 Mar 2011After the Dream - Transcript - After the Dream

24 Mar 2011Transcript

21 Mar 2011Transcript

18 Mar 2011Modern Men and Masculinity [MP3]

18 Mar 2011A cruel way to decide a grand final

16 Mar 2011Civil rights movement book released

17 Mar 2011Paramedics leader joins La Trobe

17 Mar 2011Feathers, Fur and Transgressive Desires

17 Mar 2011‘Senbazuru’

16 Mar 2011Transcript

16 Mar 2011Hot air already in carbon tax debate

17 Mar 2011Earthquake training centres in Japan

16 Mar 2011Julian Assange and Wikileaks [MP3]

09 Mar 2011Shepparton Arts Festival 2011

15 Mar 2011Matilda the robot can read emotions

15 Mar 2011‘Australian Social Work’ journal release

16 Mar 2011Keeping Australians on their feet

16 Mar 2011Economic silver lining for Japan?

17 Mar 2011Govt impact on regional sustainability

14 Mar 2011Strengthening ties with Vietnam

15 Mar 2011How Japan deals with a crisis

11 Mar 2011Tourism students raise $23,000

11 Mar 2011When problems are not addictions

10 Mar 2011World Social Work Day celebrations

10 Mar 2011New wheels reduce footprints

10 Mar 2011The education debate

10 Mar 2011The Body: Whole and Pieces (art exhibition)

09 Mar 2011Transcript

09 Mar 2011How lizards use signals [MP3]

07 Mar 2011Bollywood star to visit La Trobe

10 Mar 2011Students establish Sri Lankan connection

04 Mar 2011Transcript

04 Mar 2011The Future of Social Democracy [MP3]

04 Mar 2011A lousy summer threatens our health

08 Mar 2011Research looks at drop in maths take-up

03 Mar 2011The carbon tax debate heats up

03 Mar 2011Charlie Sheen and addiction

03 Mar 2011Why plain ciggy packets matter for kids

02 Mar 2011Why gay marriage?

02 Mar 2011Vitamin D deficiency in alpacas

01 Mar 2011Outreach chemistry program

10 Mar 2011La Trobe BSSC sign on dotted line

25 Feb 2011Study finds bunions more common in women

25 Feb 2011Research suggests new roles in health

25 Feb 2011Transcript

25 Feb 2011Sports journalism [MP3]

25 Feb 2011Students recieve awards

25 Feb 2011Mrs Sujatha Singh visits La Trobe

25 Feb 2011Mildura o-week

25 Feb 2011A big welcome to new students

25 Feb 2011Popular movements strengthen in Bahrain

24 Feb 2011Revolution? More like 'Rebelution'

22 Feb 2011iPad: The wonder tool of the noughties?

22 Feb 2011Keeping it clean

22 Feb 2011Divided by more than a common language

21 Feb 2011Professor Sandra Leggat releases study

21 Feb 2011La Trobe appoints new Chancellor

10 Mar 2011Official welcome for new students

18 Feb 2011Transcript

18 Feb 2011What makes a eunuch? [MP3]

28 Jan 2011Transcript

17 Feb 2011The Australian Sex Party [MP3]

16 Feb 2011Award of $66m building contract

16 Feb 2011Art in motion

15 Feb 2011Revolutions past and present

15 Feb 2011Why the PM can’t ignore global affairs

15 Feb 2011Options sought for Beechworth campus

15 Feb 2011Don's Party revisited

14 Feb 2011Indonesian aid a vital support

11 Feb 2011Transcript

11 Feb 2011Globalising education [MP3]

11 Feb 2011Climate Change and Sustainability Forum

11 Feb 2011Synchrotron science leadership

10 Feb 2011The Storm, Rebels and sponsorship

09 Feb 2011Alpine ecology course

17 Mar 2011Call for student accommodation

08 Feb 2011Bugs, bugs and more bugs

08 Feb 2011Oral health for babies

01 Feb 2011Leader in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

04 Feb 2011Transcript

04 Feb 2011Working with the Synchotron [MP3]

04 Feb 2011Thorpedo’s set to go swimmingly

04 Feb 2011David Tacey's new book launch

03 Feb 2011La Trobe in global plant study

03 Feb 2011The kindest cut of all?

01 Feb 2011Crayfish not an ‘easy feed’

28 Jan 2011Affected students given support

28 Jan 2011Rising China leaves millions behind

28 Jan 2011An Australia Day story

27 Jan 2011Grape crops suffer as result of floods

28 Jan 2011After the floods

25 Jan 2011Albury-Wodonga campus Enrolment Day 2011

25 Jan 2011Stuttering: Past and present

25 Jan 2011Finding the ideal learning conditions

25 Jan 2011Uni offers helping hand

21 Jan 2011Affected by floods? Help is available

21 Jan 2011Transcript

21 Jan 2011Bush fire research in the Mallee [MP3]

25 Jan 2011Accounting students get taste of work

19 Jan 2011Universities and competitive balance

18 Jan 2011Star supports Shepparton youth

18 Jan 2011Star supports Shepparton youth

19 Jan 2011More Year 12s want to study in Bendigo

18 Jan 2011VTAC first round offers

14 Jan 2011Transcript

14 Jan 2011Art at La Trobe [MP3]

10 Jan 2011The gnashing of Putin's teeth

12 Jan 2011National flood insurance

07 Jan 2011Transcript

07 Jan 2011Homer's Illiad [MP3]

10 Jan 2011Australia Floods

23 Dec 2010Transcript

23 Dec 2010How animals find home [MP3]

21 Dec 2010Transcript

21 Dec 2010The War in Iraq [MP3]

21 Dec 2010Islamic banking provides a solution

02 Feb 2011Bombers tested on top equipment

20 Dec 2010Fire research questions Royal Commission

20 Dec 2010Transcript

20 Dec 2010A cure for cancer within reach [MP3]

20 Dec 2010Hark, the Herald Grannies and Grandpas sing...

16 Dec 2010Transcript

16 Dec 2010River System Research [MP3]

17 Dec 2010New course to teach teachers to inspire

02 Feb 2011Women sought for research

02 Feb 2011Dental labs wins industry design award

13 Dec 2010Exploring the tough questions

08 Dec 2010Transcript

08 Dec 2010Obama's Midterm Report Card [MP3]

08 Dec 2010Multicultural education in China

09 Dec 2010La Trobe University on iTunesU

10 Dec 2010Islamic Finance e-course

07 Dec 2010Transcript

07 Dec 2010X-Ray Science [MP3]

06 Dec 2010Transcript

06 Dec 2010North Korea's nuclear weapons [MP3]

24 Nov 2010Does Social Democracy have a future?

02 Dec 2010Autism Specific Early Learning Centre officially opens

01 Dec 2010Transcript

01 Dec 2010Historical obligations [MP3]

30 Nov 2010Obstacles to ethnic harmony

21 Dec 2010Aged Care Symposium looks to future

25 Nov 2010Poly is the new gay

26 Nov 2010Fire, flood and storms and insurance

26 Nov 2010Irish problems highlight euro faults

25 Nov 2010North Korea's bold provocation

24 Nov 2010Transcript

24 Nov 2010The DVCs: John Rosenberg [MP3]

31 Jan 2011Branded tram promotes university town

31 Jan 2011La Trobe course well represented

19 Nov 2010Transcript

