Experts: National Stroke Week

Experts available for comment National Stroke Week 2022.

National Stroke Week – 8 – 14 August, 2022

Experts below are available during and beyond National Stroke Week.

Professor Miranda Rose

Principal Research Fellow and Director of the NHMRC funded Centre of Research Excellence in Aphasia Recovery and Rehabilitation

Highlighted topic in 2022:

Communication disability/aphasia after stroke; impacts on stroke survivors, family and friends; The Aphasia CRE’s 5 programs of research: addressing prediction of recovery; treatment effectiveness; using technology to enhance treatment and healthcare communication; mental health and wellbeing; inclusion of people with aphasia in healthcare and stroke research

Quotes relevant to National Stroke Week 2022

  • “56% of stroke survivors with aphasia experience depression or anxiety- psychological treatments need to be specially adapted for people with aphasia.”
  • “The majority of people with aphasia after stroke lose friends and can become socially isolated: community aphasia groups are a feasible and cost effective solution that should be implemented.”
  • “Speech pathology treatments to reduce the communication disability are effective for people with aphasia after stroke: novel service-delivery methods are available for implementation.”

Professor Leeanne Carey

Occupational Therapy, School of Allied Health Human Services and Sport

Highlighted topic in 2022:

Personalising stroke recovery through new technologies

Linked with study titled: Staying connected: personalising stroke recovery and rehabilitation through new technologies for people with stroke living at home.


  • “Leaving hospital is ‘like falling off a cliff’.
  • “Our new program of research will deliver bursts of therapy at point of need, at home; and provide feedback through new technologies and a central hub…to stay connected, and to recover at home.”
  • “Personalised best practice therapy: at the right time and right place.”

Brendon Haslam

Physiotherapist and Research Fellow

Highlighted topic in 2022:

Chronic pain post-stroke


  • “Up to 70% of people with stroke experience chronic pain. This further affects their abilities to perform and enjoy everyday activities beyond the physical difficulties due to their stroke. They are often told that having ongoing pain is just something that they have to live with.”

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