Meet the first recipients of our international Vice-Chancellor Scholarships

Meet the first recipients of our international Vice-Chancellor Scholarships

What could you achieve if money was no obstacle? Two of La Trobe’s international students will find out after receiving prestigious scholarships covering 100 per cent of their tuition fees for the duration of their degrees.

Sandeep Anumalasetti and Prabhash Punsara Bandara Pelawatta have been announced as the first recipients of La Trobe University’s Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – India and Sri Lanka, rewarding their academic excellence and their commitment to making a difference in their community.

The scholarships were awarded at an online ceremony with Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar AO, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Stacey Farraway, and Regional Director – South Asia and Africa Amit Malhotra.

As they begin their study journey, we talked to Sandeep and Prabhash about what they want to achieve at La Trobe – and where they hope to go afterwards.

Sandeep Anumalasetti aims for new heights

Since 2014, Sandeep has worked as a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation, in roles ranging from developing software to controlling spacecraft.

While working with rockets is impressive by anyone’s standards, Sandeep hopes to take his career even further by studying a Master of Information Technology at La Trobe.

‘This Master’s degree will open doors to new skills and create new opportunities for me to explore,’ he says.

‘And I’m sure the world-class infrastructure, insightful professors and innovative hubs at La Trobe will play a vital role in shaping my future.’

Study aside, there’s another reason Sandeep is looking forward to life at La Trobe. As a passionate mentor, he can’t wait to help other students.

‘I enjoy mentoring my peers and fellow team members. Since my undergraduate days, I’ve enjoyed working as a team and, in my current work, I enjoy helping my team grow as they learn,’ Sandeep says.

‘I’ve already come across the volunteering opportunities and peer mentoring groups at La Trobe, and I’m really looking forward to being a part of the community.’

Sandeep Anumalasetti, recipient of La Trobe’s Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – India and Sri-Lanka.

Prabhash Pelawatta blends business and sustainability

Prabhash, our Sri Lankan scholarship winner, has had a ‘burning desire’ to study in Australia ever since he travelled here for a school competition.

‘Last time I visited Australia, I got the precious opportunity to see the technologies, facilities and learning techniques that Australian universities offer their students,’ he says.

Prabhash is passionate about business and is already pursuing his own ventures. In his own words, he wants to become ‘a professional who drives innovation through data’ – so naturally, he’ll be studying our Bachelor of Business Analytics.

Importantly, he’s also committed to sustainability, and makes sure his business pursuits protect the environment.

‘It’s one of my priorities to protect and embrace Mother Nature. If we’re using synthetic products and dispose trash into nature, we begin to destroy it,’ he says.

‘As an entrepreneur and a community member, it’s my responsibility to protect nature and guarantee the safety of my customers.’

This mindset makes him a perfect fit at La Trobe as we push for a more sustainable future – including our commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2029.

Prabhash Punsara Bandara Pelawatta, recipient of La Trobe’s Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – India and Sri-Lanka.

At La Trobe, we reward academic excellence

As well as our Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – India and Sri Lanka, we offer the Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – Vietnam, which also provides tuition fee reductions of up to 100 per cent for selected courses.

These highly prestigious scholarships are offered for every term and semester intake and are awarded to high-achieving international students.

We’ve also added our region-specific international scholarships that provide tuition fee reductions for selected courses – up to 30 per cent, depending on your academic performance. These include:

All our region-specific scholarships are available to citizens of the eligible countries – regardless of where you currently live. For example, if you’re an Indian citizen living in Australia, then you’re still eligible to apply for the South Asia scholarships.

If you’re thinking about studying in Australia, you should consider what these La Trobe scholarships could offer you.

As Prabhash says of his own achievement: ‘This prestigious scholarship will help me by dropping the costs of tuition, and I can continue with my studies without financial pressure.

‘Ultimately, this scholarship is a blessing and will be one of the greatest turning points in my life.’

With an upcoming term intake in November, you can start your La Trobe degree online now and join us on campus once borders reopen. Learn more about all the scholarships offered at La Trobe University.

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