2021 Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellow

La Trobe University has appointed Dr Sallie Yea as the 2021 Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellow.

Named after a much-esteemed member of the Department of Archaeology and History who sadly passed away in 2017, the Tracey Banivanua Mar (TBM) Fellowships were established to ensure that staff who have demonstrated potential to be a future leader and who have major caring responsibilities are able to maintain their career momentum and be supported to fulfil their potential. The Fellowships aim to reduce the impact of career breaks or intense caregiving responsibilities on research productivity.

Now in their fourth year, the Fellowships are one of the principal actions in the University’s SAGE Athena SWAN Action Plan to improve gender equality and diversity in higher education and research.

Dr Yea will join seven other TBM Fellows. You can learn more about the Fellowship here.

Dr Sallie Yea’s research

Dr Sallie Yea is a Human Geographer whose research focuses on the intersections between forced labour, migration, gender and human rights. She approaches her research through a feminist geopolitical lens and conducts research predominantly in the Indo-Pacific region.

During her Fellowship Dr Yea will develop a research program that examines human trafficking and modern-day slavery in the global seafood industry, as well as other sectors. She will critically examine the gaps in current responses to these human rights problems, including what makes people vulnerable to trafficking and slavery, how they can be better protected, and how justice for survivors may be bettered accessed.

You can read about Dr Yea’s work in her latest article in the Conversation.

CAPTION:  Dr Sallie Yea conducting fieldwork in Bangladesh.

Media: Kathryn Powley | 0428 734 902 | k.powley@latrobe.edu.au