19 Nov 2010Asylum seekers and Australia [MP3]

24 Nov 2010Hard road for some religious gay teens

18 Nov 2010Sports precinct announcement welcomed

16 Nov 2010Transcript

16 Nov 2010The DVCs: Tim Brown [MP3]

16 Nov 2010Students to gain from new partnership

12 Nov 2010Researching walking and foot problems [MP3]

31 Jan 2011Students tackle water problems

11 Nov 2010Vision brightens, unites and inspires

10 Nov 2010Asylum seeker policy... a moral dilemma

10 Nov 2010Transcript

10 Nov 2010Developing the video games of the future [MP3]

10 Nov 2010Malaysia must get its act together

09 Nov 2010Transcript

10 Nov 2010The contemporary philosophy divide [MP3]

02 Feb 2011Critical industry forum

31 Jan 2011Bendigo APS promotes psychology week

09 Nov 2010Researcher wins CEDA prize

03 Nov 2010Money mismanaged in mental health system

05 Nov 2010Innovation in training honoured

03 Nov 2010Public lecture by Nobel Prize winner

03 Nov 2010Crown Prince of Perlis honoured

02 Nov 2010Are we protecting women during war?

02 Feb 2011Hutchinson Builders win contract

04 Nov 2010Bendigo student accommodation contract

01 Nov 2010The Murray-Darling water debate

29 Oct 2010Transcript

29 Oct 2010The future of Islamic Finance in Australia [MP3]

29 Oct 2010West fears sharia, but profit from laws

28 Oct 2010You really like us! La Trobe makes friends with over 10,000 fans!

27 Oct 2010Democratic crisis threatens Europe

27 Oct 2010French protest on political problems

25 Oct 2010Students' success celebrated

28 Oct 2010Shiftwork damages paramedics' health

22 Oct 2010Transcript

22 Oct 2010The economics of climate change [MP3]

22 Oct 2010First preference increases for La Trobe

20 Oct 2010Transcript

20 Oct 2010The Dean Series: Health Sciences [MP3]

20 Oct 2020Healthy gut bacteria thrive before birth

02 Feb 2011Techno wiz to speak in Bendigo

18 Oct 2010Master of Teaching students flex muscles

18 Oct 2010Public lecture demystifies broadband

18 Oct 2010Running our public health system

15 Oct 2010The future of MDGs

15 Oct 2010Transcript

15 Oct 2010Developing technology of the future [MP3]

15 Oct 2010How effective is the Commonwealth

01 Oct 2010Ideas and Society Program

12 Oct 2010Transcript

12 Oct 2010Van Gogh the collector [MP3]

11 Oct 2010Unified Germany faces division

11 Oct 2010Where's the olympic spirit?

11 Oct 2010Public sector psychiatric health care

12 Oct 2010Bursary opens up opportunity

18 Oct 2010CFA Global Investment Research Challenge

08 Oct 2010Our kids - the ‘free-range’ debate

08 Oct 2010The lies of climate change denial [MP3]

08 Oct 2010Transcript

14 Oct 2010Teen sex behaviour uncovered by La Trobe University researchers

07 Oct 2010Student publication wins national award

05 Oct 2010Transcript

05 Oct 2010The Dean Series: Education [MP3]

02 Feb 2011Students focus on water

01 Oct 2010Transcript

01 Oct 2010People need to feel at home in Australia

30 Sep 2010French case threatens project Europe

29 Sep 2010Transcript

29 Sep 2010The psychological impact of AFL injury [MP3]

29 Sep 2010'Dialogue for Action' launch

28 Sep 2010He’s a young ‘Tall Poppy’ in science

28 Sep 2010Mid-sized cities on agenda

24 Sep 2010Transcript

24 Sep 2010Aboriginal Australian history [MP3]

24 Sep 2010Votes to win in the politics of fear

23 Sep 2010Rural health school to expand

23 Sep 2010 The role of the regional university

23 Sep 2010Dr Rodney Blackhirst on Scientology

23 Sep 2010Housing affordability in country towns

21 Sep 2010Transcript

21 Sep 2010Islamic banking in Australian banks [MP3]

21 Sep 2010Garnaut presents Sir John Quick Lecture

10 Sep 2010Crayfish and yabbies [MP3]

10 Sep 2010Transcript

10 Sep 2010Indigenous graduates excavate the past

15 Sep 2010La Trobe Council meets in Mildura

09 Sep 2010La Trobe gets a pulse check

07 Sep 2010The Dean Series: Humanities and Social Sciences [MP3]

07 Sep 2010Transcript

03 Sep 2010Transcript

03 Sep 2010A Talk with Richard Woolcott [MP3]

31 Aug 2010Transcript

31 Aug 2010The Dean Series: Law and Management [MP3]

31 Aug 2010Early intervention is child’s play

30 Aug 2010What does the US leave behind in Iraq?

30 Aug 2010Alfred Clinical School officially opens

30 Aug 2010Top prize for malaria researcher

27 Aug 2010Transcript

27 Aug 2010Water management in Australia [MP3]

26 Aug 2010Hangin' with the Governor-General

25 Aug 2010How to measure learning

26 Aug 2010Country towns, sustainable or not?

25 Aug 2010Climate change deniers challenged

24 Aug 2010La Trobe open day

24 Aug 2010The spoils of an election

23 Aug 2010Transcript

23 Aug 2010Ancient Egyptian bling [MP3]

31 Aug 2010Suffering from Achilles tendinitis?

20 Aug 2010Time travel made easy

19 Aug 2010Get Up! exposes human rights' gap

20 Aug 2010‘Sleek Geeks’ Eureka Prize

18 Aug 2010New direction for La Trobe: Vision 2015

17 Aug 2010University endorses UN Global Compact

17 Aug 2010Help wanted: crayfish research project

21 Jul 2010Every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria

17 Aug 2010Towards the ‘hi-fi’ bionic ear

13 Aug 2010Transcript

13 Aug 2010The function of fungi [MP3]

11 Aug 2010Pharmacy wins again

09 Aug 2010Oceanic Archaeology [MP3]

06 Aug 2010Australian election 2010 special [MP3]

06 Aug 2010La Trobe appoints Australian first

06 Aug 2010Hexima opens glasshouse at La Trobe

04 Aug 2010AFL and the pokies

04 Aug 2010Bob Brown, 11 Aug 12 noon at Union Hall

03 Aug 2010Election spin is all Greek to me

03 Aug 2010Transcript

12 Aug 2010How to keep your bones strong

12 Aug 2010Professor acknowledged

12 Aug 2010Staff, students mourn loss of lecturer

02 Aug 2010Outstanding students recognised

04 Aug 2010$5.2m science laboratories open

30 Jul 2010‘Sleek Geeks’ Eureka Prize

30 Jul 2010Transcript

30 Jul 2010Raunch culture and sexual violence [MP3]

30 Jul 2010Rural health school moves ahead

29 Jul 2010Leigh Drake to head Law & Management

29 Jul 2010Water in the election

28 Jul 2010Transcript

28 Jul 2010The Penalty of Football [MP3]

21 Jul 2010Andrew Demetriou on football and life

12 Aug 2010Appointment courts indigenous students

22 Jul 2010Transcript

22 Jul 2010Treating Malaria on the molecular level [MP3]

