Postgraduate fees and scholarships

This page provides information for domestic students only. If you’re an international student, please visit the international section of our website.

The total cost of your study will depend on:

  • the fees charged for your particular course
  • whether you’re a previous La Trobe graduate
  • whether you receive a scholarship.

Most domestic postgraduate students can get a government HELP loan to assist them with paying their course fees. Keep reading to find out more.

Domestic course fees

Most postgraduate coursework students pay full fees, but you may not need to pay these fees up front. This is because domestic postgraduate students can get an interest-free FEE-HELP loan from the government to cover their tuition fees (see below).

Selected postgraduate courses have commonwealth supported places (CSPs) available. If you receive a CSP, you’ll receive a government subsidy. This means you’ll pay only a proportion of the full fee and the government will pay the rest  .

Commonwealth supported students can get an interest-free HECS-HELP loan from the government to cover their tuition fees (see below).

Find out more about postgraduate course fees

To find out more about CSPs, visit the Study Assist site.


The government’s FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP loans allow you to enrol in a university degree and pay no upfront fees. When you receive a FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP loan, the government pays your tuition fees on your behalf. Once you begin earning over a certain amount, the government will then begin deducting loan repayments from your salary.

  • FEE-HELP loans are for full-fee domestic students.
  • HECS-HELP loans are for domestic students who are commonwealth supported.

Postgraduate FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP loans are interest-free, but they are ‘indexed’ annually to keep up with inflation. This means the amount of the loan will increase in numeric terms, but in real terms the value of the loan will stay roughly the same over time.

To find out more about FEE-HELP, HECS-HELP loans and eligibility, visit the government’s StudyAssist website.

Lower fees for La Trobe alumni

If you’re already a La Trobe graduate, you could receive a 10% fee reduction when you enrol in a full-fee postgraduate coursework program.

Find out more about fee reductions for La Trobe alumni


La Trobe is proud to offer many scholarships that reward academic excellence and supports students from diverse backgrounds to realise their full academic potential. We offer scholarships based on many criteria including your areas of study, campus and personal circumstances.

For more information and eligibility requirements, visit our scholarships page.