#ltuwfh: A taste of La Trobe’s new kind of workday

#ltuwfh: A taste of La Trobe’s new kind of workday

It’s now been over a month since the University’s operations moved online. In that time, we’ve all learned working from home during lockdown presents a unique set of challenges.

Some people might be questioning their sanity while attempting to balance work with homeschooling their kids. Others may be battling the urge to procrasti-bake, or trying their best to appear professional while a needy child or pet makes an appearance during a Zoom meeting or class.

Let’s be honest: most of us probably have no idea what day it is, because what is time at the moment anyway?

Despite the ups and downs, La Trobe staff have risen to the occasion magnificently and documented the process of adapting to our new normal with a Twitter hashtag: #ltuwfh (often used in conjunction with #petsoflatrobe).

From building makeshift teaching studios in a shed to getting creative with Zoom backgrounds, here’s a peek into the new kind of workday taking place in homes all across the country.

Who said Minecraft can’t be educational?

Now’s a great time for feline innovations:

The best way to blow off steam after a hard week while continuing to maintain social distancing:

We’d call that a success too:

There’s nothing like a poo emoji cupcake to lift the spirits:

The most innovative (and perhaps impractical) workstation award goes to…

Big shoutout to our hard-working librarians:

Can’t tell if Grand Designs or a prosthetics and orthotics class, but Nathan Collins’ setup is certainly impressive:

You’d better hope you don’t have to use the word ‘walkies’ in your meetings any time soon:

Professor Andy Herries and his tiny assistant know that method acting is sometimes the best solution for delivering a great lecture:

You don’t need a Time-Turner to be in two meetings at once any more:

Carbs are always the solution, especially when they come in the form of delicious homemade bread:

How’s the serenity?

Some might say we’re all getting a little too comfortable in our home offices:

It seems we have a replicant in our midst:

Very important contributions being made in this meeting by some sweet furry friends:

How’s this for hands-on learning?

Now that’s a reason to celebrate:

Looks like even the Vice-Chancellor got the memo about the University’s new working from home uniform (LTU hoodie and your choice of trackies, of course):

How’s working from home going for you? Head to Twitter to share your wins and Zoom fails under the #ltuwfh hashtag.

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