Add more flexibility to your degree

With StudyFlex, you choose how and where you want to study – online or on campus – in a mix that suits you.

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StudyFlex offers the flexibility to add online study to your on-campus degree – or the other way around.

La Trobe already offers world-class, industry-designed, on-campus and online learning, but with StudyFlex, you can experience both.

Choose StudyFlex and shape your degree to suit your lifestyle, while creating opportunities to connect with like-minded students, both online and across our campus network.

If your degree is on campus and you enrol in a StudyFlex subject, you’ll be able to connect, share knowledge and build networks with students studying that subject at other La Trobe campuses.

And if your degree is online, there’s even more flexibility, with StudyFlex subjects allowing you to experience on-campus study at any of the locations these subjects are available.

Combined with the services and support offered by our Regional Connect program, StudyFlex means regional online students can feel right at home.

Why choose StudyFlex?

Get the best of both worlds

Choose how and where you study with at least one third of your course available to study online or on campus.

Find out more about our online and on-campus options.

Industry-leading online courses

Our flexible online courses are taught by industry-leading academics with expertise in online education. You’ll benefit from one-on-one tutoring, around-the-clock support and the same learning outcomes as on-campus study.

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More flexibility

Shape your degree to suit your lifestyle, work schedule and family commitments.

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What is StudyFlex?

Whether your course is considered on campus, online or a mix of both, a StudyFlex course provides:

  • at least one third of its subjects on campus or online; and/or
  • at least two StudyFlex majors – that is two eight-subject sequences that offer at least half of their subjects on campus or online.

Every course has a different mix of StudyFlex options – they might be available throughout your course, or they might be concentrated in a specific period. They might make up to a third of your course, or they might make up all of it. It all depends on the specific needs of your subjects and what you’re studying.

See below for a list of our StudyFlex courses, majors, minors and specialisations. Keep an eye out for the 'StudyFlex course' label when you search Find-a-course or the Handbook.

Depending on what, how and when you want to study, StudyFlex subjects are available across a wide range of La Trobe disciplines and locations. And we’re adding more all the time.

Flexibility is central to La Trobe’s courses, so even if your preferred course isn’t StudyFlex, chances are it offers flexible study options via StudyFlex, majors, minors, specialisations or subjects. Wherever there’s space in your course structure, you can take advantage of these StudyFlex options.

A StudyFlex major, minor or specialisation is a specified subject sequence in your course that offers at least half of its subjects on campus or online.

Many of La Trobe’s majors and minors are not only StudyFlex, but also open access, so if there’s space in your course structure,  you could  pick up flexible study options outside your course’s primary discipline – another great way to build flexibility into your degree.

But remember – even if your preferred major, minor or specialisation is not StudyFlex, it may still offer flexible study options via StudyFlex subjects.

A StudyFlex subject is a subject that you can take on campus or online.

When you enrol for each study period, you choose how you want to study your subjects for the duration of that study period. You might try online study in Semester 1, switch to on-campus study for Semester 2, or combine both online and on campus throughout that study period.

And if your degree is online, and your StudyFlex subject is available on campus at different locations, you could complete the subject at any of those locations.

Search the University Handbook for your course, major, minor or subject and keep an eye out for the StudyFlex badge. You can also search using the StudyFlex filter.

Search for StudyFlex options

StudyFlex is available to international students, but if you’re an international student, your choices are limited by your visa requirements and how much of your degree you can study online – normally no more than 33 per cent (or one-third) of your course. You must enrol in at least one face-to-face subject in each compulsory study period unless you are completing your final subject.

What happens if I exceed the one-third rule?

You will not be eligible for a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) if you exceed the rule. Without a current CoE, you will not be able to complete your studies in Australia and will need to return to your home country to complete your course.

StudyFlex courses, majors, minors and specialisations

How do I choose StudyFlex?

Ready to combine the convenience of online learning with the experience of on-campus study?

If your course offers StudyFlex, you can simply head to StudentOnLine and select your StudyFlex subjects for the semester.

  • If your degree is on campus:
    • Select the ‘[Location] – online’ subject
  • If your degree is online:
    • Select the ‘[Location]’ subject


Like any other subject, the choice you make when you enrol will decide how you study that subject for the rest of that study period: For semester-based subjects, you have two weeks from start of semester to finalise your enrolment. For term-based subjects, you have one week to finalise your enrolment.

Enrol via StudentOnline

For more information on enrolment please visit our Steps to enrolment/re-enrolment in StudentOnline FAQs

  • You may need to wait up to 24 hour for any enrolment changes in StudentOnLine to appear in Allocate+.
  • Access to LMS can take up to 48 hours from the time you change your enrolment. This includes changing between instances of the same subject for StudyFlex.

If the on-campus or online delivery mode of a StudyFlex subject has low enrolments, that mode may be cancelled for the semester.

Students have the first two weeks of a semester or first week of a term to finalise their enrolment for that study period, including study modes and subjects. After that, students can only amend their enrolment with an approved Variation of Enrolment.

International students may enrol in StudyFlex subjects as long as they comply with the online and off-campus subject rules for international students.

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