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The average bachelor graduate experienced steady growth in their income in the decade following graduation increasing by 88 per cent.*

* Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT), 2021 Graduate incomes data

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Course Campus and ATAR (Lowest selection rank)*
Bachelor of Accounting Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.25 Bendigo 65.95 Online 71.25
Bachelor of Agriculture Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.6 Albury-Wodonga 60.7
Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.9 Albury-Wodonga 75
Bachelor of Archaeology Melbourne (Bundoora) 70.45
Bachelor of Arts Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.05 Online 61.3
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Health Sciences Melbourne (Bundoora) 66.2
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 74.7
Bachelor of Biological Sciences Melbourne (Bundoora) 55.85 Albury-Wodonga N/P
Bachelor of Biomedical Science Albury-Wodonga 61.05 Bendigo 61.25
Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical) Albury-Wodonga 91.1 Bendigo 93.95
Bachelor of Business Melbourne (Bundoora) 55.85 Bendigo 57.9 Online 59.8
Bachelor of Business Analytics Melbourne (Bundoora) 69.1
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts Online N/P
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Psychological Science Online 66.9
Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 65.35 Bendigo 67
Bachelor of Commerce Melbourne (Bundoora) 80.05
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts Melbourne (Bundoora) 83.75
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Biomedicine Melbourne (Bundoora) 81.95
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Computer Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 85.4
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Global Studies Melbourne (Bundoora) 82.6
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Health Sciences Melbourne (Bundoora) 82.75
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Psychological Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 84.2
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 85.85
Bachelor of Computer Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 61.75
Bachelor of Criminology Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.6 Bendigo 64.5
Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.1 Bendigo 62.95
Bachelor of Cybersecurity Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.2 Online NC
Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Commerce Melbourne (Bundoora) 81.3
Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Criminology Melbourne (Bundoora) 66.05
Bachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Psychological Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 62.25
Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) Bendigo 99.75
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Online N/A
Bachelor of Education Melbourne (Bundoora) 71.8 Albury-Wodonga N/P Bendigo 71.5 Mildura N/P Shepparton N/P
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Industrial) Melbourne (Bundoora) 65.55 Bendigo 65.6
Bachelor of Exercise Science Bendigo 67
Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Melbourne (Bundoora) NC Online N/P
Bachelor of Global Studies Melbourne (Bundoora) 65.35
Bachelor of Health Information Management Melbourne (Bundoora) 80.2 Online N/P
Bachelor of Health Sciences Melbourne (Bundoora) 55.1 Bendigo 55.75 Online NC
Bachelor of Information Technology Melbourne (Bundoora) 56 Bendigo N/P Online N/P
Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics Melbourne (Bundoora) 72.35
Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 90.15 Bendigo 82.9
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts Melbourne (Bundoora) 91.75 Bendigo N/P
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Biomedicine Melbourne (Bundoora) 91.25
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Business Bendigo 85.15
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce Melbourne (Bundoora) 90.5
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Criminology Melbourne (Bundoora) 90.05 Bendigo N/P
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Global Studies Melbourne (Bundoora) 90.6
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Media and Communication Melbourne (Bundoora) 92.4
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics Melbourne (Bundoora) 92.15
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Psychological Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 90.35 Bendigo 82.4
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 94.25
Bachelor of Media and Communication Melbourne (Bundoora) 61.05
Bachelor of Nursing Melbourne (Bundoora) 70.05 Albury-Wodonga 55.2 Bendigo 58.3 Mildura 55.3 Shepparton 61.2
Bachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse Pathway) Melbourne (Bundoora) N/A Albury-Wodonga N/A Bendigo N/A Mildura N/A Shepparton N/A
Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry Pathway) Melbourne (Bundoora) N/A Albury-Wodonga N/A Bendigo N/A Mildura N/A Shepparton N/A
Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery Melbourne (Bundoora) 85.2 Bendigo 70.35
Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Psychological Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 73.05 Albury-Wodonga NC Bendigo NC
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 87.45 Bendigo 75.1
Bachelor of Oral Health Science Bendigo 83.2
Bachelor of Orthoptics (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 80.1
Bachelor of Outdoor and Sustainability Education Bendigo 59.55
Bachelor of Paramedic Practice with Honours Albury-Wodonga 79.1 Bendigo 69.95
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) Bendigo 82.65
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 96.4 Bendigo 93.25
Bachelor of Planning (Honours) Online NC
Bachelor of Podiatry (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 76.8
Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics Melbourne (Bundoora) 67.9
Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 76.65
Bachelor of Psychological Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 55.15 Albury-Wodonga 58.05 Bendigo 56 Online 56.1
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 81.95 Albury-Wodonga N/P Bendigo 82.1 Online N/P
Bachelor of Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 68.55 Bendigo 69.5
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 55.1 Albury-Wodonga N/P Bendigo 61 Mildura 59.15 Shepparton N/P
Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) Melbourne (Bundoora) 86.95 Bendigo 71.8
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Melbourne (Bundoora) 60.9
Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Development Melbourne (Bundoora) 55.15
Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing Other 68.6
Bachelor of Visual Arts Bendigo 55.6
Bachelor of Wildlife and Conservation Biology Melbourne (Bundoora) 75.35

N/A: Students not accepted in this category, NC: New course, N/P: Not published (includes categories with less than five students).

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