La Trobe celebrates 200,000th graduate

Amid a sky of confetti and thunderous applause, La Trobe University welcomed international student Harsha Iruvaram as its 200,000th graduate

La Trobe's infection-busting discovery

Scientific discovery could lead to new class of antibiotics

Should women take a break from the pill?

The pill is the most popular form of contraception for women under 30

Olivia Newton-John honoured

La Trobe awards Honorary Doctorate to celebrated Australian

Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal

Hassan Rouhani says Iran will consider staying in the nuclear deal

China's debt diplomacy in the Pacific

Should China's 'debt trap' ring alarm bells for Australia?

US won't end Israel-Palestinian conflict

The world is being obliged to take account of a new reality

Students take action

La Trobe students and staff speak on prescription medication harms

A history of the marsupial lion

An extinct species of marsupial with lengthened premolar teeth

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