Experience how your mind sees art

La Trobe University, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), has introduced a unique and interactive art experience as part of the gallery’s Friday Night summer series events (5 Feb – 24 April).

Visitors to Friday Nights at NGV will be able to see in real-time how their mind engages with a collection of iconic artwork from the Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibition.

Using innovative technology the University has created a unique Thoughtography experience, visitors to the NGV will view four pieces of artwork while wearing a headset to measure brain waves (EEG).

The wireless headset records visitors’ brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data, which is then recorded as a personalised Thoughtograph allowing participants to see exactly how engaged their mind was to the art. Each participant will receive a print-out of their unique Thoughtograph, as well as a digital copy.

Commenting on the development of Thoughtography and La Trobe University’s commitment to the arts, Dr Stephen Kent Head of Psychology and Public Health, said, “As the official learning partner of the NGV during its biggest exhibition to date, we wanted to really challenge our thinking - in particular what art actually means to individuals knowing that it’s a very subjective topic.

“Together with our creative division, our team of academics in the Psychology Department brought Thoughtography and the technology behind it to life. It’s a testament that merges both NGV’s and La Trobe University’s shared respect for bold-thinking and pushing boundaries.”

Thoughtography is an extension of La Trobe University’s commitment to the NGV and the arts. It continues to demonstrate both brands’ bold-thinking ethos following La Trobe University’s previous support of Melbourne Now (2013), the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition (2014).

As well as the Thoughtography activation on display at the Friday Night summer series events, La Trobe University is conducting the Art Now Summer School program – an accredited art subject, exclusive to La Trobe University students, which develops an understanding of the contemporary arts.

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