ATAR adjustment factors calculator

Note: This calculator is indicative only. On application, La Trobe Admissions staff will assess your circumstances to confirm your eligibility for the available adjustments. A maximum of 20 aggregate adjustment points can be granted. The aggregate points are added to your combined study scores and your ATAR is recalculated.

Further information

Subject adjustments

For courses that require a high level of skill and knowledge, you may be eligible to receive adjustments for subjects that you successfully completed in Year 12.

Subject adjustment points may be awarded to eligible Year 12 applicants as part of the selection process and are expressed as points applied to the aggregate adjustment score.

Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) adjustments

A Special Entry Access Scheme adjusts your ATAR in recognition of circumstances that may have affected your education.

You may receive additional points depending on the severity of your circumstances. The aggregate points are added to your combined study scores and your ATAR is recalculated, for further information please check the ATAR aggregate table (PDF). La Trobe uses this adjusted ATAR during the selection process. If you are applying through VTAC, you need to apply for the SEAS.

The effect of adjustments on your ATAR will vary slightly from year-to-year. The estimate calculated is based on the previous admission period.

La Trobe Priority Access Program

The La Trobe Priority Access Program awards eligible current year 12 students from across Australia with adjustment factors if they have attended priority schools or campuses.

Visit the Priority Access Program web page to see if you are eligible.

Courses that have special adjustment factors

  • Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice (Melbourne): if you’re eligible for multiple adjustments, the maximum aggregate adjustments you can receive is 10 points.
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical): in stage two of the selection process, a SEAS adjustment may be applicable – a limit of 10 aggregate points. For UAC applicants, this equates to a four ATAR point maximum. See the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical) course page for more details.
  • Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) (Regional Entry): If you are applying for our Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) (Regional Entry) and you have a permanent address in RA zones 2 and 3, you receive 10 points added to your ATAR. If you live in RA zone 4 you receive 12.5 points, and if you live in RA zone 5 you receive 15 points.

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