Mildura student ’emotional’ at a special delivery

Mildura student ’emotional’ at a special delivery

Imagine you receive a delivery. You open it and inside are the course materials from one of your lecturers. Underneath them, you discover a bag of chips, lollies and teabags — among other goodies. Mildura business students received this sweet surprise from their sessional lecturer, Kellie Coff.

Kellie created a thoughtful care package for students which included a list of items with inspirational notes such as tea bags “to remind you to take a break”, a Picnic chocolate “to remind you to get some sun” and a highlighter “to help you look on the bright side”.

Student Xavier Smith was so touched by the care package that he reached out to the University to share his lecturer’s kind deed.

“I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but I felt a bit emotional. I think it was the kindness and care in such a time, there is so much going on in the world.

“Being a mature aged student, I can appreciate the effort that had gone into the package. Considering Kellie is a parent, a lecturer, a student herself and a businesswoman, I was blown away,” Xavier said.

He said it also gave him the motivation to get on with all his university work at a time when it would be easy “to just to opt out of uni”. He added that he has been heartened by the support from people at La Trobe, and that Kellie was one of the first to express her care and concern.

“She offered to help find jobs through her network for any of us who had been displaced during this time.

“She also has such a supportive approach, reiterating how much of a good job we were all doing during such a stressful time. I think the continued positive reinforcement really helps with self belief,” Xavier shared.

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