19 Dec 2017Leading next generation IVF

19 Dec 2017Landmark concussion study a game changer

15 Dec 2017Autism and link to suicidal thoughts

20 Dec 2017Evolutionary history of men and women

19 Dec 2017Regional response to funding cuts

18 Dec 2017La Trobe academic expert list for summer

18 Dec 2017Statement on university funding cuts

15 Dec 2017Royal Commission recommendations

13 Dec 2017Prestigious Honorary Doctorates awarded

13 Dec 2017How conservatives use identity politics

05 Dec 2017Health research attracts record funding

06 Dec 2017Struggle to juggle risk for kids

06 Dec 2017Accelerator Program graduates celebrated

06 Dec 2017Renowned artists unite for Bendigo event

22 Nov 2017Habitat destruction favours the mediocre

04 Dec 2017Penguins under threat from fishing nets

04 Dec 2017Dastyari saga: need for donations reform

04 Dec 2017Impact of same-sex marriage vote

30 Nov 2017Fishing nets major threat to penguins

30 Nov 2017First Aspire students to graduate

29 Nov 2017Researchers explore faith on goldfields

28 Nov 2017Graduates pump millions into local economies

28 Nov 2017Industry and research best - our newest VC’s Fellows

22 Nov 2017Agricultural scientist wins food award

24 Nov 2017Foreign Policy White Paper, power shifts

24 Nov 2017North East Link welcomed – more detail needed

24 Nov 2017Parents helping kids become independent

22 Nov 2017When the US locked up white Australians

22 Nov 2017Research a step in the right direction

20 Nov 2017Zimbabwe political situation

20 Nov 2017Cyber games winners announced

16 Nov 2017Mungo Man returns home

16 Nov 2017Dogs key to making connections

15 Nov 2017The Trans-Pacific Partnership is back

15 Nov 2017Yes result will have positive impact

15 Nov 2017Marriage equality and discrimination

10 Nov 2017All aboard La Trobe Autonobus

13 Nov 2017Jenny Graves on women in science

10 Nov 2017Early career success in research funding

10 Nov 2017Medicine monopolies and TPP trade talks

09 Nov 2017Cann Group relocates to La Trobe

09 Nov 2017Call for quicker access to cheaper drugs

09 Nov 2017Top 200 ranking for Life Sciences

08 Nov 2017Trump's tour of Asia-Pacific region

06 Nov 2017Animation meets biology

06 Nov 2017Knowing what is a farm is not that easy

06 Nov 2017La Trobe hosts world film premiere

02 Nov 2017Optus offers new cyber scholarships

01 Nov 2017Grief rituals: Day of the Dead

01 Nov 2017Not just about sex

02 Nov 2017Funding for cancer weight loss research

01 Nov 2017Cash and support for innovators

01 Nov 2017Key protein stops breast cancer spread

31 Oct 2017International students success

30 Oct 2017Anti-doping study supported by IOC

25 Oct 2017China's ambition burns bright

25 Oct 2017Guide to the Classics: Virgil’s Aeneid

24 Oct 2017Rural Health Commissioner welcomed

23 Oct 2017Endangered mountain pygmy possum

23 Oct 2017Workplace tool for employees with autism

20 Oct 2017Type 2 diabetes study collaboration

19 Oct 2017Chinese and Japanese politics

19 Oct 2017In Trump we trust

19 Oct 2017X, Y and the genetics of sex

18 Oct 2017La Trobe in top 300 for computer science

18 Oct 2017Professor wins top science prize

01 Nov 2017A statement on land sale negotiations

16 Oct 2017Bendigo creative arts courses

16 Oct 2017Outdoor concert to celebrate La Trobe 50

13 Oct 2017Seed germination breakthrough

12 Oct 2017Screen exposure and young children

11 Oct 2017Regions need strong local campuses

11 Oct 2017China and Communist Party Congress

11 Oct 2017La Trobe's research funding success

11 Oct 2017Dove: real beauty and the racist history

03 Oct 2017Straight from the athlete’s mouth

27 Sep 2017Shepparton support for medical school

