13 Jan 2020La Trobe's green initiatives recognised

10 Jan 2020The women of the League of Nations

09 Jan 2020Raising regional educational aspirations

07 Jan 2020Australian Bushfires

03 Jan 2020Identifying autism through new tech

02 Jan 2020Attracting psychologists to rural areas

19 Dec 2019Supporting women to become IoT experts

17 Dec 2019Supporting health workers in Timor-Leste

18 Dec 2019Impact of meth use depends on your genes

16 Dec 2019La Trobe Summer/Christmas Expert Alert

14 Dec 2019Joint media statement: Krystal Browitt

13 Dec 2019Paving the way to healing complex trauma

11 Dec 2019Running research: Heel-toe or toe-heel?

11 Dec 2019VR and AR helping students ace anatomy

11 Dec 2019Former La Trobe student honoured

09 Dec 2019La Trobe awarded $2.98m in NHMRC grants

06 Dec 2019Building Indigenous health careers

05 Dec 2019La Trobe joins SGroup

05 Dec 2019Is fingerprint login really secure?

09 Dec 2019Can ethics/arts stop a tech apocalypse?

05 Dec 2019La Trobe receives $3.35m in ARC grants

03 Dec 2019Dean and Head of Law School appointed

03 Dec 2019La Trobe shortlisted for green uni award

29 Nov 2019Launch of Sydney Rare Book Week

27 Nov 2019Samuel headed to Indo-Pacific in 2020

27 Nov 2019Prestigious award a first for Bendigo

26 Nov 2019Study: alcohol & tobacco policy impacts

11 Dec 2019Big support to bring students to Bendigo

13 Dec 2019New incentive to study in Albury-Wodonga

13 Dec 2019New incentives to study in Shepparton

25 Nov 2019International student wins top honour

22 Nov 2019New Wallan campus to open in 2020

21 Nov 2019La Trobe Psychology rises in ranking

20 Nov 2019The wild west of pulp advertising

20 Nov 2019Ten years of improving rural health

20 Nov 2019Mental health expert speaks in Bendigo

18 Nov 2019La Trobe welcomes puppies to Bundoora

18 Nov 2019Supporting carers in higher education

17 Nov 2019Rapid alcohol delivery service risks

15 Nov 2019ARC funding success for La Trobe

14 Nov 2019When literature was a weapon

12 Nov 2019Cells control their dance of death

15 Nov 2019Bushfire preparation: black spots

13 Nov 2019La Trobe MBA receives global recognition

15 Nov 2019Victims of abuse still face barriers

12 Nov 2019Stigma hinders overdose medicine use

12 Nov 2019La Trobe honours Distinguished Alumni

11 Nov 2019La Trobe takes regional business global

10 Nov 2019Honour for La Trobe Professor

08 Nov 2019La Trobe student Whittlesea Mayor

07 Nov 2019La Trobe shines in Education

04 Nov 2019Smart Farming for Sustainability

31 Oct 2019Medicinal Agriculture Hub Launched

31 Oct 2019Heel pain: to jab or not to jab?

01 Nov 2019Government backs La Trobe

29 Oct 2019Chinese art donated to La Trobe

28 Oct 2019Scholarship to honour Aiia Maasarwe

22 Oct 2019Donation to tackle sedentary lifestyles

23 Oct 2019Culture helps heal Aboriginal survivors

17 Oct 2019Celebrating our creative arts students

17 Oct 2019Students influence renowned war memorial

16 Oct 2019New role to combat sexual violence

11 Oct 2019Rugby World Cup: Do bonus schemes work?

10 Oct 2019Is this study legit?

08 Oct 2019Healthcare failing transgender people

25 Sep 2019Early childhood educator scholarships

11 Oct 2019Trump: withdrawing troops from Syria

07 Oct 2019AFLW star inspires others

07 Oct 2019Digital technology for anatomy students

11 Oct 2019Trump: the impeachment inquiry

03 Oct 2019La Trobe excels in Arts & Humanities

02 Oct 2019Let's re-frame labour pain

03 Oct 2019La Trobe experts on education topics

04 Oct 2019What’s fuelling interest in veganism?

02 Oct 2019Philip K. Dick: Pulp author and prophet

11 Oct 2019The myth of the white Aussie bloke

30 Sep 2019NFNL calls La Trobe home

26 Sep 2019Everyday sexism & women's mental health

01 Oct 2019Protecting young social media users

