Industry opportunities for graduate researchers

We know that graduates don’t always remain in academia. That’s why we’ll support you to develop your skills and build contacts outside the university sector.

Even for those who will have an academic career, the ability to understand relevant industry needs and to establish partnerships outside academia is just as important. The people you meet at La Trobe will help you build a rewarding career, no matter where life takes you.

Developing partnerships and collaborations with industry and community is a key priority for us. University-industry collaborations bring multiple benefits to industries, communities and students, including:

  • creating positive impact in society through research
  • providing industries and communities access to University expertise that will help them solve their problems and achieve their goals
  • equipping graduate researchers (PhD and Master by research students) with knowledge and skills necessary for rewarding careers.

Our understanding of ‘industry’ refers to any sector outside the academia, including private sector organisations, government bodies, non-governmental organisations and community groups in a variety of fields.

Industry and community engagement

We offer three streams that facilitate collaborations between industry and graduate researchers.

Industry internships

Industry internships

Try an internship or mentoring program if you want to grow your networks while you research.

Career mentoring

Career mentoring

PhD candidates can be connected with an industry leader via these mentoring programs.

La Trobe PhD - with an industry focus

La Trobe PhD - with an industry focus

Solve industry-relevant problems at a commercially relevant pace, while maintaining the academic rigour of our La Trobe PhD.

New Graduate Research Industry Engagement Allowance (GRIEA) Launched

The Graduate Research School is excited to announce a new Industry Engagement fund for graduate researchers at La Trobe. Doctoral candidates who engage with an external industry partner during their PhD to undertake research and development related to their project may be eligible for additional support of $1,000.

Engagement with an industry partner can take many forms, such as Industry PhDs, internships, collaborative and Professional Doctorate projects. All streams are catered for under this new allowance, with the full eligibility criteria outlined on the GRIEA application form.

For further information and to find out if you are eligible to apply, please visit the GRS Forms and Resources web page and search under Graduate Research Candidates forms.