La Trobe’s MBA shapes leaders to make a real impact

La Trobe’s MBA shapes leaders to make a real impact

In the last two years, there has been a dramatic shift in the way we view work. As organisations navigated through the financial uncertainties and workforce challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, physical offices moved into a hybrid way of working. People’s relationship with their jobs shifted towards a personalised and purpose-led approach to work – putting pressure on our leaders to abandon outdated views and prioritise putting people at the heart of sustainable business practices.

For example, Mercer Australia’s Global Talent Trends 2022 report identifies the shift to a future of business that is more ‘human’ – finding that values, partnership, wellness and energy are drivers for growth. This emerging connection between people and workplaces is described as ‘the rise of the relatable organisation’.  

The future of business is more ‘human’ – values, partnership, wellness and energy are drivers for growth.

In this bold future, it’s vital for the leaders of tomorrow to adapt to this shift in workplace values and keep ahead of future trends. Reports like the Global Talent Trends helps MBA educators to frame the context and translate findings into rich classroom discussions, so students can gain the knowledge and skills needed to meet emerging organisational challenges.

Future leaders will need to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to deal with the challenges ahead. At La Trobe University, MBA students are analysing the implications of the 2022 trends – exploring key concepts such as working in partnership, delivering on total wellbeing and harnessing collective energy – so that they can evaluate key ideas and initiatives to capitalise on trends in their organisation. 

The challenge for managers and leaders is to determine how an organisation’s priorities are enacted. That’s why La Trobe’s MBA explores the report’s top priorities for executives, such as investing in workforce upskilling and reskilling, designing the talent process and redesigning work to improve agility. This provides the foundation for students to learn how to formulate policies, procedures and implementation plans, so they can lead successful businesses that meet the challenges of current and emerging workforce demands. 

Rather than being reactive and waiting for organisational challenges to present themselves, MBA students are encouraged to reflect on and think deeply about the trends, challenges and priorities, and develop contingencies. This thinking develops their ability to make a positive contribution to their organisation and position themselves for future career success.

Real impact lies at the heart of La Trobe University’s approach to education.

Its Online MBA has been ranked 1st in Victoria and 3rd in Australia.

Co-designed and co-delivered by leading industry partners such as Mercer and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, you’ll be absorbed in interactive learning and develop critical business skills.

The La Trobe MBA is built on evidence-based coursework – so you’ll have the confidence to understand the issues facing global businesses, tackle real world business problems and develop lifelong leadership skills.

Dr Geraldine Kennett is the Director of the La Trobe Business School MBA Program.

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