How to apply (undergraduate studies)

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Apply direct

Find out how to apply direct to La Trobe.

Apply direct

Apply via VTAC or UAC

Find out how to apply through VTAC or UAC.

Apply via VTAC / UAC

Pathways to study

Not sure you meet the requirements for your preferred course? Check out our options.

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Entry schemes

Find out how you can maximise your chances of getting in to the course you want.

Entry schemes

The application process varies based on your personal situation and the course you want to study.

To get started, search for courses and check the how to apply section on each course for information on the application process.

If you're a Year 12 student you can apply to La Trobe using either the VTAC or UAC website, depending on whether your preferred campus is in Victoria or New South Wales.

If you’re not a year 12 student and have not already applied through VTAC or UAC then you may be eligible to apply directly to La Trobe.

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Are you an International student?

Specific information about how international students should apply.

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Key deadlines and dates to keep your application on-track.

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