Why study a postgraduate course?

Starting a postgrad degree can seem daunting. You may be worried about returning to study. Or juggling uni with work and family commitments. We’re here to make your postgrad journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Here are some ways that our postgrad courses can benefit your career and suit your lifestyle:

Boost your salary

Doing postgrad study can be a great career move. According to the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey, the median salary for postgraduates in full-time employment was $98,000, that's around $23,000 higher than the median salary for undergraduates [1].

If you want to lead in business and earn more, consider La Trobe. Our MBA graduates earn among the highest MBA graduate salaries in the world.

Increase your job prospects

Joining any industry with a postgraduate degree means you’re more likely to find employment than those without. According to the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey, 94.1 per cent of postgraduates were in full-time employment just four to six months after completing their course – around four percentage points higher than for those who had completed undergraduate qualifications [2].

Enjoy flexible study options

One of the most challenging parts of diving into study can be balancing your work and family commitments. Many of our courses provide flexible part time and online study options that can work around your schedule.

Feel supported

From counselling to childcare, we provide a range of support services to help our students thrive. If you’re facing personal challenges while studying, our professionally trained counsellors can help you in person or online.

Expand your professional network

With postgrad study, you can connect with like-minded professionals and researchers from around the world. La Trobe has partnered with industry, government and community organisations to enhance our students’ opportunities for employment, business, research and collaboration.

Make a difference

You can explore a range of research opportunities that benefit the wider community with postgrad study. From tackling climate change to being at the forefront of COVID-19 research, our researchers focus on some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Get our Alumni Advantage

Need extra incentive to study a postgrad course at La Trobe? If you’ve studied with us before, you may be eligible for a 10 per cent fee reduction when you start a postgrad degree. Find out more about our Alumni Advantage.

[1] Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, 2020, 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey

[2] Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, 2020, 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey

Think postgraduate study sounds right for you?