Double degrees set you up for success

Double degrees set you up for success

When it comes choosing the degree that will start you on your path to your dream career, it can be hard to decide on one single area of interest.

Perhaps one of your areas of interest appeals to your inner idealist and the other to your inner pragmatist. Maybe your dream job calls for a nuanced skillset that one degree can’t give you, or you want to explore your passion while still making pragmatic decisions about your future.

Have you ever thought about a double degree?

How a double degree can work for you

A double degree refers to two single degrees undertaken in a shorter time frame, with most reduced from six years of study down to four years. You’ll graduate with two Bachelor degrees and two study specialities under your belt.

Don’t let the inner pragmatist strike the winning blow, as our double degrees are designed to address challenges facing the world today AND meet industry demand. So you can earn your degrees then go forth and solve world issues. Inner idealist for the win!

Combine your passions and broaden your knowledge

Studying two Bachelor degrees means you can combine different areas you’re passionate about. But it also gives you more options while you decide where you want to go. You’ll have access to a wider range of study areas and subjects, broadening your knowledge in areas that interest you.

More career options

Employers are more likely to hire graduates with a broad and diverse skill set – it also demonstrates your determination and commitment.

In fact, 74 per cent of double degree graduates find employment within four months of graduating, compared to 68 per cent of students with a single degree.*

*Graduate Careers Australia 2015.

What can you study?

Our double degrees on offer are spread across a wide range of study areas and offer some unique and specialised combinations. Here are some options to consider:

  • Commerce/International Relations – a double degree that will give you the skills to apply your business acumen to the global market. On completion, you could be working in the commercial world of business, international governance or public service institutions.
  • Criminology/Laws – a double degree that combines a professional qualification in law with a criminology degree, offering an innovative legal education with a strong global and social justice perspective. We place emphasis on real-life experiences such as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities, professional work placements and advocacy within the community.
  • Nursing/Midwifery – Clinical placements in both nursing and midwifery are a feature in every semester of this double degree. These rotations give you first‑hand experience of what it’s like to work as a midwife and nurse.
  • Arts/Health Sciences – Study health from a social perspective in this combined four-year degree. You’ll learn to understand health and disability as well as ways to improve health in the context of our bodies, our communities and our workplaces

At La Trobe, we have over 20 double degrees on offer, so you can improve your employment potential, study a wider range of subjects and combine your passion with your chosen profession. Explore our full range of double degrees.