Business success in the digital era

Business success in the digital era

We live in an on-demand world.

Streaming services offer entertainment when you want it. Websites connect you with an extra pair of hands to help you move house. And the sharing economy has made it easier than ever to earn some spare cash.

Businesses around the world are using technology to build their competitive advantage, from creating innovative business models and updating their internal processes to delivering a better customer experience. How does this change what you need for career success?

Today’s insights on tomorrow’s jobs

While Australia’s workforce is always changing, right now we’re seeing a combination of forces that could cause bigger and faster transitions than our employment markets have ever experienced.

That’s one of the findings from a CSIRO report on Tomorrow’s digitally enabled workforce, which identified the megatrends affecting jobs and employment markets over the next 20 years.

It sounds dramatic, but these rapid changes are creating exciting opportunities for the next generation of workers.

For example, according to the report, “The era of cloud computing will allow businesses and companies to have smaller departments that will be able to quickly analyse data, experiment endlessly and embrace the new technology to be more data-driven.”

And as businesses innovate, the CSIRO suggests that they’ll be looking to fill brand new job types. Analysts who specialise in “bigger big data” or “complex decisions support” will be in demand to use their expertise to extract practical insights from the ever-increasing amount of data available.

This opens up options for clever thinkers who can analyse data and translate it into business solutions. Workers with specialist skills in business analytics, versatile thinkers who blend business and technical skills to transform organisations – these candidates could capitalise in the evolving job market.

Dr Kok-Leong Ong is Associate Professor, Business Analytics at La Trobe University. With a career path that took him from information technology to the business world before joining La Trobe, he’s well-acquainted with how valuable data can be.

“It’s very interesting to people or to businesses because they get a lot of insights they can use to their competitive advantage, or to improve internal productivity. Because of the amount of data businesses have, they need knowledge to help them analyse the information.”

Dr Ong believes graduates with business analytics expertise could look forward to a “huge” career trajectory.

“It’s really exploded in the last few years. You can see there’s a shortage in people with skills in analytics and an understanding of what businesses need,” says Dr Ong.

“Get trained in business analytics now – the timing is perfect.”

The skills to succeed

The technological transformation of business has built demand for employees with a complete toolkit of skills.

This means having core business knowledge that can be applied in jobs across all sectors, as well as knowing how to spot commercial opportunities and capitalise on them, while having the confidence to produce business and marketing plans that drive success.

Employers also want candidates with human skills, like the creativity to produce business and marketing plans that push a company ahead of the pack, as well as the confidence to drive daring ideas.

And in this new era of business, job-hunters need an edge that sets them apart. If you know how to use data and technology to improve business performance, you’ll be in high demand. But it’s not just about building your skills with today’s platforms – you’ll need the versatility to jump onto the next big thing.

Looking to succeed in the changing world of work? It’s all about using what you learn today to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Do business your way – not someone else’s

Ready for a business career in the digital era? At La Trobe, we’re leaders in digital business education. Our courses are developed in consultation with industry leaders, expert business professionals and data specialists.

This means our Bachelor of Digital Business will give you the core business skills to succeed in any sector. And in a competitive landscape, your digital specialisation will give you the competitive edge for the most exciting jobs on the market.

If you’ve got an investigative mind, our Bachelor of Business Analytics will teach you to interpret data and turn it into action. You’ll build a strong foundation in business, then learn to use your analytical skills and strategic thinking to identify opportunities and drive innovation.

Importantly, we’re all about flexibility. We want to help you keep your options open. So alongside specialist expertise, we’ll teach you the human skills that help you in any role, in any sector. And our AACSB accreditation means you’ll graduate with qualifications recognised around the world.

A degree in business from La Trobe is just the first step in your career – where you take it is up to you.

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