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Whether you’re looking to further your career or start a new one, postgrad study can offer a range of benefits.

Enjoy flexible study options

One of the most challenging parts of diving into study can be balancing your work and family commitments. Many of our courses provide flexible part time and online study options that can work around your schedule.

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Meet likeminded people

One of the biggest worries for people returning to study is being around younger students and not fitting in. Rest assured, the La Trobe community is friendly, supportive, and runs the gamut of age and experience. You’ll additionally get to connect with people through industry, research and collaboration, allowing you to expand your professional network and employment opportunities.

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Feel supported

If you’re worried about the potential strain of further study, we have you covered with a range of support services. From counselling to childcare, we believe in helping students make the most of their opportunities.

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Enhance your job prospects

Doing postgrad study can boost both your salary and employability. According to the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey, 94.1 per cent of postgraduates were in full-time employment four to six months after completing their course. While the median salary level of postgraduates in full-time employment was $98,000, around $23,000 higher than the median salary for undergraduates [1].

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[1] Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, 2020, 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey

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