Aspire Early Entry Program

Step into the future with an early conditional offer to La Trobe.

What’s the Aspire Early Entry Program?

Our Aspire Early Entry Program rewards you with an early conditional offer into your chosen course at La Trobe.

We have multiple streams to choose from, so if you’ve given back to your community, achieved good results in Year 11 or taken extra university studies, you could get an early conditional offer into your dream course before you've finished your Year 12 exams – or even sooner.

Aspire Programs

Below is a list of our Aspire programs, all of which have unique requirements, outcomes and access to La Trobe Courses.

You can participate and apply for one or all of the Aspire programs.

If you’re in Year 12, you can apply for as many Aspire programs as you’re eligible for.

Early university study

Early university study

Gain an early conditional offer by studying an undergraduate subject at La Trobe.

Community contribution

Community contribution

Get an early conditional offer based on your involvement in community, leadership and volunteering.

Year 11 conditional entry

Year 11 conditional entry

Gain an early conditional offer to La Trobe based on your Year 11 results.


An early conditional offer is an offer to say you have a place reserved for you in the course you’ve applied for, but you will still need to meet any entry requirements that are outlined in your offer.

These entry requirements will depend on the course you have applied for and your method of entry.

Yes! You can apply for all Aspire programs you’re eligible for to increase your chances of getting an early conditional offer.

We’re still finalising the details of our Year 11 Conditional Entry program, so enquire now to stay up to date with application dates once the program launches.

Yes! Course caps will apply, so enquire now to be the first to know once the program launches.

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