16 Jul 2010The importance of social inclusion

21 Jul 2010Changes to union elections rules

23 Jul 2010Top post for Marilyn Lake

21 Jul 2010 Asian migration on increase

20 Jul 2010Are we ready for the third dimension?

26 Jul 2010Advice for veterans and their families

19 Jul 2010Patients see less of their GPs

16 Jul 2010The Importance of Social Inclusion [MP3]

20 Jul 2010Emergency contraception confuses women

14 Jul 2010Celebrity sex-scandal hits Indonesia

13 Jul 2010Transcript

13 Jul 2010Linguistic typology [MP3]

26 Jul 2010New research looks at same sex family

12 Jul 2010Mildura mum's educational journey

13 Jul 2010Sad passing of La Trobe statesman

09 Jul 2010Are we really scared of boat people?

09 Jul 2010Transcript

09 Jul 2010The War on Fish [MP3]

13 Jul 2010Students help to draw a better future

08 Jul 2010Time to debate the virtual library

12 Jul 2010Mildura student honours late Grandfather

07 Jul 2010Neighbours must be the PM's focus

07 Jul 2010Time for uniform laws on women's health

07 Jul 2010Infants struggle in shared care: Report

05 Jul 2010The Curse of the Vuvuzelas

05 Jul 2010Hub of turmoil thrives in Asia

02 Jul 2010How’s your relationship?

02 Jul 2010Top award boosts leadership in EU studies

01 Jul 2010Transcript

01 Jul 2010Is the European Union on the brink? [MP3]

02 Jul 2010When aged care becomes the only option

25 Jun 2010Transcript

25 Jun 2010How Islamic banking works [MP3]

24 Jun 2010The End of Kevin Ten

28 Jun 2010The demise of Kevin Rudd

23 Jun 2010Studying Aboriginal Victoria

23 Jun 2010Call to reform road taxes and charges

22 Jun 2010When human rights are expendable

22 Jun 2010 Students assists local wildlife park

22 Jun 2010Heel pain trial for sufferers

21 Jun 2010Transcript

21 Jun 2010The importance of breastfeeding [MP3]

21 Jun 2010Breastfeeding women scared of medicines?

16 Jun 2010Regional state funding announcement

15 Jun 2010ATO approach invites treaty 'shopping'

15 Jun 2010EU marching blindly into great unknown

15 Jun 2010Career website to help local students

10 Jun 2010Transcript

10 Jun 2010The Short-Tailed Shearwater [MP3]

10 Jun 2010Students 'sublime' photography exhibition

08 Jun 2010Bridging Program fosters return to study

04 Jun 2010Transcript

04 Jun 2010The future of corporate social responsibility [MP3]

04 Jun 2010The benefits of sex for the elderly

02 Jun 2010Islamic banking grows

01 Jun 2010Public transport in our region

01 Jun 2010Students deliver winning ideas for Loddon Shire tourism

31 May 2010Greek crisis may sound Europe death knell

28 May 2010Prosthetic Problems for Haiti [MP3]

01 Jun 2010Distinguished Bendigonians recognised

27 May 2010Half a million listeners and counting

01 Jun 2010Students gear up for Uni Games

01 Jun 2010Bendigo popular destination for Chinese delegation

25 May 2010Islamic finance in Australia

24 May 2010Ideas and Society Program

21 May 2010Transcript

01 Jun 201015 minutes to fitness

18 May 2010Transcript

18 May 2010Making the Market [MP3]

18 May 2010The Gods have become movies

17 May 2010Unlocking the secrets of ancient Eygpt

17 May 2010Why NAPLAN fails the Torchwood test

14 May 2010The Evolution of Language [MP3]

14 May 2010Transcript

14 May 2010The Global AIDS Crisis [MP3]

13 May 2010Operating surplus for 2009 signals growth

12 May 2010Why the budget matters

07 May 2010The Syrian Way [MP3]

07 May 2010Sustainability & La Trobe - Master Class public lecture series

06 May 2010The hypocrisy of media

06 May 2010New solution to soccer shoot-out tragedy

06 May 2010Spanish honour for bionic ear pioneer

06 May 2010Award for cancer studies

07 May 2010Bendigo welcomes newest graduates

04 May 2010Politicians could just tell the truth

04 May 2010Coping with the end of life

30 Apr 2010Transcript

30 Apr 2010Melbourne Archaeology [MP3]

29 Apr 2010Of Pride and Prejudice

29 Apr 2010Australia’s first Zero Emission House

23 Apr 2010Transcript

23 Apr 2010Hitler, Genocide and Evolution [MP3]

23 Apr 2010Future tense in tomorrow's car?

23 Apr 2010Transcript

23 Apr 2010Asia-Pacific MDGs [MP3]

28 Apr 2010Mildura to host photography workshop

22 Apr 2010ANZAC legacies examined

28 Apr 2010Golden Keys for successful Mildura students

21 Apr 2010What's wrong with ANZAC?

20 Apr 2010New Muslim prayer room opens

16 Apr 2010Transcript

16 Apr 2010Australian nationalism: is it a problem?

14 Apr 2010Cold War shadow over Kyrgyzstan

13 Apr 2010Melbourne Heart at La Trobe

09 Apr 2010The meaning of Twitter

09 Apr 2010Radio telescope receiver

08 Apr 2010The challenge for global government

09 Apr 2010New anatomy lab in Bendigo

07 Apr 2010Heart announces partnership

08 Apr 2010Fair go for all – but not at any price

08 Apr 2010Spotlight on international finance

01 Apr 2010Is there hope after Copenhagen?

30 Mar 2010Transcript

30 Mar 2010The Evolution of Sex [MP3]

30 Mar 2010Healthcare not just a commodity

26 Mar 2010Transcript

26 Mar 2010The Maori's Peaceful Resistance [MP3]

26 Mar 2010Shepparton campus keeps regional promise

07 Apr 2010Online Employer Portal

25 Mar 2010La Trobe reports to community

24 Mar 2010Spotlight on media and terrorism nexus

22 Mar 2010Academic wins award

19 Mar 2010Transcript

19 Mar 2010Designing the Millennium Development Goals [MP3]

18 Mar 2010Passover: another perspective

16 Mar 2010Transcript

16 Mar 2010Not next year in Jerusalem

15 Mar 2010Citizen journalists to tweet election campaign

15 Mar 2010Celebrating exchange with India

15 Mar 2010International student fares are not fair

07 Apr 20103D exhibition energise young artists

12 Mar 2010Transcript

11 Mar 2010Penny wise and pound foolish

10 Mar 2010Helping war veterans recover

10 Mar 2010La Trobe becomes Fair Trade

07 Apr 2010Victorian workplace health probed

09 Mar 2010Glass and distinction

05 Mar 2010Transcript

05 Mar 2010The Future Teaching Shortage [MP3]

07 Apr 2010David Burrows exhibition

26 Feb 2010Transcript

26 Feb 2010Obama's Challenges [MP3]

24 Feb 2010How the rich get well - and enjoy subsidies

07 Apr 2010Bendigo Stadium agreement

07 Apr 20102010 Dean's Lecture on 10 March

