About us

Climate Change Adaptation Lab (CCAL) was established by La Trobe University, with Professor Lauren Rickards as the Director, in March 2023 to drive interdisciplinary research and advance climate change research and action, in society as well as the university.

CCAL focuses on the intersection between the impacts of climate change and work, and the enabling work that is vital to our societies through:

  • Delivering impactful, reflexive research
  • Thinking critically about the unit of adaptation: what is it we really need to adapt?
  • Beginning with the foundations: how do we function today? How are these functions being impacted/will they be impacted by climate change?
  • Addressing the space between community and organizational adaptation: work (purposeful activity)
  • Focusing on helping adapt society’s enablers (e.g. government, education, environment)

CCAL is founded in human geography, and resides within the Department of Social Inquiry, and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. We are grateful for the support of the Humanities and Social Sciences admin team to keep us running.

CCAL team

  • Professor Lauren Rickards: Professor of Climate Change Adaptation, Director of the Climate Change Adaptation Lab.
  • Dr Todd Denham: Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Lisa de Kleyn: Research Fellow
  • Dr Steph Houghton: CCAL Manager

Doctoral candidates

  • Tenzin Fox
  • Samantha Hall
  • Oliver Frick
  • Merry Jean Caparas