Students learn how to get smart online

School students from across Melbourne learned how to become better digital citizens and prepare for cyber security careers when they visited La Trobe University this Wednesday, as part of an Optus led Digital Smarts Day.

A free, interactive day for school students led by the team at Optus and supported by La Trobe University, Digital Smarts Day Melbourne has been designed to support young people to be safe, responsible and thrive in the digital world.

Students from grades 5 to 8 participated in a variety of interactive workshops that covered important topics like cyberbullying, staying safe online, and cybersecurity.

Helen Maisano, Optus’ Director for Sustainability said, “Digital Smarts Day is developed from the Optus Digital Thumbprint program. We partner with Kids Helpline for primary school students and we also deliver Digital Thumbprint for secondary school students. Our aim through these free, interactive in-school programs is to support young Australians with the knowledge and practical advice for a positive online experience.”

“With the demand for cyber skills and cyber jobs growing rapidly, we have expanded Digital Smarts Day by partnering with La Trobe University’s Cyber Faculty and including content from the Optus Cyber Security Experience powered by Life Journey. This cross-sector collaboration means that students can learn, at a young age, the skills and qualities that will help them thrive in the digital world.”

“They will explore careers with Optus cybersecurity professionals and hear first-hand from students undertaking La Trobe University’s under and post graduate courses in cybersecurity.”

“While the digital world presents significant issues such as cyberbullying, it also provides countless benefits and opportunities. Events such as Digital Smarts Day and our ongoing programs within primary and secondary schools provide young people with practical strategies to navigate risk and important insights to prepare for the cyber jobs of tomorrow,” Ms Maisano added.

La Trobe University Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar welcomed Optus to the University’s Bundoora campus in Melbourne and said the Digital Smarts Day program aligns perfectly with La Trobe’s world-class expertise in cybersecurity research and teaching.

“We are delighted to partner with Optus on this important program which will not only help young people become responsible digital citizens but will also open their eyes to the wealth of exciting future job opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity,” Professor Dewar said.

“Students who choose to study one of La Trobe’s own wide-ranging cybersecurity degrees learn from research experts at the top of their game in disciplines spanning cyber intelligence, information technology, cyber crime and cyber law – all areas in demand from employers in Australia and across the world.”

La Trobe University degree programs in Cybersecurity

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About the Digital Thumbprint Program

Optus Digital Thumbprint empowers young people to stay safe online to shape their future for the better. We’re thrilled that through our Digital Thumbprint program, over 100,000 students have learned to be safer and smarter online.

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About the Optus Cyber Security Experience

The Day of STEM Optus Cyber Security Experience is an interactive web platform, powered by LifeJourney that enables students to take a seat beside the Optus Cybersecurity team and test drive a day in the life of six cyber professionals.

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