Cost of living

Besides your course fees, there are other costs associated with studying abroad which you should be prepared for when deciding to come to Australia.

There are a few factors which can impact your cost of living, including whether you live in a metropolitan city like Melbourne or a regional city like Bendigo, your accommodation type, how many times a week you eat at restaurants/cafes and your preferred mode of transportation.

As a general guide, the Australian Government advises all applicants for student visas to allow an estimated AU$24,505 per year for living expenses. However, this amount may change depending on your accommodation and lifestyle preferences.

Estimated accommodation costs

Depending on the style of accommodation you choose and whether you’re living in metropolitan Melbourne or regional Victoria, whether you live in on-campus accommodation, living with a homestay family, renting accommodation privately on your own or sharing with others – the amount you need to pay will differ.

There’s a range of options for every budget, starting from around AU$140 per week to upwards of AU$500 per week. Some popular accommodation styles are:

  • Shared rental: AU$180 to AU$400 per week
  • On campus: AU$140 to AU$322 per week
  • Private rental: AU$240 to AU$500 per week
  • Homestay: AU$260 to AU$395 per week

Other living expenses

Things that can drastically impact your cost of living include how many times per week you eat at restaurants or cafes, taking public transport instead of driving, how regularly you go food shopping and how often you eat takeaway, whether you live alone or with other people, and your internet and phone plan.

  • Groceries and eating out: AU$80 to AU$250 per week
  • Gas and electricity: AU$35 to AU$70 per week
  • Phone and Internet: AU$25 to AU$50 per week
  • Public transport: AU$15 to AU$46 per week
  • Entertainment: AU$30 to AU$150 per week
  • Overseas Health Care (OSHC): AU$20 to AU$30 per week

For a detailed breakdown of living costs, visit Expatisan Melbourne.

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