22 Feb 2010Wildlife Sanctuary installs state of the art litter traps

19 Feb 2010Transcript

19 Feb 2010Can Humanity Save the World? [MP3]

18 Feb 2010Fair Work Act?

23 Feb 2010Students on hand to help

17 Feb 2010Health care reform should top the agenda

17 Feb 2010Bendigo festival welcomes international students

16 Feb 2010Children are a public good

16 Feb 2010Kevin Brown receives Chancellor's Medal

16 Feb 2010iPod touch for Shepparton education students

15 Feb 2010 La Trobe wins social media silver

15 Feb 2010Transcript

15 Feb 2010Reading into Darwin [MP3]

11 Feb 2010‘Worlds in Transition’ launch with Helen Clark

08 Feb 2010Boost for dementia research & education

08 Feb 2010Rascal Flats fossil site

08 Feb 2010Transcript

08 Feb 2010A Talk With Barry Jones [MP3]

02 Feb 2010Transcript

02 Feb 2010Darwin's theory of evolution [MP3]

02 Feb 2010Climate change debate no place for silliness

02 Feb 2010Rewards for regional campus students

02 Feb 2010New program attracts overseas nurses

02 Feb 2010Burlesque Symposium held by La Trobe

29 Jan 2010Transcript

29 Jan 2010How shark's blood can save lives [MP3]

29 Jan 2010Paying for a smarter country

27 Jan 2010Be alert but wary on climate claims

22 Jan 2010Transcript

22 Jan 2010Teaching emerging journalists [MP3]

21 Jan 2010Mystery of Stonehenge solved?

20 Jan 2010Librarian awarded prestigious position

09 Apr 2010Global benefit of regional study

18 Jan 2010La Trobe boosts first round offers

11 Jan 2010Transcript

18 Jan 2010White Asians: Australia's future? [MP3]

14 Jan 2011Official launch Islamic Finance e-course

15 Jan 2010Transcript

15 Jan 2010The Nature of Consciousness [MP3]

12 Jan 2010Prestigious post for academic

07 Jan 2010Transcript

07 Jan 2010Coffee with a Conscience [MP3]

06 Jan 2010Black Saturday and rural life

21 Dec 2009Transcript

21 Dec 2009Director of Greek Studies appointed

17 Dec 2009Transcript

17 Dec 2009The Conflict in Cyprus [MP3]

17 Dec 2009New career for tradies

16 Dec 2009La Trobe's regional impact revealed

16 Dec 2009Abbott’s gaffe-prone image is pure BS

16 Dec 2009New funding for low-SES students welcomed

16 Dec 2009Strong growth in popularity for campus courses.

14 Dec 2009Sceptics find comfort in cost of change

11 Dec 2009Transcript

11 Dec 2009Obama's health care reform [MP3]

09 Dec 2009Navitas selected for LTU International College

09 Dec 2009Fastest growth in VTAC first preferences

04 Dec 2009Transcript

03 Dec 2009Climate Change 101: The issues explained

02 Dec 2009Important sexuality ed research underway

01 Dec 2009Fast track option for education students

30 Nov 2009Happy 70th birthday, Radio Australia

30 Nov 2009All humans can contract AIDS

30 Nov 2009Transcript

30 Nov 2009Why history matters with Marilyn Lake [MP3]

26 Nov 2009More water from less

25 Nov 2009Getting everyone to play nicely

23 Nov 2009Winners and losers in Sri Lanka's long war

23 Nov 2009Why is Cyprus still divided?

20 Nov 2009Transcript

20 Nov 2009Vaccines for the World's Poorest [MP3]

20 Nov 2009Why pharmacy's importance is growing

19 Nov 2009Radical Beginnings

19 Nov 2009La Trobe arms deal

13 Nov 2009Transcript

13 Nov 2009Using x-rays to see the small scale [MP3]

13 Nov 2009La Trobe Law and Management Faculty expands

02 Dec 2009Studies investigate community issues

01 Dec 2009Search on for letter writers

11 Nov 2009Oral and mental health link explored

25 Nov 2009Grads and honours works on show

11 Nov 2009A 'Lost Boy of Sudan' to graduate

09 Nov 2009Dinosaur profile: Muttaburrasaurus

06 Nov 2009Transcript

06 Nov 2009A Talk With Malcolm Fraser [MP3]

05 Nov 2009First preference boost for La Trobe

04 Nov 2009$5.1 million in ARC funding announced

03 Nov 2009‘Global Colour Line’ wins PM's book prize

02 Nov 2009Cancer under the spotlight

02 Nov 2009Architects announced for $97.9m institute

25 Nov 2009Mick Dodson presents La Trobe lecture

29 Oct 2009Transcript

29 Oct 2009Gay rights with Dennis Altman [MP3]

28 Oct 2009New enterprise agreement for La Trobe staff

23 Oct 2009Climate change science with Andrew Glikson [MP3]

23 Oct 2009Freshwater researchers scoop awards

23 Oct 2009Managing the past - for a better future

21 Oct 2009Intellectual disability roundtable focus

16 Oct 2009Transcript

16 Oct 2009Defending Dan Brown with Chris Scanlon [MP3]

16 Oct 2009 $2 million boost for teaching and learning

15 Oct 2009Dinosaur profile: Diamantinasaurus

14 Oct 2009Why health managers need more training

14 Oct 2009Cannabis plays havoc with men’s orgasms

13 Oct 2009Racism in Australia: A Debate

13 Oct 2009Obama's Nobel Prize controversy

12 Oct 2009Transcript

12 Oct 2009Internet Economics with David Prentice [MP3]

12 Oct 2009'Our Water, Our Future.'

07 Oct 2009Brian McGaw new Dean of Science

05 Oct 2009Artists engage with Climate Change

05 Oct 2009In praise of Dan Brown

05 Oct 2009When social work means the world is your oyster

05 Oct 2009Agriculture no longer the way to go?

02 Oct 2009Climate change politics with Clive Hamilton [MP3]

02 Oct 2009What to drink and eat, that is the question...

01 Oct 2009Economists suck at forecasting. Discuss.

05 Oct 2009La Trobe wins Moot Court

01 Oct 2009Two firsts at La Trobe Bendigo

02 Oct 2009Research project: life beyond psychosis

30 Sep 2009Punished for being your self

05 Oct 2009Enquiry-Based Learning in business ethics kicks off

29 Sep 2009Everyday Angels: Aged carers given boost

28 Sep 2009Past another turning point in history

25 Sep 2009Transcript

25 Sep 2009Constructive alignment with John Biggs [MP3]

25 Sep 2009Public thinkers tackle critical issues

24 Sep 2009Uni eyes vision for expansion

23 Sep 2009Cell death with David Vaux [MP3]

22 Sep 2009Dinosaur profile: Australovenator

22 Sep 2009La Trobe students head to China

21 Sep 2009Economy versus environment

17 Sep 2009Intensive search for professors

16 Sep 2009Health warning for footy fans

15 Sep 2009Transcript

15 Sep 2009Emissions Trading Scheme with Ian Tulloch [MP3]

14 Sep 2009Inside footy’s ‘court’ room

11 Sep 2009La Trobe has Australia’s most loved MBA

14 Sep 2009Student selected for Canberra talkfest

09 Sep 2009Punching above our weight?

