Sustainable food & agriculture

The production of high-quality crops, foods and plant-based medicines is critical for food security, health and wellbeing, and the environment.

La Trobe researchers develop cutting edge methods to improve capability and capacity, to secure a sustainable agricultural and food production future. Our researchers do this by working in partnership with primary producers, the food industry and government.


Production of high-quality foods and medicines for improved health, reduced environmental impact and enhanced economies​.

Our priorities are to:

Enhance crop yield and quality

Our researchers produce plants and soils with characteristics which increase crop yield, along with resilience, quality, productivity and profitability.

Create plant-based medicines

Our researchers use medicinal plants and biotechnology to develop safe and sustainable natural product therapeutics. 

Develop innovative farming practices

Our researchers are evolving sustainable agricultural practices to increase viability and biodiversity, and to enhance agribusinesses and regional communities, while maintaining soil health and ecosystems.

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A sustainable future

A sustainable future

Securing our future in a changing world.

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Closing the wheat yield gap

Closing the wheat yield gap

Collaborating internationally to solve problems in wheat production.

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Why do the microbes in our soil matter?

Why do the microbes in our soil matter?

Increasing crop yield and food security.

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New vaccine to safeguard the livestock industry

New vaccine to safeguard the livestock industry

Gemma’s PhD research races to protect Australian cattle from infectious parasite.

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