24 Sep 2019Aus Pulp Fiction: Romances and Funnies

20 Sep 2019VC term extended by three years to 2024

20 Sep 2019Athena SWAN Bronze Award achieved

23 Sep 2019Status counts in the Brownlow Medal

17 Sep 2019Victorian hog deer genetics revealed

19 Sep 2019Australia's limited leverage in Iran

11 Sep 2019AMA Art Prize 2019 winner announced

12 Sep 201910 year best in World Rankings

10 Sep 2019La Trobe brings Cisco on campus

11 Sep 2019New tech course an Australian first

11 Sep 2019The Golden Era: Australian Pulp Fiction

09 Sep 2019Cybersecurity Alliance launched

05 Sep 2019Women in Leadership Forum, Mumbai

03 Sep 2019Asian Smart Cities Network launches

03 Sep 2019New guidelines for Runner's Knee

02 Sep 2019La Trobe awarded $6m in NHMRC grants

30 Aug 2019ASDetect wins BHERT Award

28 Aug 2019La Trobe welcomes new education plan

26 Aug 2019Health partnership with Medibank

26 Aug 2019Funding to cut hospital admissions

22 Aug 2019Alternative teaching pathway opens

21 Aug 2019Research agreement signed with PepsiCo

22 Aug 2019Inland Rail scholarships announced

19 Aug 2019Bendigo in Vic first for Net Zero target

19 Aug 2019Mildura in Vic first for Net Zero target

19 Aug 2019Albury-Wodonga in Net Zero target first

19 Aug 2019Victorian first for Net Zero target

19 Aug 2019Shepparton in Vic Net Zero target first

21 Aug 2019Farm-based diagnostic tool funded

19 Aug 2019Explore uni life at La Trobe’s Open Day

16 Aug 2019La Trobe climbs in ARWU global ranking

14 Aug 2019World-class centre for future engineers

09 Aug 2019Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research funded

14 Aug 2019Difference of genes for male and females

14 Aug 2019Thin understandings of Chinese Communism

12 Aug 2019Next-gen antibiotic research funded

08 Aug 2019Shah Rukh Khan Scholarship at La Trobe

06 Aug 2019Time to fund breastfeeding research

05 Aug 2019How to make coffee in space

05 Aug 2019Humanities meets tech: a new degree

01 Aug 2019Herd immunity preventing infection

01 Aug 2019Financial support for Aspire applicants

31 Jul 2019Embedding entrepreneurship in education

30 Jul 2019New role to improve player performance

01 Aug 2019Organic waste used in climate research

23 Jul 2019Women missing out on the best heart care

25 Jul 2019Time to act on China's cultural genocide

23 Jul 2019Students help make Bendigo more liveable

23 Jul 2019Indonesian policy protects disabilities

23 Jul 2019Tit-for-tat ships raise Iran-US conflict

19 Jul 2019Bad timing for Australia-China relations

16 Jul 2019Video intervention offers promising language boost for kids at risk of autism

17 Jul 2019Language boost for kids at autism risk

17 Jul 2019Early autism treatment boosts language

16 Jul 2019Maternal secrets of our earliest ancestors unlocked

16 Jul 2019Australian ants prepared

15 Jul 2019Unlocking chemo-resistance in cancer

15 Jul 2019Making the Margins

15 Jul 2019La Trobe to honour Shah Rukh Khan

15 Jul 2019Ancient Roman port history unveiled

18 Jul 2019Australian pioneers of self-sufficiency

16 Jul 2019Bendigo celebrates NAIDOC Week

09 Jul 2019Secrets of a sex changing fish revealed

18 Jul 2019Reintroduction of Siamese crocodiles

08 Jul 2019Nurses and lawyers' heavy drinking study

08 Jul 2019Emojis substituting gestures

03 Jul 2019Plant nutrient detector breakthrough

08 Jul 2019No common ground between Trump and Kim

02 Jul 2019La Trobe's online MBA recognised

01 Jul 2019Peer support reduces carer burden

27 Jun 2019Brief on Aus-China relations launches

28 Jun 2019Victorian student teacher revolution

27 Jun 2019La Trobe awarded funding from the NDIS

09 Jul 2019Donor-conceived families left guessing

19 Jun 2019Leadership award for health researcher

19 Jun 2019Sports Brain Bank for Victoria

