Aspire Early Admissions Program

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Applications will open 1 June 2018.

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About Aspire

Giving you a head start at La Trobe and beyond.

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Who can apply

Aspire is open to current Year-12 and non-Year 12 students.

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Aspire Generation

Make your mark. For students in Years 9 to 11.

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How to apply

What’s involved and the application process.

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Current Year 12 or a Non-Year 12 student?

Get an early conditional offer into your chosen course at La Trobe.

Are you eligible?

High school student in Years 9 to 11?

Join the Aspire Generation, learn new skills and get involved in your community.


Get in touch

Contact us if you’ve still got questions or want to stay up to date with the Aspire Program.


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Call 1300 135 045 for course information


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