The La Trobe University Council is the governing authority of the University and is chaired by the Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor is appointed by Council to be the chief executive officer of the University.


Professor Richard Larkins AO
T: 03 9479 2058
F: 03 9479 1045
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Deputy Chancellors

Mr Andrew Eddy
Dr Philip Moors AO
Ms Deborah Radford
T: 03 9479 2058
F: 03 9479 1045

The Council is responsible for strategic planning within the regulatory framework of the University. It has a central role in identifying the character of La Trobe and ensuring that the University responds to the wider social context in which it operates.

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University governance

The University’s governance is established through legislation, La Trobe University Act, 2009 and is overseen by the primary authority under the Act, Council. Council’s formal powers are laid out in legislation and relate to matters of strategic direction, organisation and good governance of the University.

Academic Governance

Academic governance is overseen by a statutory body, the Academic Board. The Board is responsible for the academic oversight of the University’s teaching, learning and research and discharges these responsibilities through its committee structure.

Governance Services Unit

The Governance Services Unit supports the University's governance processes.


La Trobe University’s governance system has a range of committees operating at different levels and for different purposes. These committees are dependent on the provision of high level support and high quality resources.

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