09 Sep 2009La Trobe wins seven Future Fellowships

13 Aug 2009Global science prize to Graeme Clark

08 Sep 2009Role of regional cities explored

04 Sep 2009Exploring the Cambridge fossil site

07 Sep 2009Students lead symposium on educational practice

04 Sep 2009A-W students assist with wetlands research

03 Sep 2009Silence on immigration raises fears

31 Aug 2009Transcript

02 Sep 2009Carlton 'robbed' of home final in AFL

04 Sep 2009Student bursaries much needed

03 Aug 20094th National School Sexual Health Survey

26 Aug 2009'Care' robots on campus for Open Day

26 Aug 2009Open to the world with podcasting to the people

27 Aug 2009Abbott Foundation helps students

25 Aug 2009Careers expo puts health on the agenda

25 Aug 2009Public lecture on water policy

21 Aug 2009Alternatives to urban water restrictions

20 Aug 2009Robert Manne & climate change denialism

19 Aug 2009Transcript

19 Aug 2009Global melting point with John Russell [MP3]

18 Aug 2009Do parents want a boy or girl?

18 Aug 2009La Trobe students join national network

19 Aug 2009Regional Strategy presented to AW

18 Aug 2009Lessons of a Scottish legacy

14 Aug 20092009 Melbourne Writers Festival

13 Aug 2009Fire and Stone: New perspective on oldest tools

13 Aug 2009Benefits in user-pays driving

13 Aug 2009La Trobe Mildura Information Evening

18 Aug 2009La Trobe alumni fully fledged lawyers

12 Aug 2009Pregnancy has become a competitive sport

12 Aug 2009Last Warhorse animation a winner

11 Aug 2009Creating a real market for water

12 Aug 2009La Trobe takes lead in paramedic course

07 Aug 2009Transcript

10 Aug 2009Exploring Biochemistry with Nick Hoogenraad [MP3]

10 Aug 2009Mildura Roadshow in Berri, Loxton & Renm

10 Aug 2009VC presents strategy to Mildura

05 Aug 2009Indian student issue a catalyst

03 Aug 2009Transcript

18 Aug 2009Rural Health School expands courses

03 Aug 2009Study examines teenagers and their sexual health

03 Aug 2009Teenage sexual health snapshots

31 Jul 2009International human rights appointment

12 Aug 2009Scientist presents public lecture

31 Jul 2009Research into student mental illness

30 Jul 2009Valuing work and the Fair Work Act

29 Jul 2009Scientist takes up key role at La Trobe

28 Jul 2009Why health care reform is vital

12 Aug 2009Students celebrate achievements

12 Aug 2009 Band prepares for battle

27 Jul 2009Politics comes before lights and camera

28 Jul 2009Wastewater research wins award

18 Aug 2009Honours art: a collaborative show

24 Jul 2009Training needed to identify autism early

24 Jul 2009Transcript

24 Jul 2009Researchers identify crucial protein

24 Jul 2009Rebuilding Somalia with Issa Farah [MP3]

23 Jul 2009Rural pollies climate change sceptics

23 Jul 2009Middle-class gays play bogan for kicks

22 Jul 2009Dinosaurs more than a bunch of old bones

22 Jul 2009Water restrictions are tough politics

21 Jul 2009Grinding knees brings dancing, exercise to a heel

17 Jul 2009Transcript

17 Jul 2009New Media Teaching with Chris Scanlon [MP3]

12 Aug 2009International students welcome

12 Aug 2009Last Warhorse animation a winner

14 Jul 2009Snails take serotonin to heart

28 Jul 2009New Director for Bendigo campus

10 Jul 2009Marilyn Lake wins major book award

10 Jul 2009Transcript

10 Jul 2009Australian Racism with Sandy Gifford [MP3]

10 Jul 2009Robert Kenny wins PM's History Prize

09 Jul 2009State plays with fire

12 Aug 2009Visitors mark 10-year collaboration

28 Jul 2009Honours art: a collaborative show

29 Jun 2009Transcript

28 Jul 2009Invitation to Experience La Trobe

06 Jul 2009Islamic banking talks - and new degree

08 Jul 2009Opportunity to see Philippine art

30 Jun 2009'Critical mass' for deaf education

29 Jun 2009Water restrictions have a social cost

29 Jun 2009Fighting Corruption with Cobus de Swardt [MP3]

16 Jul 2009Enrichment program for gifted children

25 Jun 2009Campus hosts VCE Biology lab classes

19 Jun 2009Young refugees release documentaries

19 Jun 2009Bringing morality into finance

19 Jun 2009Transcript

19 Jun 2009Imaginary Friends with Evan Kidd [MP3]

15 Jun 2009$230m research centre begins construction

16 Jun 2009Tim Flannery talks with Robert Manne

16 Jun 2009Bold plan for regional Victoria

16 Dec 2009La Trobe visits help students

15 Jun 2009Lifting the veil on our ingrained racism

15 Jun 2009New Deal for income protection?

15 Jun 2009Tim Flannery talks with Robert Manne

10 Jun 2009Islamic banking: Opportunity in crisis

11 Jun 2009Work begins on Northern schools project

09 Jul 2009Shepparton Students to tour Bordeaux, France

03 Jun 2009Retelling truth – Balibo

02 Jun 2009Real benefits in imaginary friends

02 Jun 2009Helping protect children and families

01 Jun 2009 Andrew Skewes: new Executive Director Bendigo campus

29 May 2009Transcript

29 May 2009Turnbull tax proposal has merit

29 May 2009Obama's First 100 with Nick Bisley [MP3]

27 May 2009More than words- Exhibition

27 May 2009Work begins on $230M biosciences centre

26 May 2009Tim Flannery & Robert Manne conversation

25 May 2009Transcript

25 May 2009What’s Rating with Sue Turnbull [MP3]

09 Jul 2009Mildura lecturer in top ten

22 May 2009$123.7m to transform science and health

22 May 2009Ground-breaking course produces first Indigenous family therapists

22 May 2009Public lecture to highlight accountants’ new role in sustainability

22 May 2009Graffiti and the marks of culture

20 Jul 2009Call for change to youth allowance

12 Aug 2009Valuable scholarships awarded

27 May 2009Shepparton strengthens ties with local industry

15 May 2009Transcript

15 May 2009Middle Eastern Peace with Joe Camilleri [MP3]

09 Jun 2009Art installation- a place for reflection

09 Jun 2009$59.6 m La Trobe regional health care in Victoria

08 May 2009Construction of new Shepparton campus to begin

07 May 2009La Trobe law student wins U.N internship

06 May 2009Khodadad Rezaee’s extraordinary journey

19 May 2009High achievers in health sciences graduates

02 Jun 2009High achievers in health sciences grads

09 Jun 2009La Trobe graduates’ celebration

01 May 2009Transcript

01 May 2009A talk with Mike Moore [MP3]

30 Apr 2009La Trobe Distinguished Alumni

29 Apr 2009Zealotry not in the public's interest

