New year, new career

New year, new career

The first month of a new year is a great time for taking stock of your goals and start thinking about making plans that will secure your future.

If your New Year’s goal is to reach your career potential, we can help. Whether you want to change careers, increase your earning potential or rise up the ranks, our courses will equip you with the skills to get there.

Below is a selection of postgraduate courses that meet industry demands and help you secure and succeed in your future career.

Master of Cybersecurity

There’s a lot of buzz around that cybersecurity expert is the career of the future. Is the buzz true?

It would appear so. Global job openings are projected to rise to 6 million by 2019 with a shortage of 1.5 million experts qualified to fill demands. Median pay is $US 88,890 per year with the top tier experts taking in over $US140,460 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In close consultation with our leading industry partners, we’ve designed a suite of three distinct degrees that meet the needs of real-world organisations. Graduates from our computer science, business operations and law specialisations will become competitive, sought-after specialists in this vital, fast-growing field.

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Master of Sport Analytics

Elite sports organisations around the world are increasingly turning to big data to gain a competitive edge. Professionals with the ability to translate advanced statistics into real-world wins are highly employable, and have a competitive edge over their counterparts.

To meet global demand, we’ve developed Australasia’s first-of-its-kind Master of Sports Analytics. Helmed by industry leader Associate Professor Stuart Morgan, the course has been developed in close consultation with leading sports clubs and sports technology companies to prepare sport science and computer science graduates for the future of this rapidly growing profession.

You’ll learn foundational sports analytics techniques that will enable you to deliver insights in strategy, recruitment and performance, using data visualisation methods taught in La Trobe’s state of the art VisLabs. La Trobe is the leading Australian university for sport-related teaching and research.

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Juris Doctor

Our Juris Doctor is a three-year pathway for non-law graduates to gain the necessary qualifications to work in the legal profession. Our graduates have gone on to become law firm partners, in-house counsel, barristers and solicitors, as well as occupying senior roles in business, government and NGOs.

Located at our City Campus in the heart of Melbourne’s legal precinct, you’ll gain practical skills and hands-on experience in simulated legal activities such as client interviewing, witness examinations and negotiations. You’ll also gain mastery of critical thinking, research and writing skills, and develop an appreciation of the impact of law in your local and global community.

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Master of Health Information Management

There’s a shortage of qualified health information managers in Australia, and salaries range from $50,000 at entry level to over $180,000 at senior level.

Our course will develop your expertise in health classification and activity-based performance management, management of health information systems, health informatics, analysis of health data and research using health information.

It also includes management training so you can move straight into a management role. Our graduates are highly capable to work across the health sector including hospitals, health services, health-related research centres and government health departments.

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Master of Business Administration

La Trobe MBA graduate salaries are amongst the highest in the world. Our MBA is aimed at the working professional seeking to accelerate a career in business leadership. Our course is consistently awarded the highest possible rating of five stars by the Graduate Management Association of Australia.

The curriculum is designed to make you a highly employable modern business leader, with expertise to develop and sustain competitive advantages for your organisation. We offer flexible timetables and the option to study online to suit your needs.

La Trobe alumni get a 10 percent fee reduction on full-fee postgrad courses, and we also offer you scholarships of up to 25 per cent off your course fee

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Master of Teaching

Teaching gives you the opportunity to directly impact the lives of children and young people. It’s an incredibly important vocation with diverse job opportunities. It enables you  to use your undergraduate specialisations in a new and rewarding career.

The integration of theories and practice is key to our Master of Teaching (Primary) and Master of Teaching (Secondary) courses, giving you the knowledge and skills to become career-ready. There is an emphasis on innovative placement models and offers exciting opportunities for urban, regional and international placements.

You can complete this degree through an accelerated 18-month path, or over an extended period of part-time study.  You’ll benefit from the flexibility of a combination of online learning and intensive face-to-face classes.

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Master of Strategic Communication

Enhance your understanding of modern communication and develop the business, project management and research skills that give you the entrepreneurial edge a 21st-century media professional needs.

The Master of Strategic Communication is designed to provide you with the practical skills to advance your career as communication professional, including specialisations in management, politics and digital marketing.

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Master of Management (Sport Management)

Studying the Master of Management (Sport Management) at our Melbourne City Campus prepares you for a range of careers in the global sports industry. You’ll learn to work with professional sports teams, manage relationships between athletes and the media, or start your own sports business.

You’ll graduate with the skills needed to be a sport management leader with professional sport teams, international, national and state sport governing bodies, and at major sport events and venues. You could also work in the private, non-profit and government sectors of the sports industry in senior management roles.

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