25 Sep 2017Alcohol's strong link to cancers

22 Sep 2017Greek myth, film and American anxiety

21 Sep 2017The legal benefits of being married

21 Sep 2017Transgender teens and hormone treatment

19 Sep 2017Evidence's new battle with sentiment

18 Sep 2017Australian-first partnership

18 Sep 2017Can caffeine aid weightloss?

18 Sep 2017Weirdos & hoons are barriers to freedom

13 Sep 2017Arts & Humanities get global recognition

16 Aug 2017Turnbull must learn from Deakin

08 Sep 2017The postal survey is bizarre and typical

08 Sep 2017Are children better off

06 Sep 2017Triple confirmation for La Trobe

08 Sep 2017 Cultivator returns to 29 Deakin Avenue!

01 Sep 2017Mildura art lecturer featured in Dubbo

01 Sep 2017Study reveals health benefits of quinoa

31 Aug 2017Statement on new Queensland Med School

30 Aug 2017Award for children in care initiative

25 Aug 2017Staff give students University opportunity

25 Aug 2017Asian trips await more than 240 students

23 Aug 2017Supporting women's academic promotion

22 Aug 2017Course site on sale to local council

18 Aug 2017 Islamic terrorism is our reality

18 Aug 2017Cyber Games launching careers

18 Aug 2017Start-up businesses get a huge hand-up

15 Aug 2017Another world ranking rise for La Trobe

14 Aug 2017Turning phones into pocket-sized labs

14 Aug 2017 Aged care residents given a voice

14 Aug 2017Virtual reality key to stress research

11 Aug 2017People, palm oil, pulp and planet

09 Aug 2017Travelling inside a plant cell

04 Aug 2017Bendigo Tech School director appointed

03 Aug 2017World's most powerful X-ray Laser

02 Aug 2017Scholarships for Agribusiness

02 Aug 2017Just do the weather

02 Aug 2017Academics join new OT research academy

01 Aug 2017Community asked to bring ideas for site

01 Aug 2017Joint Statement – Respect.Now.Always

01 Aug 2017Minimum alcohol price will save lives

31 Jul 2017Identity, politics and institutions

28 Jul 2017 Recognition for philanthropist

28 Jul 2017Identity politics, racism , free speech

28 Jul 2017100,000 reasons to celebrate

28 Jul 2017Find Your Clever at La Trobe

28 Jul 2017From Sydney to Mildura

28 Jul 2017Stroke survivors urged to keep moving

27 Jul 2017Students given insights into depression

26 Jul 2017Seniors LOL for better health

25 Jul 2017Search for new disease treatments

20 Jul 2017Our changing relationship to the bush

20 Jul 2017New $10m Sydney campus officially open

20 Jul 2017Teenage kid's relationship with alcohol

19 Jul 2017Dementia friendly rural communities

19 Jul 2017To the Bone: Harmful or helpful?

18 Jul 2017Bendigo a winner in disability funding

17 Jul 2017Which native animals should we eat?

14 Jul 2017What are ‘Creepshots’

14 Jul 2017Whats making housing unaffordable?

14 Jul 2017What's making housing unaffordable?

13 Jul 2017Life experience for budding writers

13 Jul 2017La Trobe leads on aged care training

13 Jul 2017Asia’s dangerous new geopolitics

07 Jul 2017Popular workout benefits ageing muscles

07 Jul 2017Rural Medical School expert joins team

10 Jul 2017Healthy minds deliver health fixes

05 Jul 2017Training Hubs only part of the solution

04 Jul 2017Crops tricked to take up more phosphate

30 Jun 2017After IS falls, expect aftershocks

29 Jun 2017Gold Rush Victoria as wasteful as today

04 Jul 2017Ten years since the iPhone changed us

29 Jun 2017Nursing and Tourism fly high in rankings

22 Jun 2017Queen's Birthday Honours 2017

22 Jun 2017The stark reality of regional healthcare

21 Jun 2017Eminent public health advocate appointed

19 Jun 2017Hallmark Program Leadership Symposium

19 Jun 2017Plant scientist goes back to his roots

