Tuition fees

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Finding tuition fees

Want to find out the cost of a La Trobe course? Search for the course on our Find A Course page.

You’ll find the cost listed in the ‘Overview’ section of the course page next to the ‘Annual tuition fee (A$)’. This is the fee for the displayed year of the course listed in Australian dollars. If you can’t see this information, check that you’re viewing the version of the course page designed for international students.

Fees are based on a standard annual credit point load of 120 credit points per year unless it’s noted otherwise. If you change your study load your course fees will also change.

You can estimate the total cost for your course based on the listed annual fee, but please note that fees can change year-on-year. We reserve the right to vary fees on an annual basis – however, fees will not normally rise above 7 per cent per annum. If we do increase the tuition fees for a course, this increase will take effect on 1 January the following year.

For further information about tuition fees, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Remember: you may be eligible for one of our wide range of generous scholarships. These scholarships can include significant reductions on tuition fees over the duration of your program. To learn more, visit our scholarships page

How to pay tuition fees

Your letter of offer contains important information, including indicative annual tuition fees. Once you’ve accepted your offer, you can pay via our International Online Application System.

This portal is a secure online service that allows you to make your tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover payments. You can use VISA/Mastercard, Western Union Business Solutions or Flywire (in your local currency, where available).

We automatically receive a notification once you’ve successfully made the final payment. This gives you certainty of the final cost and will speed up how soon you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment, helping you apply for a visa sooner.

We’ve also partnered with the National Australia Bank, Western Union Business Solutions and Flywire to ensure all payments are sent quickly and securely.


We only accept telegraphic transfer through Western Union Business Solutions and Flywire. You’ll need to upload your copy of the bank receipt (TT slip) for telegraphic transfer payment with your completed International Offer Acceptance Form on your application portal.

Student assistance schemes

The Australian Government offers the HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP loan schemes to help cover university fees. These fee assistance schemes can’t be used for other costs like accommodation or textbooks.

If you’re from overseas, you’re only eligible to access these fee assistance schemes if you hold an Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa. If you’re in Australia on a student visa, or if you were in Australia on a student visa and you’ve obtained permanent residency, you won’t be able to access these schemes.

Contact La Trobe International for more information.

Refund policy

We have policies and procedures in place for providing refunds to international students:

Living costs

The annual tuition fees listed on course pages don’t include other expenses involved in studying overseas.