28 Apr 2009Research tops 'new languages' chart

27 Apr 2009Remembering our shattered anzacs

09 Jun 2009Awards recognise high achievers

23 Apr 2009Lest we forget

23 Apr 2009Shattered Anzacs with Marina Larsson [MP3]

23 Apr 2009Transcript

23 Apr 2009On ya bike! La Trobe University launches new walking and cycling path

05 Jun 2009Dean to discuss the future of education

21 Apr 2009Social justice not a nano problem

21 Apr 2009Education students crow about innovation

20 Apr 2009Inside the head of the Austen fan

20 Apr 2009Blockbuster AFL games need to end

20 Apr 2009Local lad returns for master class

17 Apr 2009Corporate Response with Prakash Sethi [MP3]

16 Apr 2009Transcript

16 Apr 2009The end of the Putin era?

16 Apr 2009Shepparton’s finest graduate

16 Apr 2009Advanced digital photography LTU Mildura

16 Apr 2009Law students win another accolade

05 Jun 2009Community plunge into water debate

15 Apr 2009New Deputy Vice Chancellor appointed

08 Apr 2009Research to identify barriers to uptake of free vaccination

05 Jun 2009 Images of war in ANZAC Day lead up

08 Apr 2009War horse images in lead up to Anzac day

05 Jun 2009Barriers in uptake of free vaccination

07 Apr 2009Making sense of North Korea's gambit

07 Apr 2009 Media & Cinema studies lecture

03 Apr 2009Remaking Comedy with Sue Turnbull [MP3]

07 Apr 2009Transcript

02 Apr 2009La Trobe plays key role in autism plan

31 Mar 2009Climate refugees ruse in water debate

31 Mar 2009Intolerance in religious schools

27 Mar 2009We're just not that into it

27 Mar 2009Centre for Dialogue with Joe Camilleri [MP3]

27 Mar 2009Transcript

30 Mar 2009La Trobe sports oval's $1.3m revamp

06 Apr 2009Making the connection between students and employers

20 Feb 2009Transcript

20 Mar 2009Prehistoric Life with Ben Kear [MP3]

19 Mar 2009Transcript

19 Mar 2009New dental labs for LTU Bendigo

20 Mar 2009Who's your Master? Find out at La Trobe

19 Mar 2009La Trobe is employer of choice for women

07 Apr 2009La Trobe supports disadvantaged students

01 Apr 2009An artist’s view of Cairn Curran

17 Mar 2009Research to create emotion-savvy robots

17 Mar 2009Chair appointed to BRC joint venture

13 Mar 2009LTU law students on top of the world

12 Mar 2009Mature-age Bridging Program wins award

10 Mar 2009Carbon taxes and trade-exposed industries

09 Mar 2009Universities and competitive balance

06 Mar 2009Transcript

06 Mar 2009Plant Biotechnology with Roger Parish [MP3]

04 Mar 2009More respite helps keep families together

19 Mar 2009Muslim students $5000 bush fire donation

03 Mar 2009Paragon Publishing donate 3422 new books

27 Feb 2009New Foundation underscores Mildura ties

27 Feb 2009Mildura RSL offers new scholarship

03 Mar 2009La Trobe academic gives cultural advice

25 Feb 2009Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary Tour [MP3]

20 Jul 2009La Trobe supports fire fundraiser

03 Mar 2009Orientation 2009 at Albury-Wodonga

23 Feb 2009Bouverie Centre "Lighting Beacons"

20 Feb 2009Historic venue for student welcome

19 Feb 2009Khatami in Melbourne

18 Feb 20092009 Bushfire Research Task Force

18 Feb 2009Bendigo celebration for internationals

13 Feb 2009Universities too slow to climate change

13 Feb 2009Charles Darwin: He told you so

12 Feb 2009 Decision-making in the face of fire

09 Feb 2009Top award for researcher in biology

06 Feb 2009IPL - Auctioning our top cricketers

03 Feb 2009Sports Economics with Liam Lenten [MP3]

21 Jan 2009Probing deep secrets of muscle fatigue

03 Feb 2009 Training and Learning bonus welcomed

02 Feb 2009New course challenges business ethics

02 Feb 2009New autism intervention model arrives

12 Feb 2009Busy time at La Trobe University

30 Jan 2009Clean coal research in running for prize

29 Jan 2009Are 'digital natives' a myth?

28 Jan 2009La Trobe research helps upgrade Aeronautical Information Services data

29 Jan 2009La Trobe student invited to South Africa

28 Jan 2009Regions get a taste of higher education

28 Jan 2009Academic honoured on Australia Day

22 Jan 2009Honours student to uncover Alpine mosses

22 Jan 2009Short course maps high-tech solutions

21 Jan 2009Transcript

21 Jan 2009Nursing shortage cripples the regions

16 Jul 2009Rise in demand for places at La Trobe

19 Jan 2009New drug to help stiff deal for big toes

16 Jan 2009Mildura students win prestigious awards

16 Jan 2009Complementary Medicines with Ken Harvey [MP3]

29 Jan 2009 VTAC figures pleasing for La Trobe

23 Jan 2009La Trobe fares well in VTAC pop polls

12 Jan 2009Road less travelled

08 Jan 2009Test cricket: to draw or not to draw?

07 Jan 2009Please Give Me Back My Two Dollars

06 Jan 2009The Nationals should leave the Coalition

12 Feb 2009Bendigo student wins on world stage

22 Dec 2008Paul Johnson on the Bradley Review

22 Dec 2008Paul Johnson discusses the Bradley Review

17 Dec 2008Bionic ear founder to post at La Trobe

18 Dec 2008Transcript

18 Dec 2008Ego and Soul with John Carroll [MP3]

15 Dec 2008Crash-course in teaching a band-aid fix?

11 Dec 2008Funding to ease regional health shortage

11 Dec 20082008 VC's Awards for Excellence in Teaching

11 Dec 2008LTU and NMIT reach understanding

12 Feb 2009Former Pro Vice-Chancellor honoured

09 Feb 2009Change of preference means opportunity

12 Feb 2009Student Administration Services Unit upgraded

09 Feb 2009Local school acknowledged

04 Dec 2008Heterosexist violence exposed

02 Dec 2008Ban Comic Sans

01 Dec 2008The Mona Lisa with Donald Sassoon [MP3]

01 Dec 2008Transcript

02 Dec 2008Transcending North Atlantic perspectives

28 Nov 2008Science Teachers go Nano at La Trobe

28 Nov 2008Opportunity to see top Aboriginal Art

28 Nov 2008Best feet forward for homeless socceroos

27 Nov 2008Don't be too quick to over-regulate

27 Nov 2008Ecology scholarship for Wodonga student

25 Nov 2008Transcript

25 Nov 2008Russian History with Adrian Jones [MP3]

26 Nov 2008Who should control green reporting?

25 Nov 2008La Trobe and Nillumbik Shire sign MOU

24 Nov 2008Student awards at Mildura campus

21 Nov 2008New Business degree study area for 2009

24 Nov 2008Leadership training for young Muslims

21 Nov 2008Past points to new future

