Marilyn Monroe Symposium Highlights

Marilyn Monroe Symposium Highlights

In 2016 two blockbuster exhibitions showcasing the life and legacy of Marilyn Monroe were held at Bendigo Art Gallery and MAMA in Albury. A hugely successful subject, Exhibiting Culture: Marilyn, was embedded in these exhibitions and taught in conjunction with the galleries.

Late last year, we hosted a symposium at Melbourne’s ACMI where our academics, from a range of fields, could share their insight on one of the 20th century’s most iconic actresses.

The interdisciplinary approach to the topic of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic status was unique. The intention of the symposium was to go beyond nostalgia and offer a genuinely contemporary perspective on performance, celebrity and artistic response, as well as to make Marilyn provocative for us in our times.

Watch the video for highlights from the academic papers.

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