Find a work based placement

What you need to know as a La Trobe student about Work Based Learning.

We support students’ professional development through a range of for-credit or course-required work-based learning opportunities.

These activities involve practice-based projects or placements within a workplace - in most cases with industry supervision and oversight from a La Trobe academic coordinator.

Our team can help connect you with partners seeking our students to help deliver projects through the program.

Our partners range from local companies to multinationals and are a brilliant foot in the door. While it’s no guarantee, an added benefit is many of our students find continued work within the organisation once their placement finishes.

If there’s an organisation you’d like to work with, get in touch and we can help you take the next steps.

What is a work-based learning activity?

  • It’s an experience that integrates theory with the practice of work, where the student engages with industry or community partners.
  • It’s an activity that is planned so students acquire practical work skills.
  • It has purposeful links to the curriculum with assessments specifically designed for the activity.
  • It has input from a workplace and an academic supervisor.
  • It is approved by the University before being undertaken.

What are other types of work-based learning?

In addition to what may be considered ‘traditional placements’ and work placements that meet the relevant standards as outlined in the Educational Partnerships Procedure, other examples that fall under this category include placements that are:

  • Undertaken by students enrolled under a third-party teaching arrangement with La Trobe.
  • Undertaken as a hurdle, where the activity is a course requirement rather than a subject requirement.
  • Undertaken at La Trobe where the university is the workplace.
  • Undertaken ‘remotely’ where an online or home environment is considered to be the workplace.

Have any questions?

You can always contact our helpful Business Development Education team.