Care Economy Collaborative Network

Work with us to solve challenges and create opportunities in the Care Economy.

The Care Economy Collaborative Network is a Care Economy Research Institute initiative that brings together like-minded researchers and organisations involved in all aspects of care.

The Network aims to lead the development of cross-sector, consumer-led evidence-based solutions to real world challenges by:

  • facilitating connections and collaboration between industry and researchers who have complementary skill sets and/or interest and focus in similar areas
  • strengthening and consolidating the care economy knowledge base and generating new ideas for discussion and exploration
  • promoting learning and peer support amongst members and creating opportunities to participate in and co-design research projects
  • expanding understanding and information dissemination throughout the network member base
  • fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment through such things as training, community of practice, webinars, workshops, awareness-raising, and research
  • becoming the go-to place or collaborative hub for all those interested and working in the care economy sectors.

Why collaborate with us?

By working together, the Care Economy Collaborative Network will transform how care needs in Australia are addressed.

The benefits of membership in the Care Economy Collaborative Network includes:

  • building connections with businesses, service providers, clinicians, academics, and researchers
  • establishing Communities of Practice to address emerging issues, and to share and test novel solutions
  • participating in events, forums, and professional development opportunities
  • be informed about the latest evidence and innovation in care
  • opportunities to participate in collaborative research projects as they arise.

Become a member

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