Health skills to save the planet

Health skills to save the planet

What’s your ideal superpower?

Flight, invisibility, the ability to speak to cats… while these supernatural powers sound exciting, they’re confined to the world of comic books (for now at least). But the future still needs heroes.

An infinite number of futures lie ahead of us, just waiting to unfold. Will some type of carbon-based life arrive on Earth? Maybe. Could we face a horde of elderly citizens? Almost certainly.

A qualification in health allows you to power up, get to work and save the day. In other words, it’s your chance to be a real-life superhero. No cape required.

Here’s how your skills will equip you to handle some possible scenarios.*

Alien invasion

If aliens from outer space make an appearance on this planet, it would be the first opportunity for Earth’s health professionals to learn about the health practices, body structure and genetics of extra-terrestrials. Collaborating with our outer space visitors could lead to brand new ways of detecting and treating disease or novel approaches to public health and medicines. The truth is out there.

The heroes are graduates of biomedicine, health and biomedical sciences and public health.

Planet of the grandparents

You’ve probably heard about the ageing population. Our longevity is greater than ever before and we’re already seeing it in the ‘grey brigade.’ Retirees of today and the future are big on job creation.


  1. They leave their jobs to the younger generations.
  2. They need a range of health services as they age.

Entire aged care industries have sprung up to support our citizens as they advance into old age. Health professionals will be vital in the future. You could help our elderly remain healthy and independent for as long as possible.

The heroes are graduates of health sciences, gerontology and palliative care.

Humans vs superbugs

Superbugs are the villains of tomorrow. They are antibiotic-resistant bacteria that threaten global destruction. They’re adaptable, powerful and efficient – just like the health graduates we’ll need. Could you help to investigate and identify superbugs, build our defence with public health policies and develop new immunisations and treatments to stop them before they wipe us out?

The heroes are graduates of health sciences, medicine, public health, health management and biomedical research.

Zombies rise

You’ve seen the movies. You’ve seen the tv shows. Now it’s time to face the possibility of a zombie outbreak. The public health professionals will thrive, tracking the spread of the zombie disease and educating the public on how to avoid infection. If one of those strategies is ‘run,’ our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists will keep our joints moving and audiologists will ensure we hear the hordes coming.

The heroes are graduates of health sciences, public health, biomedical sciences, sport and exercise science, physiotherapy and audiology.

Information inundation

There’s a chance that the biggest challenge we face in the future will be more existential than physical. With media outlets resorting to doomsday clickbait to keep our attention – not to mention all the aliens and zombies – the future will need mental health professionals to keep our minds healthy.

The heroes are graduates of social work, psychological science and psychology.

Business as usual

No matter what the future holds, we will need experts in health on every part of the planet. We’ll need doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, public health drivers and biomedicine innovators.

That is, until the robots take over.

The heroes are graduates of midwifery, nursing, oral health, dentistry, dietetics, occupational therapy and rehabilitation.

Health is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries.

To explore your possible futures, browse our Health courses today.

* Some scenarios may be more likely than others.

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