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New collaboration focuses on cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy

La Trobe is thrilled to announce three new cancer research projects, funded through a new international collaboration. The new collaborative research program was developed by the Research Centre for Molecular Cancer Prevention at La Trobe, in partnership with the Cancer Biology Research Center (CBRC) at Tel Aviv University and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute.

The collaboration between the three institutions developed from a workshop in which scientists from the institutions identified areas where complementary research could drive significant breakthroughs in cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

The innovative research projects address issues that impact the lives of cancer patients in Australia, Israel and the rest of the world. Read more about the partnership and the new projects here.

Research Theme Leads appointed

Our five research Theme Leads were appointed in 2021 and we warmly welcome:

Our Theme Leads' focus will be developing a program of research to address the goals of their theme. The Theme Leads will bring together researchers from across our schools and colleges and campuses to work towards common goals, building relationships with external partners and attracting research funding.

Celebrating our researchers

The La Trobe Research Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of our high performing researchers. There are many exceptional researchers across the University who undertake high impact research, win competitive grants, produce high quality outputs and enhance the University’s research culture. Our Research Excellence Awards are an opportunity to honour and celebrate these staff.


In October, we held a series of thought-provoking research events for our partners and collaborators. If you were unable to attend, check out the recordings on our website.

COVID-19 research projects

See how we're addressing the biggest health problem on our planet

At La Trobe, we are using our unique capabilities and expertise to develop research programs which will assist our community in recovering from this unique period in our lives. Our research is vital in our recovery and spans healthcare, industry and community assistance.

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