20 Dec 2021Embracing positivity in 2022

15 Dec 2021FAQs: Casual Pay Review

15 Dec 2021Media Statement: Casual Pay Review

14 Dec 2021La Trobe experts available this summer

13 Dec 2021La Trobe's COVID cohort graduate

09 Dec 2021Website to help prevent suicide

09 Dec 2021La Trobe extends Optus partnership

06 Dec 2021Regional Education Commissioner chosen

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22 Nov 2021Welcoming international students

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17 Nov 2021Law student wins prestigious scholarship

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10 Nov 2021Improving support after young stroke

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04 Nov 2021Media statement: Safe campus reopening

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14 Oct 2021'Dust specks' are genome building blocks

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07 Oct 2021Revealing the colour of cancer cells

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07 Oct 2021Partnership to test for concussion

06 Oct 2021La Trobe PhD students embed in schools

06 Oct 2021Highly employable graduates

05 Oct 2021World Teacher's Day 2021

29 Sep 2021Short-course boosting nursing workforce

28 Sep 2021The Auslan interpreter is not just the side show

21 Sep 2021Student awarded for environmental impact

21 Sep 2021Early therapy reduces babies’ autism diagnosis

17 Sep 2021Media Statement: Roadmap to reopening

17 Sep 2021Regional manufacturing gets new hub

15 Sep 2021Media Statement: Decision to Proceed

15 Sep 2021Supporting emerging regional businesses

13 Sep 2021La Trobe awarded $3m in NHMRC grants

01 Sep 2021Regional students receive scholarship

08 Sep 2021Asking R U Really OK?

08 Sep 2021Digital jobs training at La Trobe

06 Sep 2021Preventing violence against women

02 Sep 2021La Trobe in world's top 250 universities

01 Sep 2021Mysterious marsupial caught on camera

31 Aug 2021Breaking down stigma of FASD

26 Aug 2021Early university offers through Aspire

19 Aug 2021Six regional students look to the skies

19 Aug 2021Fatima Killeen announced as recipient of Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize 2021

17 Aug 2021Women in STEM scholarship recipient

18 Aug 2021Weight Stigma: 2020-2021 National Survey

16 Aug 2021La Trobe in world’s top 350 universities

12 Aug 2021Australia’s first certified Green Lab

12 Aug 2021LGBTQ peers vital for suicide prevention

11 Aug 2021La Trobe’s newest ARC Future Fellowships

09 Aug 2021Supporting a neurodiverse workforce

05 Aug 2021Telehealth training future professionals

29 Jul 2021Olympic skating reveals lurking misogyny

21 Jul 2021Recognising disability to improve care

19 Jul 2021Lavender industry benefits from research

13 Jul 2021La Trobe University Change Proposal

13 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Albury-Wodonga

13 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Mildura

13 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Shepparton

13 Jul 2021Change proposal: Bendigo

08 Jul 2021Painting picture of breast cancer spread

07 Jul 2021Research shows how to retain volunteers

06 Jul 2021Partnership supports education pathways

29 Jun 2021La Trobe builds cyber security workforce

29 Jun 2021Latest technology for Bendigo Creek

26 Jun 2021Growing the future of agriculture

25 Jun 2021Bendigo's new Health and Biomedical Hub

21 Jun 2021Robot to improve wombat health

17 Jun 2021Reaching out to patients in a pandemic

17 Jun 2021Student revenue fall a blow to research

17 Jun 2021Strengthening rural health partnership

17 Jun 2021Media Statement: Casual pay review

15 Jun 2021Combating long-term effects of COVID

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28 May 2021Shakespeare, Trump and tyranny

25 May 2021Osteoarthritis program improving lives

17 May 2021La Trobe’s online MBA ranked in top tier

15 May 2021Women kicking goals at La Trobe

14 May 2021New library opens to Bendigo community

11 May 2021Celebrating International Nurses Day

12 May 2021La Trobe secures $6 million for research

05 May 2021How GP clinic size affects patients

07 May 2021Mildura graduates' time to celebrate

30 Apr 2021Border graduates' time to celebrate

30 Apr 2021Promising wastewater treatment discovery

29 Apr 2021Sequencing genomes of every vertebrate

29 Apr 2021Researching the common cold and COVID-19

29 Apr 2021Alcohol & sexism increase male violence

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27 Apr 2021VC to chair Universities Australia

21 Apr 2021La Trobe’s global impact recognised

15 Apr 2021How La Trobe is transforming microscopy

13 Apr 2021Health benefits of laughter are no joke

07 Apr 2021Supporting conversion therapy survivors

31 Mar 2021Chronic conditions and loneliness

30 Mar 2021Flying start for renewable fuels project

26 Mar 2021Cell remnants’ role in cancer biology

24 Mar 2021Student carers' untapped potential

24 Mar 2021$1.53m in ARC Linkage grants awarded

22 Mar 2021Rural nurses valued more than ever

18 Mar 2021Communication is key to containing COVID

18 Mar 2021Regional students flock to dentistry

18 Mar 2021La Trobe recognised for student support

15 Mar 2021New hubs are catalysts for innovation

12 Mar 2021Bendigo solar reduces running costs

11 Mar 2021Local research to improve aged care

11 Mar 2021Researching probiotics and strong bones

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04 Mar 2021Putting natural capital on farm accounts

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04 Mar 2021Study into AFLW head and knee injuries

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25 Feb 2021A taste of academic research

25 Feb 2021Award-winning teaching at La Trobe

23 Feb 2021La Trobe partners with Optus U

23 Feb 2021Artwork showcases rich collaboration

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17 Feb 2021La Trobe A-W expert wins national awards

17 Feb 2021Why COVID vaccinations can be trusted

16 Feb 2021La Trobe COVID lockdowns experts alert

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10 Feb 2021Fighting fake news in the COVID-19 era

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05 Feb 20212021 Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellow

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04 Feb 2021Study reveals lack of tobacco oversight

03 Feb 2021Schools can support youth mental health

02 Feb 2021LGBTQA+ youth national survey published

03 Feb 2021How will we remember 2020?

01 Feb 2021Hydrogen cluster funded in the Mallee

29 Jan 2021Untold stories of Aboriginal exemption

28 Jan 2021La Trobe staff and alumni honoured

26 Jan 2021Discovery makes the invisible visible

21 Jan 2021UniLodge to run La Trobe’s new residence

20 Jan 2021Funding to give hope to people with MS

20 Jan 2021Vale Mrs Olga Tennison

20 Jan 2021Collaborative technology benefits teams

18 Jan 2021Sports Stadium hailed for sustainability

14 Jan 2021Free course to boost agri-food business

14 Jan 2021La Trobe welcomes 2021 students

04 Jan 2021IIT Kanpur - La Trobe Director appointed