Social change & equity: our research centres

Our researchers investigate changes in human societies over time, and lead applied social and cultural research to promote justice, inclusion and equity in our societies.

Our research centres

The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society conducts world-class research and education on the social dimensions of sexuality, gender, health and human relationships. We work collaboratively with other researchers, communities, community-based organisations, government and professionals to advance knowledge and promote positive change in policy, practice and people’s lives.

The Centre seeks to make a substantive contribution to answering today’s pressing questions on sexual and gender equity and inclusion, and the changing social dynamics of sex, drug use, health and wellbeing.

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The Centre for Research on Language Diversity is devoted to documenting, exploring and maintaining language diversity in Australia and overseas with a commitment to strengthening life-course outcomes for speakers of minority languages. Each language offers a unique window into different ways of perceiving and interacting with the world. The vitality of community languages has been shown to play a role in the wellbeing of individuals and communities, especially in marginalised and disadvantaged situations.

By studying a wide range of languages we contribute to:

  • understanding the possibilities and limits of human cognition, behaviour and culture
  • discovering our shared human heritage and our separate innovations
  • appreciating what makes us truly human.

We live in the highly multilingual city of Melbourne. Our focus on linguistic diversity reflects this fact and allows our research to engage directly with the visions and needs of the communities that make up this city.

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The Institute for Human Security and Social Change aims to contribute to inclusive social change. Our research is focused on understanding the practice of social change initiatives. We aim to understand and learn from, as well as share and contribute to the practice of social change, drawing on insights from complexity theory, political science and systems thinking. We deliver on this aim through a combination of research and support for social change initiatives, as well as teaching, professional development and outreach. We work in partnership with individuals, organisations and networks that are contributing to social change with a particular focus on Indigenous Australia and the Pacific.

We offer specialist expertise through research, teaching, and engagement in policy and practice, in the following areas:

  • collective action
  • leadership
  • gender
  • participatory development practice
  • assessment and accountability.

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Sharing the latest research in Greek and Roman art and archaeology, the Trendall Research Centre is committed to:

  • promoting research in the general area of Ancient Mediterranean studies, particularly in the archaeology of South Italy and Sicily during the Classical period.
  • Disseminating the results of the latest research in Greek and Roman art and archaeology through the sponsorship of conferences, lectures and seminars.
  • making the resources of the Centre available to scholars and graduate students, whether from Australia or overseas, who wish to use the library and archive.
  • Maintaining and extending both the Library and the Archive (as unique research resources in Australia) through the acquisition of books and periodicals relating to Greek and Roman culture, and images of South Italian red-figure vases.

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Additional research centres

The following research centres are also committed to conducting important work in this research theme:

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