Rural Health Commissioner welcomed

La Trobe University has welcomed the Turnbull Government’s appointment of a National Rural Health Commissioner.

Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar congratulated Professor Paul Worley in his new role.

“It is fitting that an expert in rural community-based medical education and its interaction with the maldistribution of doctors for rural and under-served areas is being appointed to this important role.

“Right now, the system is broken – there are not enough GPs who graduate and go on to practise in regional and rural communities, and the ongoing shortage is putting the health and wellbeing of country people at risk.

“Our proposal – the Murray Darling Medical School (MDMS) will help to ensure a strong flow of undergraduate students who are trained in and want to work in the regions. Economic modelling has shown it is three times as efficient has the current system in training rural and regional doctors.”

“We look forward to working with Professor Worley on our shared goals - to build a sustainable rural and regional health workforce, and create healthier, self-reliant communities,” Professor Dewar said.