19 Jun 2019Islamic Museum partnership strengthened

19 Jun 2019Call for river model, management change

03 Jul 2019Family is critical in mental health

04 Jul 2019Conspiracy in sport

17 Jun 2019Cyber attack hampers protesters

14 Jun 2019Training boosts body confidence in kids

24 Jun 2019Support for top regional students

13 Jun 2019Queen's Birthday Honours 2019

03 Jul 2019Dire reality for Hong Kong crisis

12 Jun 2019New student accommodation gains pace

12 Jun 2019Jaclyn earns STEMM mentor opportunity

03 Jul 2019Young people more sexually responsible

09 Jun 2019Secondary students' sexual health survey

06 Jun 2019Full IHRA membership for Australia

05 Jun 2019The Penguin Paperback

03 Jun 2019Five stars achieved in QS stars ratings

03 Jun 2019WATTLE Program back for second year

31 May 2019The library – now a tourism hotspot

31 May 2019Netanyahu in fight of his political life

30 May 2019Support vital to voter participation

31 May 2019China is Scott Morrison’s biggest test

27 May 2019La Trobe scientist honoured by peers

27 May 2019Collaborative agreement signed with XFEL

23 May 2019Life-changing autism training launched

31 May 2019Blocking Huawei means delayed 5G

22 May 2019New ARCSHS Director appointed

31 May 2019The new NAFTA’s assault on public health

31 May 2019A Us-China Cold War is unlikely

31 May 2019Concussion symptoms may be long-lasting

31 May 2019US-Iran dispute threatens to escalate

16 May 2019Mallee innovation centre launched

16 May 2019Truth, weaponised: short-sellers

15 May 2019Understanding post-concussion symptoms

31 May 2019Does diplomacy still have a chance?

13 May 2019High stakes for US-China trade dispute

10 May 2019The art versus the badly behaved artist

09 May 2019New joint research hub with ECNU

08 May 2019Why do we have a QWERTY keyboard?

08 May 2019Root cause of online harms not addressed

08 May 2019Funds accelerate zero emissions target

08 May 2019Are TV debates dead?

09 May 2019Teacher bullying taking a toll

09 May 2019Dogs come to the rescue for stoneflies

31 May 2019Issues that swung elections

02 May 2019Dogs sniff out endangered insects

01 May 2019Professor achieves global recognition

31 May 20192019 election posing problems for media

29 Apr 2019Major discovery on bacteria 'superglue'

26 Apr 2019La Trobe earns global accreditation

30 Apr 2019New student accommodation underway

26 Apr 2019$3.45m for higher education access

22 Apr 2019Study looks at bisexual mental health

21 Apr 2019How does wildlife fare after fires?

19 Apr 2019Study exposes teacher-targeted bullying

18 Apr 2019Australian heavy drinking trends

18 Apr 2019Funding for high-tech nursing labs

16 Apr 2019La Trobe federal election experts

15 Apr 2019Research centre to boost space economy

16 Apr 2019Politicians do keep their promises

15 Apr 2019Eco-Corridor named Nangak Tamboree

15 Apr 2019La Trobe student awarded scholarship

12 Apr 2019New tool tackles childhood obesity

10 Apr 2019La Trobe to deliver education innovation

31 May 2019Fish deaths in the lower Darling

09 Apr 2019Funding to combat rural road trauma

08 Apr 2019Workforce success for autistic employees

05 Apr 2019Where livestreaming legislation fails

04 Apr 2019Fostering tolerance in regional areas

04 Apr 2019Bendigo Pioneers' new name

29 Mar 2019World-first stem cell therapy trial

29 Mar 2019John Brumby AO – our new Chancellor

29 Mar 2019La Trobe delivers high research impact

31 May 2019How big tech designs its own rules

27 Mar 2019World-leading research results

31 May 2019The journey of a Wati Wati man

31 May 2019The personalities of pets and owners

26 Mar 2019La Trobe researcher wins Premier’s Award

31 May 2019Who will win next US presidential race?

31 May 2019The men experiencing sexual difficulties

