The tools you need to future-proof your career

The tools you need to future-proof your career

Jobs across all industries are transforming thanks to the far-reaching influence of massive digital disruptors like automation, digitisation and machine learning. To future-proof your career, you’ll need the skills to adapt and thrive, no matter where your path takes you.

When we talked to Australia’s leading CEOs as part of our course design process, we discovered something interesting.

Subject matter expertise will always be in demand. But those CEOs told us they now prioritise distinctly human skills – those that can’t be automated or replicated by machines.

To succeed in your career, you now need the creativity to apply your knowledge to whatever comes next. The resilience to handle obstacles. And the communication skills and social intelligence to successfully negotiate in a changing world while supporting your colleagues and friends.

Get the Career Ready Advantage

At La Trobe, our courses are designed to prepare you for this transforming future of work. Our focus on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) means our degrees equip you with that perfect blend of technical and human skills.

This is all underpinned by our employability program, Career Ready Advantage. Developed in collaboration with industry, this program builds your career skills and experiences to make you the graduate employers want.

It’s an approach that works – La Trobe graduates have an employer satisfaction rating of 86.1 per cent, according to QILT’s 2019 Employer Satisfaction Survey.

Practical placements

When you think about what you’ll need to prepare for your career, you may naturally consider practical experience like work placements and internships.

These placements are a great chance to apply what you’ve learned in a professional setting – but they have more to offer than just reinforcing technical skills. Workplace experience helps you practice vital human skills, like collaborating in teams to solve problems.

In the below video, two of our industry partners explain why it’s so valuable for students to get this hands-on industry experience. And La Trobe civil engineering students from India and Pakistan give first-hand accounts of their successful placements.

See what our industry partners and our students have to say about Work Integrated Learning at La Trobe University.

Solving industry problems

But WIL doesn’t just mean placements.

Our courses give you opportunities to engage with industry throughout your degree, like experiencing guest lectures from industry experts. You could even work with organisations on industry projects, helping to solve real-world problems.

Lovee Jain, who recently graduated from our Master of Business Information Management and Systems, says this was the best part of her degree.

‘My favourite part about my course was the industry project with Deloitte, where we worked as business consultants to design and develop a solution for their client,’ says Lovee.

‘We practiced requirement gathering and analysis, developed journey maps, identified pain points and delivered prototypes – just like it’s done in the industry. And people from Deloitte visited each week to provide guidance and insights about how we could improve.’

Lovee Jain (blue denim jacket) with fellow La Trobe student Pranith Chander Kyatham (jacket with brown sleeves) outside our Sylvia Walton building.
Lovee Jain (blue denim jacket) with fellow La Trobe student Pranith Chander Kyatham (jacket with brown sleeves) outside our Sylvia Walton building.

For Jyoti Chauhan, a recent graduate of our Master of Business Analytics, her project working on DPV Health’s data warehouse development was a vital part of preparing for her career.

‘Although I’d dealt with clinical data in my previous job roles, this project helped enhance my ability to use this data practically,’ Jyoti says.

My industry project gave me relevant industry experience and added international business exposure to my profile, which is vital for every international student.’

Career support from day one

Of course, having industry experience is only one piece of the puzzle.

The Career Ready Advantage Award doesn’t just build your employability – it helps you showcase it to employers. From tips on resume-building to workshops that prepare you for local and global job markets, you’ll be able to build your value as a candidate.

Tram Dang is a Master of Accounting and Financial Management student and recipient of our 50% Vietnamese Excellence Scholarship. She says La Trobe’s career services helped her plan for her future. 

‘La Trobe’s career services provide workshops for students to increase their chances of getting a job offer, and they have many alumni who have successfully secured a place at investment companies,’ Tram says.

‘Through the mentoring service, I met my mentor – the Chief Financial Officer from ACS Property Services. They guided me to choose my most suitable career path.’

Discover how La Trobe will make you a more employable graduate at our upcoming online event Future Proof Your Career with La Trobe University – South Asia. You’ll get first-hand insights from special guest speaker, Marnie Long, Senior Manager – Employability and WIL, along with a panel of industry experts.

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