Nursing climbs in top 100 ranking

Nursing at La Trobe University has increased its position in the world’s top 100 Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

Reducing Australia's cancer death rate

New research on smoking and drinking

La Trobe funds scriptwriter for TV Pilot

$200,000 invested into script for The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

Koala genetic code cracked

Scientists complete full sequencing of koala genome

Rural health boost for La Trobe

$3 million donation given to La Trobe Rural Health

Prospects poor for Trump-Putin meeting

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump meeting will focus global attention

New Zealander deportation on the rise

Over the last two years, over 1,000 have been deported from Australia

Where are you from?

It's a complicated question

Who is Brett Kavanaugh?

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s pick for the US Supreme Court

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