University management

The University Council is the governing body of the University, presided over by the Chancellor and with membership defined by the La Trobe University Act of 1964.

The Academic Board considers and advises the Vice-Chancellor and the University Council on academic matters and any other broad issues which affect the academic excellence of the University.

Professor Christine Bigby chairs the Academic Board.

The Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor John Dewar, is the senior academic appointment of the University. He is assisted by a senior executive group which provides advice on strategic and operational planning.

Head of Office, Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Pro Vice-Chancellors

Vice-Chancellor's Fellows

The position of Vice-Chancellor's Fellow strengthens the University's position as a quality higher-education destination including programs in sports-related study and student leadership and personal development programs.

The University Ombudsman is able to provide advice and assistance in resolving complaints where a complaint or grievance regarding an academic matter or an administrative decision or action is not resolved through the relevant college, school or administrative department.

University Ombudsman, Professor Andrew Brennan

We have two Colleges:

  • College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce
  • College of Science, Health and Engineering

Our colleges are each managed by a Pro Vice-Chancellor assisted by Associate Pro Vice-Chancellors and a General Manager. Within the colleges are a range of schools managed by Heads of School.

Senior managers of the colleges

The administrative divisions of the University provide advice to senior management and a range of services and resources to members of the University to support them in the fulfilment of the University mission.

Administrative managers

Campus directors are responsible for the day to day administration to the faculties in the pursuit of the academic mission of the University.

Management of our campuses

We have several residential colleges, as well as student apartments and graduate housing. Living at La Trobe manages all aspects of student housing at the university.

Living at La Trobe