19 Jun 2017Twenty years after the handover, Hong Kong proves itself a headache for China

23 Jun 2017Food transport to be revolutionised

19 Jun 2017Students improve care through Big Ideas

19 Jun 2017Turnbull government must find a way to rid Australia of foreign donations

15 Jun 2017Breakthrough in reptile research

15 Jun 2017A billion-dollar gamble on X-ray Laser

13 Jun 2017First ever trial for autonomous shuttles

09 Jun 2017Malthouse brings leadership to Mildura

08 Jun 2017QS puts La Trobe in top 1.4% of Unis

06 Jun 2017The Australia-China Relations Institute

06 Jun 2017How women won the vote in Australia

05 Jun 2017Molecules Readied To Fight Diseases

06 Jun 2017New online courses and website launched

02 Jun 2017Fifty years on from the Six Day War

02 Jun 2017Landmark study on antenatal expressing

02 Jun 2017Is it safe to express milk before birth?

01 Jun 2017$200m Synchrotron wows regional students

01 Jun 2017Taking Asia's temperature at Shangri-La

31 May 2017New sculpture installed at La Trobe

30 May 2017Indigenous youth experience La Trobe

30 May 2017Weighing up diet programs

29 May 2017Students develop campus bus tracker

24 May 2017How IEEE Will Leverage Entrepreneurship

24 May 2017Regional higher ed faces 'triple whammy'

24 May 2017301 express bus shuttle here to stay

23 May 2017Carnage at concert in Manchester

19 May 2017The legacy of colonial control by design

19 May 2017Respected educator joins La Trobe

19 May 2017Shinzo Abe pushes ahead with reform

19 May 2017We should not commit combat troops

18 May 2017China’s vision for globalisation

18 May 2017White House scandals won't end soon

18 May 2017Study programs may no longer be free

17 May 2017Feeding the next generation of graduates

15 May 2017Teens experience ‘Poison Cabinet' at SLV

15 May 2017Once upon a time in America

12 May 2017Scientists bring Saturn to Melbourne

11 May 2017How much TV is too much?

10 May 2017Opinion: Budget 2017

08 May 2017Another human species interacts with us

10 May 2017University and students reject cuts

10 May 2017Disappointment and optimism for MDMS

09 May 2017What happens next for journalists

09 May 2017Exposing a prescribed killer

09 May 2017VCE students get a taste of the UN

10 May 2017Insights from transatlantic academic

08 May 2017 China’s Eurasian gambit

04 May 2017La Trobe leads cyber security solution

03 May 2017La Trobe boosts ties with India

03 May 2017History provides lessons for Turnbull

02 May 2017La Trobe diet plan for depression

02 May 2017Online MBA is Australia’s best

28 Apr 2017Sisters succeed at La Trobe Mildura

27 Apr 2017Richard Larkins installed as Chancellor

24 Apr 2017MDMS solves regional doctors shortage

26 Apr 2017Opinion: Epigenetics

26 Apr 2017Opinion: The US, Russia and China

24 Apr 2017US remains committed to the Asia-Pacific

21 Apr 2017Grand plan engineered for Bendigo campus

21 Apr 2017Trump and North Korea

20 Apr 2017Students and partners leap into new lab

20 Apr 2017Study reveals need for cancer rehab

12 Apr 2017Insights into regional drinking patterns

13 Apr 2017Attacking North Korea

13 Apr 2017The solution to Syria is complicated

12 Apr 2017Australia and India: some way to go yet

12 Apr 2017La Trobe study named most influential

10 Apr 2017Changing the mindset of Bosnia's youth

06 Apr 2017La Trobe among global young guns

05 Apr 2017Michael Kirby: Health, Law and Sexuality

04 Apr 2017New indoor stadium for Melbourne's north

04 Apr 2017Living with a nuclear North Korea

03 Apr 2017Tying funding to student performance

31 Mar 2017Ballet research to optimise performance

27 Mar 2017Tech innovator hits Victorian shores

