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17 Dec 2020Nuro: An online tool to clear the mind

17 Dec 2020La Trobe experts available this summer

17 Dec 2020Working from home: Employer guidelines

15 Dec 2020Melbourne City partnership to continue

15 Dec 2020Campus Director appointed in Bendigo

15 Dec 2020La Trobe awarded $5.8m in NHMRC grants

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25 Nov 2020Physiotherapist wins top science award

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19 Nov 2020Major literary award for La Trobe writer

19 Nov 2020La Trobe wins Higher Education Award

18 Nov 2020La Trobe receives $4.1m in ARC grants

17 Nov 2020Outstanding graduate outcomes

12 Nov 2020LGBTIQ adults' national survey published

12 Nov 2020La Trobe University Statement

11 Nov 2020Joe Biden and the US-China relationship

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils Regional Campus Plans

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Mildura campus

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Albury-Wodonga

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Bendigo campus

11 Nov 2020La Trobe unveils plan for Shepparton

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26 Oct 2020Lecturer shortlisted for esteemed award

30 Oct 2020Old freedoms return to Victoria

22 Oct 2020Apple 5G iPhones not yet in Australia

22 Oct 2020WHO is right about lockdowns

15 Oct 2020Hylton Menz awarded AAHMS fellowship

15 Oct 2020Solar edges Bendigo closer to net zero

13 Oct 2020La Trobe Professor a Young Tall Poppy

14 Oct 2020Researching Australian history, culture

08 Oct 2020Virtual Book Week event for schools

07 Oct 2020La Trobe welcomes Government support

09 Sep 2020Research to curb injury in women’s footy

05 Oct 2020La Trobe leads fight against sepsis

06 Oct 2020La Trobe committed to kickstart Victoria

05 Oct 2020Bushfire recovery research funded

02 Oct 2020La Trobe committed to a regional future

06 Oct 2020Public naming practices: The gender gap

05 Oct 2020NZ opens travel bubble with some states

01 Oct 2020Ancient rites of cell death revealed

30 Sep 2020Global partnership brings joint PhDs

24 Sep 2020Research delivers smoke taint toolkit

24 Sep 2020Boosting health workers' skills

21 Sep 2020La Trobe unveils new Strategic Plan

21 Sep 2020New partnership increases choice online

21 Sep 2020Verily Connect trial a success

09 Sep 2020Scorpions a clue to restoring ecosystems

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19 Aug 2020Energy efficiency research funding boost

19 Aug 2020Explore La Trobe from home

17 Aug 2020Regional students receive early offers

14 Aug 2020Online tools to help prevent suicide

12 Aug 2020AMA Art Prize 2020 winner announced

07 Aug 2020Conserving Victoria's alpine stoneflies

31 Jul 2020Rethink needed on flawed rugby research

29 Jul 2020ARC Future Fellowship funding success

28 Jul 2020Funding to prevent premature births

23 Jul 2020Older Australians drinking more heavily

23 Jul 2020Artificial light keeps birds up at night

22 Jul 2020La Trobe passes net zero solar milestone

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22 Jul 2020Helping small businesses connect online

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10 Jul 2020Death the Leveller

10 Jul 2020Albury Wodonga Regional Deal welcomed

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02 Jul 2020Funding to stop LGBTIQ family violence

30 Jun 2020Reclaiming childhood rights

29 Jun 2020La Trobe launches SOLAR Lab

29 Jun 2020La Trobe research is world class

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16 Jun 2020Artificial Intelligence for cancer care

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15 Jun 2020Better breastfeeding data needed

15 Jun 2020New National Industry Innovation Network

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11 Jun 2020Queen's Birthday Honours 2020

11 Jun 2020Cutting the ABC cuts public trust

11 Jun 2020Attending G7 carries diplomatic risks

10 Jun 2020La Trobe rises in global QS rankings

10 Jun 2020Short courses for a changing workforce

10 Jun 2020La Trobe University statement

10 Jun 2020New material tackles harmful fungi

03 Jun 2020Media statement

02 Jun 2020Navigating public transport safely

02 Jun 2020Leadbeater’s possum has its day in court

01 Jun 2020Yves Rees wins Calibre Essay Prize

02 Jun 2020Lab experiments moved online or mailed

26 May 2020Beware the ‘cauldron of paranoia’

26 May 2020Socialising safely as restrictions ease

20 May 2020La Trobe research makes global impact

22 May 2020Is taking hydroxychloroquine wise?

21 May 2020Grant to help LGBT conversion survivors

19 May 2020State funding support welcomed

18 May 2020COVID, intellectual disability & rights

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12 May 2020Research into COVID-19 related psychosis

15 May 2020COVID throws fuel on US-China relations

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15 May 2020COVID hurting abortion access nationwide

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07 May 2020Physios warn of post-lockdown injury

08 May 2020How George Pell failed sex abuse victims

07 May 2020Sport managers flock to online program

05 May 2020World first role for technology expert

01 May 2020Applications open: Aspire early offers

04 May 2020Linkage Grant to study alcohol harm

05 May 2020Reflecting on death and ageism

01 May 2020La Trobe joins Digital Health CRC

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30 Apr 2020Universities more important than ever

29 Apr 2020International student support welcomed

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22 Apr 2020 Fairley La Trobe lecture cancelled

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31 Mar 2020Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellows appointed

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30 Mar 2020Australian Muslim artists exhibition

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25 Mar 2020The importance of social distancing

25 Mar 2020A shift towards long-term rental homes

23 Mar 2020La Trobe COVID-19 Expert Alert

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17 Mar 2020Iran could change its action in Syria

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27 Feb 2020Brain disease in former Aus rules player

26 Feb 2020Research Academy launches in India

26 Feb 2020SRK La Trobe scholarship awarded

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14 Feb 2020La Trobe is the new home of softball

11 Feb 2020Making sport accessible for everyone

10 Feb 2020Fighting modern slavery

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30 Jan 2020Unis have vital role in times of crisis

24 Jan 2020Australia Day Honour for La Trobe VC

23 Jan 2020Adam Smith, kidnapped

21 Jan 2020La Trobe supports bushfire recovery

20 Jan 2020Threatened species habitat up in smoke

20 Jan 2020La Trobe awarded record LIEF grants

20 Jan 2020Habitat up in smoke

17 Jan 2020La Trobe class of 2020

16 Jan 2020Measuring bushfire's impact on vineyards

21 Jan 2020Regional students receive scholarships

15 Jan 2020Alcohol tax reform needed

20 Oct 2020Healthy gut bacteria thrive before birth