Package deals

Looking for another path to the career you want?

La Trobe's package deals provide a clear path to postgraduate study.

What is a package deal?

La Trobe’s package deals provide an alternative path to the career of your choice by bundling related undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

An offer of a package deal guarantees admission into one of our competitive entry, limited place, postgraduate courses.1-3 Following admission to a relevant undergraduate course, you’ll receive a future conditional offer for your postgraduate course.1-3 You may also be eligible for a 30 per cent discount on the postgraduate course fees.4, 5

Package deals available in 2021

Note: To find out more about the individual course, please follow the links below. Note however that packages are subject to their own admission requirements (see below) and that you must apply using the VTAC code below.

Master of Clinical Audiology
 Undergraduate courseVTAC code
Melbourne (Bundoora) CampusBachelor of Biomedicine2100311541 (CSP)
Bachelor of Health Sciences2100311571 (CSP)
Bachelor of Psychological Science2100311581 (CSP)
Master of Teaching (Primary)
 Undergraduate courseVTAC code
Melbourne (Bundoora) CampusBachelor of Arts2100311641 (CSP)
Bachelor of Science2100311601 (CSP)
Bendigo CampusBachelor of Arts2100211631 (CSP)
Bachelor of Science2100211601 (CSP)
Master of Teaching (Secondary)
 Undergraduate courseVTAC code
Melbourne (Bundoora) CampusBachelor of Arts 2100311671 (CSP)
Bachelor of Science2100311611 (CSP)
Bendigo CampusBachelor of Arts2100211661 (CSP)
Bachelor of Science2100211611 (CSP)

Admission requirements

Undergraduate degrees

Prerequisites for the packaged undergraduate courses are identical to those of the standalone Bachelor’s courses.

However, other admission criteria including minimum ATAR requirements may be higher due to the high demand for these courses.

Postgraduate degrees

Once you have completed the undergraduate course, admission into the postgraduate course is dependent on you meeting the minimum published selection and admission criteria for the relevant postgraduate course.

You can defer commencement of your postgraduate degree, but you must commence in the first available intake period no more than 12 months after the completion of your undergraduate degree.6


The undergraduate component of the package is offered to domestic students as a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

The postgraduate Master of Teaching has a limited number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) available. Students entering into a packaged Master of Teaching may be eligible for CSP (subject to availability). Students offered a CSP for the postgraduate course will not be eligible for any discounts.

Eligible students offered a full-fee paying place will receive a discount of 30% on the postgraduate course fees.5

How to apply

Applications for any of the above-packaged course combinations can only be made through VTAC. Please refer to the VTAC website for more information on how to apply and key dates.

Terms and conditions

  1. Identified packaged courses are only available to domestic applicants.
  2. Admission into the postgraduate component of the package deal is conditional on meeting the minimum selection and admission criteria for the postgraduate award.
  3. Applicants who accept a package deal offer are not obliged to accept admission into, or to complete the identified postgraduate course following completion of the undergraduate course.
  4. The 30 per cent fee discount is only applicable to full-fee offers for the identified postgraduate courses and comprises a:
    1. 20 per cent package deal fee discount where the postgraduate courses offer is full-fee. This discount only applies to applicants offered through VTAC; and a
    2. 10 per cent Alumni discount offered to La Trobe graduates who enter a postgraduate course at full-fee.
  5. La Trobe reserves the right to withhold any other additional fee discounts, regardless of eligibility, for students entering into a package deal and receiving the associated discounts.
  6. Upon completion of the undergraduate course, eligible students are expected to commence the postgraduate course in the next available intake period but may request to defer their start date and commence in the first available intake period up to 12 months after completion of the undergraduate course.
  7. Discounts and the guaranteed postgraduate place associated with the package deal are non-transferable and offers will lapse if not accepted within the relevant timeframes.
  8. Study plan changes within the undergraduate course may result in changes to your future postgraduate course commencement date.
  9. Students must complete the undergraduate component of the Package Deal within four years from commencement to be guaranteed entry into the associated postgraduate component of the Package Deal and eligible for any associated fee discounts.