La Trobe expert list for holiday season

La Trobe University has academic experts, available to talk to the media during the summer period on the following topics (please note the University is shut December 22 to January 1).

DIET: Having a vegan Christmas or catering to vegans and vegetarians during the holiday period

  • Dr Matt Ruby – Lecturer in Psychology
    Mobile: 0490 854 736 / Email:

    Please note, Dr Ruby is NOT available on the following dates:
    December 25
    December 26
    December 31

ALCOHOL: Trends in alcohol consumption and harms during the festive season

  • Dr Michael Livingston – Research Fellow at the La Trobe University Centre for Alcohol Policy Research
    Mobile: 0411 662 525, Email:

    Please note, Dr Livingston is NOT available between the following dates:
    December 22-27
    December 30-January 1
    January 16-23

WORK LIFE BALANCE: Working over the holiday period/working on Christmas day, the importance of recharging your batteries during the holiday period, is it time to look for a new job?

  • Associate Professor Jodi Oakman – Head of the Centre for Ergonomics and Human Factors at La Trobe
    Mobile: 0447 152 944 / Email:


  • Exercise, fitness resolutions in the New Year
    Dr Christian Barton – Research Fellow at the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre
    Mobile: 0403 012 914 / Email:
  • The history of cricket and historic moments in cricket, moving cricket television coverage from Channel Nine, to Channel Seven and Foxtel
    Anthony Condon – Graduate Researcher in History
    Mobile: 0434 277 522 / Email: OR

    Please note: Dr Condon has greater availability in the morning/early in the day


  • Bushfire season and risk areas
    Professor Mike Clarke, Head of the La Trobe School of Life Sciences
    Mobile: 0427 368 851 / Email:
  • Why residents don’t evacuate when bushfire looms, climate change
    Adjunct Professor Jim McLennan, La Trobe School of Psychology and Public Health
    Mobile: 0438 096 548 /


  • Christianity/Islam
    Emeritus Professor Joseph Camilleri
    Mobile: 0448 002 483 / Email:
  • Anti-Muslim hate speech
    Dr Andre Oboler – Lecturer in the La Trobe Law School
    Email: (please CC

ONLINE: What to share and what not to share online when it comes to your holiday activities, the risks of sharing your holiday locations online

  • Dr Andre Oboler – Lecturer in the La Trobe Law School
    Email: (please CC

DRUG USE: Methamphetamine use at music festivals, drug addiction/deaths, pill testing

  • Professor Maarten van den Buuse – La Trobe School of Psychology and Public Health
    Mobile: 0402 025 097 / Email:

FAMILY CONFLICT/LAW & MEDICINE: Coping with difficult family conflict during the holiday period (i.e. custody issues), legal parentage, consent to medical procedures, medical malpractice

  • Hannah Robert – Lecturer, La Trobe University Law School
    Mobile: 0419 667 633 / Email:

    Please note, Ms Robert will NOT be available between the following dates:
    27-28 December
    31 December-4 January
    8-11 January

RURAL ROAD TRAUMA: The factors that contribute to a disproportionate number of people dying, or being seriously injured, on rural roads. How rural road users differ from their metropolitan counterparts

  • Professor Pamela Snow, Head of La Trobe's Rural Health School (Bendigo based)
    Mobile: 0458 377 253 / Email:

    Please note:
    Professor Snow is only available between December 26 to January 31

INFERTILITY: How the social effects of infertility are felt more over the Christmas period, how we can be more sensitive to those who might be affected by infertility

  • Dr Paulina Billett – Lecturer Sociology (Bendigo/Gisborne based)
    Mobile: 0401 821 721 / Email:

    Please note:
    Dr Billett is available over the phone from December 26 to January 1
    Dr Billett is available for in person interviews from January 14 to January 31

ANIMALS/PETS: How to look after your dogs and cats during Summer, adopting pets as Christmas presents, how to look after pets that might be frightened of loud festivities like fireworks

  • Dr Pauleen Bennett, Head of Department Psychology and Counselling (Bendigo based)
    Mobile: 0427 700 260 / Email:

    Please note:
    Dr Bennett is only available from January 7