Defer your offer

Do you need to defer your offer? The steps you need to take will depend on your circumstances – what you’ve chosen to study and where you are in the process.

All students (coursework and non-coursework)

You can defer the commencement of your course for a maximum of two semesters, or one year.

If you have accepted your offer and your student visa has been granted, deferring your course may affect your visa. When you submit your deferral request, you must provide evidence of compassionate or compelling circumstances that are preventing you from enrolling in your course on time.

If your application for deferral is approved, you'll be issued with a new deferred offer and Confirmation of Enrolment.

Please note: If you're a Higher Degree by Research (graduate research) student, a deferral may affect the availability of academic supervision and any scholarships awarded. Your deferral may need to be approved by the Board of Graduate Research. For more information, please email our Graduate Research team.

Acceptable circumstances for deferral

Acceptable circumstances for deferral may include:

  • serious illness or injury (medical certificate required)
  • bereavement of close family members (documentation required)
  • major political upheaval or natural disaster in your home country requiring emergency travel (evidence this has impacted on your studies required)
  • a traumatic experience, including: involvement in or witnessing of a serious accident (police or psychologist’s report required) or witnessing or being the victim of a serious crime that has impacted on you (police or psychologist’s report required)
  • La Trobe University was unable to offer a prerequisite subject
  • failure to meet the one or more of the conditions on your Letter of Offer
  • delay in the grant of your student visa (dated documentation required).

Please note: The Department of Home Affairs will assess your request and if it's not approved, you'll be required to inform the La Trobe International office.

Defer your offer online

If you need to defer the commencement of your course, you should:

Once your request has been reviewed, our international admissions team will provide a new Letter of Offer and/or Confirmation of Enrolment.