18 Nov 2008La Trobe joins 'BizSpark' program

17 Nov 2008Why prayers in parliament should stop

14 Nov 2008Transcript

14 Nov 2008Terra Nullius with Daniel Richter [MP3]

17 Nov 2008Old Mint event for classic Greek art

19 Nov 2008John Richards Initiative Forum

14 Nov 2008Regulating Information under the Privacy Act

12 Feb 2009Future engineers delve into regions

03 Nov 2008Transcript

30 Oct 2008Transcript

18 Nov 2008Students at Harvard Model UN Conference

07 Nov 2008Mildura Arts Research Studio launch

03 Nov 2008Maths Matters with Dr Marcel Jackson [MP3]

30 Oct 2008Family violence: a global health issue

03 Nov 2008A cycle of bribery

22 Oct 2008New Research Centre for Greek Studies

30 Oct 2008$6.4 million boost for health and social research

30 Oct 2008Short-break holidays during tight times

30 Oct 2008The 'best known girl in world'

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008Transcript

22 Oct 2008U.S. Election lead-up [MP3]

22 Oct 2008Native Authorities with Ben Silverstein [MP3]

22 Oct 2008A Talk With Carmen Lawrence [MP3]

22 Oct 2008Paralympic Dreams with Chris Mullins [MP3]

01 Jan 2013Racial Identity with Tim Minchin [MP3]

22 Oct 2008Same-Sex Attraction with Anne Mitchell [MP3]

22 Oct 2008Olympian Physiotherapy with Mark Alexander [MP3]

22 Oct 2008Autism Research with Cheryl Dissanayake [MP3]

22 Oct 2008A talk with Tim Flannery [MP3]

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

07 Aug 2008Transcript

21 Oct 2008Time to call an end to the University spin wars?

15 Oct 2008City and La Trobe sign memorandum of understanding

21 Oct 2008The Market Delusion

22 Oct 2008Mass spectrometers for medical research

22 Oct 2008La Trobe maths and stats most popular

22 Oct 200891 year old receives PhD

08 Oct 2008Focus on a great injustice: 'Global Colour Line' wins Queensland Premier's book award

21 Oct 2008We Need a 21st Century Framework for Regulating Assisted Reproduction in Victoria

08 Oct 2008Rural aged care research in top gear

08 Oct 2008Climate Change - World Needs Dialogue of Cultures

21 Oct 2008Global hunt for Mersenne prime numbers: 100 grand for running a special screensaver?

08 Oct 2008New agreement for better and more flexible education opportunities

10 Nov 2008Scholarship support is worth the effort

08 Oct 2008La Trobe gets the answers on environmental sustainability

21 Oct 2008Poisoned milk or mother's milk?

08 Oct 2008Award honours community spirit

08 Oct 2008La Trobe tool for smarter living showcased at global 'cleantech' expo

08 Oct 2008Homophobic bullying is making Australian schools unsafe: Researcher

08 Oct 2008MBA rating underscores excellence

21 Oct 2008US Election 2008: Knife-edge race now favours McCain

08 Oct 2008EUrope is coming to Bendigo

10 Nov 2008Scholarship to Israel

08 Oct 2008Gay seniors go back to the closet as age care providers shun their needs

08 Oct 2008La Trobe historian wins Premier's award for book on early Aboriginal Christian conversion

10 Nov 2008The Big Draw comes to the Border

21 Oct 2008Conscience Votes and the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Bill

14 Jan 2009Farewell to Chinese academics

08 Oct 2008Renowned artist to exhibit first ever drawing show in Bendigo

09 Jan 2009Ten-year travels documented by artist

08 Oct 2008Student group brings insights into refugee life to La Trobe University

08 Oct 2008Ageing-experts to tackle the big urban challenges

08 Oct 2008Malaria vaccine warrants more local support

21 Oct 2008Taming hatred in our midst

21 Oct 2008The Threat of the Classroom

21 Oct 2008The Olympic spirit? It's a simple, shared global experience

21 Oct 2008Beware the rise of Russia's new imperialism

08 Oct 2008Prominent historians to discuss settler colonialism

03 Dec 2008Oral health students celebrate success

22 Dec 2008Oral health students celebrate

05 Jan 2009Update on new health science course

08 Oct 2008New knees needed to help old knees get back on track

08 Oct 2008Pakistan's High Commissioner to shed light on regional security

21 Oct 2008Beyond David and Goliath

19 Dec 2008Expanded pathways to higher education

08 Oct 2008Plans for new La Trobe Building in Shepparton take shape

08 Oct 2008Tender shortlist for Biosciences Research Centre

08 Oct 2008Appointment of Acting Director for Hellenic Centre

21 Oct 2008Why a carbon tax should be Australia's answer to climate change

08 Oct 2008Art therapists concentrate the healing power of art

10 Nov 2008La Trobe lecturer receives prestigious teaching excellence award

07 Aug 2008Transcript

21 Oct 2008Alexander Solzhenitsyn is the man who put the writing on the wall for Leninist totalitarianism

08 Oct 2008$60,000 scholarship boost for La Trobe University's Mildura students

08 Oct 2008$60,000 scholarship boost for La Trobe University's Shepparton students

06 Aug 2008Space Matters with Murray Parkinson [MP3]

06 Aug 2008Zimbabwe Politics with David Dorward [MP3]

01 Jan 2013Dental Health with Peter Wilson [MP3]

06 Aug 2008Work Balance with Donatella Cavagnoli [MP3]

06 Aug 2008Science Teaching with Vaughan Prain [MP3]

06 Aug 2008Body Image with Sian McLean [MP3]

06 Aug 2008Celebrity Culture with Christopher Scanlon [MP3]

06 Aug 2008Water Trading with Lin Crase [MP3]

10 Nov 2008Awards and Scholarships Ceremony 2008

21 Oct 2008Threat of Nuclear Armageddon still a reality

08 Oct 2008La Trobe University teachers win $50,000 for "Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning"

08 Oct 2008La Trobe physiotherapists support Australia's Olympic challenge in Beijing

08 Oct 2008La Trobe congratulates its Olympic stars and wishes them all success in Beijing

21 Oct 2008Olympic dream in sight? Not for this athlete

08 Oct 2008La Trobe expert in the news: Using Google Earth to unlock the secrets of Afghanistan's brilliant past

21 Oct 2008Film it, and will they come?

08 Oct 2008The green university is here, just ask staff and students

21 Oct 2008The Earth Banished from the Universe

21 Oct 2008The China factor in Australia's quest for Olympic gold

21 Oct 2008Barack Obama and the power of race in American history

