Cultivator returns to 29 Deakin Avenue!

The historic building that housed the ‘Mildura Cultivator’ newspaper 100 years ago, will this week play host to the ‘Cultivator’ group as they work on their Common-Unity project.

29 Deakin Avenue is now the city campus of La Trobe University, but from 1888 – 1920 it was the home of ‘Mildura Cultivator’.  ‘Mildura Cultivator’ was a weekly newspaper comprising of local and national news but also incorporated horticultural information and advice.

In 2010, when a group of local design professionals wanted to create an event to celebrate design and its place in business and social settings, they decided on the name ‘Cultivator’ as a nod to this important publication in Mildura’s history.

La Trobe University is a partner of Cultivator and the group will use the 29 Deakin Avenue building this week as they work on their Common-Unity project.  La Trobe, SuniTAFE and other University students will take part in workshops to produce an Outback Light Show.  The group will collaborate to create footage that can be projected onto landmarks throughout Mildura using high powered projectors.  The annual Cultivator conference will be held in La Trobe University’s lecture theatre at the 471 Benetook Avenue campus on Friday 20 October.

“It’s fantastic we can use the original home of the Mildura Cultivator for our workshops.  We’ll be giving the students an insight into the history of Mildura and it will be a nice tie in that the building we’ll be working out of holds such a special place in the district’s history,” Mark Haynes of Cultivator said.

Dr Deb Neal said La Trobe was thrilled to provide the Deakin Avenue building and Benetook Avenue lecture theatre to Cultivator for their activites.

“Cultivator is a dynamic event that provides our students, and members of the public, the opportunity to explore leadership, innovation and creativity.  The projects Cultivator has been part of has really opened the community’s eyes to a unique interpretation of design and La Trobe University recognises this type of ingenuity as a vital compenonent in regional communities.” Dr Neal said.


When: Thursday 7 September – Saturday 9 September

Where: 29 Deakin Avenue

Please contact Ashlee Ryan (0417 323 470) or Mark Haynes at if you’d like to cover this story.