Study, kids, life: tips to achieve a balance

Study, kids, life: tips to achieve a balance

Postgraduate study has many benefits: better pay, job satisfaction, inspiring careers. When pursuing extra qualifications, there are many things to consider. Your life is already busy: how will you find time to do assignments and read textbooks? For parents, that’s tricky.

Here are some tips for parents about to embark on further study.

Be realistic about workloads

Ask yourself: how much study can I take on without compromising my way of life? It’s unrealistic to assume you’ll never have to work late at night or give up a weekend. But so is thinking you’ll survive without sleep or family time. Don’t think about the end result, think about what you’re willing to give up. Investigate online learning and part-time loads. You can always book a consultation with us to explore flexible delivery options.

Schedules are your friend…

When you need to fit study into your week as well as family duties, a schedule will help. Meal plans make everything easier. Plan fun time with your kids so study doesn’t cause distance in your relationship. When an assignment is due, plan ahead. Ask your partner, friends or family to take your kids on an outing so you have the house to yourself for a few hours.

…and so is this idea: let things go

Planning is a great idea, but sometimes the priority should be yourself. Let things go. The dishes can stay in the sink. The kids’ rooms don’t have to be perfectly tidy. You can get takeaway. Often when people give advice to parents who study, there’s an expectation of perfection. That’s not achievable. Accept you’re a human being with a lot on your plate. Relax and let some things slip.

Make study a family activity

You don’t have to hide the work away from your kids. Reading or listening to lectures online doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. Many libraries have kid-friendly reading time. Find something local. A trip to the library can be fun for your kids while you get some work done. If your kids are older, they’ll have homework too. On Sundays, do your work together at the kitchen table after breakfast. If you find it hard to work when your kids are in the room, try noise-cancelling earphones.

Set an example

Even if your busy schedule feels impossible, you’re setting a great example. That can only have a positive impact on your children’s lives. Think about it: you’re a parent who wants more from life, and you know how to achieve it. So go out and achieve it!


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Image: (Student on laptop by Amanda Mills CC0 1.0)

2 thoughts on “Study, kids, life: tips to achieve a balance”

  1. Thank you for this.

    I’m a mother with sole care of my two children, and I’m so nervous about starting my masters in July. These are good tips.

    When there’s a will there’s a way 🙂 Balance is everything.

    1. Hi Nikki, I’m so glad it was helpful and you’re so right, balance is key! Good luck in your Masters – I’m sure you’ll be great. We’d love it if you let us know how you go, I’m sure you’ll have some tips to add when you graduate.

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