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Transforming digital skills and tech capabilities of industry, community, SMEs and start-ups by partnering with education to test and apply solutions to real business challenges.

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A new home for digital innovation

The Digital Innovation Hub will provide businesses, students, and community access to advanced facilities in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), software development, data analytics and networking. All through the co-location of two leading digital labs in the one facility at La Trobe University: ‘Optus 5G Lab’ and ‘Cisco Innovation Central Melbourne’.

The hub will connect you with experts like software engineers and architects, programmers and product developers, as well as other like-minded businesses, to help build digital capability, create and test new products and accelerate the update of digital innovations in business.

By partnering with a tertiary institution like us, it creates access to the thought-leaders and the future workforce, students, ready to challenge and push tech and digital to new limits.

The Digital Innovation Hub is supported by funding from the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund through the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training.

Digital Labs

Optus 5G Lab 

Optus 5G Lab 

A space for industry, students and researchers to learn and test new technology applications of 5G.

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Cisco Innovation Central Melbourne 

Cisco Innovation Central Melbourne 

Bringing innovation and industry together to solve digital business challenges through rapid solution prototyping.

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The Digital Innovation Hub aims to assist businesses in transforming their products, services, and processes through the integration of digital technologies, and support the prototyping, testing and the commercialisation of digital solutions in real-world settings for business growth.

The hub will help you take innovative technology solutions and implement them practically with your business.

Short courses, microcredentials and programs will be offered by the Hub in areas of data analytics, cybersecurity and telehealth. The hub plays a key role in education and training, these courses are available to inviduals, groups and businesses and deliver important digital skills to help upskill and retrain workforce to improve internal capability and adaptability in changing times.

The Hub will support the creation of internships, work placements and jobs to kick start and accelerate the development and adoption of digital innovations. It will also provide a talent pipeline connecting industry with the brightest and best minds within technology. If you are interested in becoming a partner, email us.