08 Oct 2008Science, industry, government forge new alliance against cancer & auto–immune disease

21 Oct 2008The Umpire Strikes Back

21 Oct 2008Matching Rudd's Asian ambition with reality

21 Oct 2008The food crisis: an African perspective

08 Oct 2008La Trobe free enterprise students make a difference

08 Oct 2008La Trobe history scoops national awards

08 Oct 2008New $5 million facility aids families in tackling mental health difficulties

20 Oct 2008What Kevin Rudd should tell the Pope

08 Oct 2008David Malouf launches La Trobe Lecture Series

08 Oct 2008Accounting as a Tool for Business and Social Change: Melbourne Conference Explores Role

08 Oct 2008Celebrating fifty years of art collecting in Bendigo

20 Oct 2008FuelWatch evidence runs on empty

08 Oct 2008Science in hot pursuit of highland frogs

20 Oct 2008Why Australia needs a less powerful Senate

20 Oct 2008The challenge of keeping athletes fit for Olympic Glory

08 Oct 2008Symposium to Assess Multicultural Policies

08 Oct 2008Payday loan charges can top 700 per cent

10 Nov 2008Edge of the Outback a success

20 Oct 2008Zimbabwe's Crisis is Africa's Challenge

08 Oct 2008Bendio Arts precinct springs to life with animation festival

08 Oct 2008Tireless La Trobe Academic Recognised for Remarkable Community Work

08 Oct 2008New La Trobe research centre to unravel the mysteries of autism

08 Oct 2008La Trobe Graduate, Steven Carroll wins Miles Franklin

10 Nov 2008Secondary students experience La Trobe

10 Nov 2008La Trobe free enterprise students make a difference

08 Oct 2008Growing flowers, shrinking people

08 Oct 2008Professor Dennis Altman receives Order of Australia

20 Oct 2008CSR as an integral part of business: Why the Westpac approach is working

08 Oct 2008Hey, Mr Brumby! Want a fix for gridlock?

08 Oct 2008Skippy: A 25 million year old success

20 Oct 2008PM's driven work-ethic a health-risk

08 Oct 2008La trobe Centre for Dialogue leads push for regional interfaith network

20 Oct 2008Tinkering with the petrol price ignores the real issue

10 Nov 2008New nursing mid-year option helps build nursing workforce

20 Oct 2008Australia's Future in the Region and the World

07 Oct 2008End–of–Life Planning

10 Nov 2008Student project helps sustainable farming

20 Oct 2008Digging up Ned - all over again

07 Oct 2008Move over, Rover - for computers with attitude

07 Oct 2008National Archaeology Week - Work choices 14,000 years ago

20 Oct 2008Dear Ms Gillard

07 Oct 2008New study examines special aged care needs of trauma survivors

07 Oct 2008Free public lectures: Jon Lee Anderson supported by La Trobe University

07 Oct 2008La Trobe University Centre for Dialogue Media Scholarships Give Journalists a Global Edge

07 Oct 2008The history's in the digging - archaeologists dig for the truth about Ned

07 Oct 2008Neuromarketing crosses another frontier - EEG Brain Scans break the mould for Market Mavens

07 Oct 2008Group Therapy to Set Bodies Free

07 Oct 2008Wireless sound system for home-theatre wins Victoria's 2008 IET Student Prize

07 Oct 2008Social mapping tool helps strengthen support networks for abused children

07 Oct 2008New book on water policy explores vital issues for nation's future

07 Oct 2008Operating surplus for 2007

20 Oct 2008Talk on Australia 2020

20 Oct 2008Community Legal Centres lead on law reform

10 Nov 2008Education students' innovative design solutions

07 Oct 2008La Trobe in global push for 'responsible and sustainable' business education

07 Oct 2008'No bull therapy' helps farmers through drought

20 Oct 2008Talkin' about a revolution...

07 Oct 2008Understanding builds education future for the Goulburn Valley

07 Oct 2008La Trobe archaeologist puts Pacific issues on the agenda

07 Oct 2008Dubai women's art comes to Mildura

07 Oct 2008Professor Don Harding has received an accolade for having the most citations for economics in Australia

20 Oct 2008Carey a product of sick culture

10 Nov 2008Albury-Wodonga Graduation Ceremony 2008

20 Oct 2008Unbalanced work on work-life balance

07 Oct 2008La Trobe University makes major cuts in water, waste and energy use: Joins Global Green Gang

07 Oct 2008La Trobe takes lead promoting international research on welfare interventions

07 Oct 2008La Trobe University Alumni awarded for outstanding contributions to society

20 Oct 2008Ports in Deep Water

07 Oct 2008Depression after abortion - partner violence identified as the missing link

10 Nov 2008Student research helps wastewater management

07 Oct 2008Hoddle Street tragedy revisited in charcoal, pencil and chalk

20 Oct 2008Education Unis between a rock and a hard choice

20 Oct 2008Who is Vaile serving?

07 Oct 2008La Trobe University Employer of Choice for tackling gender pay gap

12 Nov 2008Graduate nursing program enhancements

07 Oct 2008La Trobe University Riverlink doctoral graduates a first for Mildura

12 Nov 2008New gymnasium at Albury-Wodonga campus

07 Oct 2008Australian Institute of Archaeology in new digs

07 Oct 2008La Trobe applauds apology to the Stolen Generations

07 Oct 2008Tim Flannery to speak at La Trobe University

12 Nov 2008Albury-Wodonga lecturer wins award

07 Oct 2008Psychologists explore the realities behind the romance

29 Jan 2009Positive outlook for La Trobe

20 Oct 2008It's time for complementary medicine regulation to put public interests first

07 Oct 2008Workers, Corporations and Community: Facing Choices for a Sustainable Future

07 Oct 2008Tours and activities at La Trobe University Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary

20 Oct 2008Trying to connect

12 Nov 2008Nursing bridging course underway

07 Oct 2008Expert on primary to secondary school transition visits La Trobe

09 Jan 2009Community updated on new course

20 Oct 2008It's not all bad news for companies tackling climate change

12 Nov 2008Student to assist in overseas project

07 Oct 2008Research holds out hope for safer crop pest control

07 Oct 2008Improved alternatives provide a vision of tertiary equality

20 Oct 2008Shoddy practices must end if sustainability reporting to be trusted

07 Oct 2008Call for tougher regulation of complementary medicines

23 Sep 2011Painting with light a winner for photography student