Statement on university funding cuts

We are deeply disappointed by the Government’s funding cuts to universities, which effectively amount to a dismantling of the demand driven system without any public discussion of the impacts of such a profound change in higher education policy.

While we are currently working through the details of the cuts, we have serious concerns about the medium and long-term implications, particularly for regional and disadvantaged student participation. A funding freeze at 2017 levels will see the gap between regional and metropolitan participation widen to the detriment of regional communities and both the regional and national economy. Similarly, a funding freeze at 2017 levels will entrench participation disparities for disadvantaged students. Longer term, as population grows, a smaller proportion of future students will have the opportunity to benefit from higher education.

The Government’s short-sightedness will be a loss for individuals, the economy and the broader community.

Professor John Dewar, Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University

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