14 Mar 2019Tech trial to bust number plate theft

21 Mar 2019C-section research wins health award

19 Mar 2019The Hayne Royal Commission: An appraisal

20 Mar 2019La Trobe getting employability right

31 May 2019Greg Combet and the future of capitalism

20 Mar 2019Why do we have two kidneys?

31 May 2019Why do bats sleep upside down?

18 Mar 2019Chair of Digital Health appointed

15 Mar 2019$1.5m grant for Palliative Care Unit

16 Mar 2019La Trobe statement

30 May 2019Private health and public hospitals

15 Mar 2019Are Chinese-Australia relations toxic?

14 Mar 2019The famous Mrs Fanny Finch

14 Mar 2019The myth of the great wave

13 Mar 2019Researchers delve into dementia care

07 Mar 2019Sushi, with a side of crickets

18 Mar 2019How birds become male or female

12 Mar 2019Puppies start journey to help with PTSD

18 Mar 2019Is moderate drinking good for me?

08 Mar 2019Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellows

30 May 2019Managing China election will be tricky

04 Mar 2019Mum to mum calls lift breastfeeding rate

30 May 2019Biometric systems not completely secure

05 Mar 2019Start-up selected for Plug and Play

30 May 2019From secret ballot to democracy sausage

04 Mar 2019From the military to the academy

30 May 2019Coal ‘ban’ carries significant message

30 May 2019US-North Korea summit ends abruptly

22 Feb 2019La Trobe kicks goals in QS rankings

28 Feb 2019Autumn Cycling Classic returns

27 Feb 2019Why your face looks the way it does

30 May 2019What does 'intersectionality' mean?

21 Feb 2019Boost for Australian grain industry

26 Feb 2019Saving our wheat from climate change

24 Feb 2019La Trobe 1969 premiers reunited

30 May 2019Australian surfing pioneer Isabel Letham

25 Feb 2019La Trobe recognised for gender equality

22 Feb 2019Prader-Willi Syndrome trial

22 Feb 2019A Trump before Trump: Sir Allen Lane

21 Feb 2019Centre for Freshwater Ecosystems

21 Feb 2019La Trobe ranks in top 50 in Asia Pacific

20 Mar 2019Breakthrough in fighting plant disease

19 Feb 2019Cutting-edge science in Bendigo

30 May 2019Gene-edited babies: a philosopher’s view

18 Feb 2019La Trobe celebrates Fulbright Scholar

15 Feb 2019Book love

15 Feb 2019La Trobe backs the Melbourne Rebels

13 Feb 2019Curious case of cassowary casque

11 Feb 2019New Pro Vice-Chancellor appointed

11 Feb 2019Global partnership announced

08 Feb 2019When debating drug use, fun is important

30 May 2019Tim Wilson’s ‘retirement tax’ website

06 Feb 2019Partner violence and abortion linked

07 Feb 2019The Good Place, banks and corporations

07 Feb 2019The birth of the Victorian CFA

30 May 2019Understanding why women have abortions

05 Feb 2019New rural medical students welcomed

06 Feb 2019Bendigo's history lost on Black Saturday

05 Feb 2019Respect and equality program partnership

05 Feb 2019Eminent engineer joins La Trobe

04 Feb 2019Autism chair and scholarship announced

31 Jan 2019Australian first LGBTI crisis study

31 Jan 2019La Trobe partners with Parade College

30 May 2019What does it mean to be a legal parent?

30 Jan 2019Six-year-old boys prefer muscular bodies

26 Jan 2019Top Australia Day Honour for Chancellor

25 Jan 2019La Trobe Sports Park enters new phase

30 May 2019Yang Hengjun arrest raises questions

24 Jan 2019La Trobe gets clever about weather

24 Jan 2019How genes and evolution shape identity

30 May 2019Dirty deeds: the mineral wealth pursuit

30 May 2019The Classics: Wide Sargasso Sea

07 Feb 2019Will hip resurfacing help Andy Murray?

07 Feb 2019Government focus on militarising Pacific

17 Jan 2019Joint media statement

16 Jan 2019Class of 2019 receives VTAC study offers

14 Jan 2019La Trobe receives Olympic recognition

14 Jan 20195 things that make breastfeeding easier

31 May 2019The forgotten Pacific Islander residents