30 Mar 2017Liquor review must address violence

30 Mar 2017Trump tears down US climate policy

29 Mar 2017Impact of fires on cockroaches

27 Mar 2017Vaccine views study

27 Mar 2017Li Keqiang’s visit a good sign

24 Mar 2017Russia’s meddling in the French election

23 Mar 2017Students set to experience IPL

23 Mar 2017Terror in London

22 Mar 2017Trump's credibility takes a hit

21 Mar 2017How ‘America First’ plays out in Asia

20 Mar 2017Tony Walker Vice Chancellor's Fellow

20 Mar 2017Opinion: 18C

17 Mar 2017Russia expands in the Middle East

17 Mar 2017Make the Difference campaign off to strong start

16 Mar 2017La Trobe strengthens Pacific engagement

15 Mar 2017Education and health key for taskforce

15 Mar 2017Reflecting on the House of Mirrors

13 Mar 2017La Trobe opens new expanded City Campus

13 Mar 2017La Trobe Pregnancy Pilates study

10 Mar 2017Indigenous students Aspire to La Trobe

09 Mar 2017La Trobe to boost school cyber skills

08 Mar 2017La Trobe subjects among global elite

08 Mar 2017'Career Ready' initiative kicks off 50th

07 Mar 2017La Trobe women Square the Ledger

03 Mar 2017The politics of Aboriginal kitsch

03 Mar 2017Opinion: Foreign policy white paper

02 Mar 2017University sexual assault policies

02 Mar 2017La Trobe 50th Anniversary exhibition

01 Mar 2017La Trobe backs new Indigenous Strategy

01 Mar 2017Countries to watch in 2017 - USA

01 Mar 2017Bendigo, Brexit and Trumpism

01 Mar 2017Regional brain drain worsens

28 Feb 2017Countries to watch in 2017 - China

28 Feb 2017Countries to watch in 2017 - Indonesia

24 Feb 2017Netanyahu’s visit in perspective

24 Feb 2017From the Paddock to the Agora

23 Feb 2017Students to work on new tech in Germany

22 Feb 2017What's most likely to kill you?

22 Feb 2017La Trobe partners with Melbourne Rebels

21 Feb 2017Boycotting Netanyahu is not the answer

22 Feb 2017Decoding Trump and the Russians

20 Feb 2017Flies help unlock cancer clues

07 Mar 2017Scholarships for people seeking asylum

17 Feb 2017Netanyahu visit historic for Australia

16 Feb 2017International scientist to lead CAPR

15 Feb 2017UN honors alumna Maureen Wheeler

15 Feb 2017Grub for future generations

15 Feb 2017On the frontlines of space technology

13 Feb 2017Melbourne City Women's FC wins title

14 Feb 2017Complementary medicine clarification

09 Feb 2017A fractured political system

08 Feb 2017PhD students get career ready

07 Feb 2017La Trobe's success in NHMRC funding

16 Mar 2017Hyllus Maris Memorial Lecture reignited

03 Feb 2017Is the damage to Australia worth it?

31 Jan 2017Lawn Lunch – celebrating La Trobe's 50th

30 Jan 2017World first trial of shark inspired drug

27 Jan 2017Time to review our US relationship

27 Jan 2017The idea of ‘fair go’ can vary

25 Jan 2017Why we lose our hearing and vision

24 Jan 2017Improving mental health nursing

24 Jan 2017The blindness of Putin's friends

23 Jan 2017Trump enters US-Russia-China relations

18 Jan 2017What's the point of sex?

18 Jan 2017La Trobe makes more than 7,000 offers

16 Jan 2017How will the west manage Russia

16 Jan 2017Zika virus can be transmitted sexually

07 Mar 2017Art to protect the environment

01 Mar 2017Life imitates art to protect environment

11 Jan 2017Why are most people right handed?

10 Jan 2017Timor-Leste terminating maritime treaty

09 Jan 2017Five political leaders to watch in 2017

09 Jan 2017Dabiq and the Islamic State massacres

05 Jan 2017What if Marilyn Monroe acted on stage

05 Jan 2017DNA study of Indigenous Australians

07 Jun 2017La Trobe’s Art Now Summer School at NGV

07 Jun 2017Experience how your mind sees art

08 Mar 2017Boosting academic pathways for nurses