International student services

University life is one of the most important parts of the La Trobe experience, with a number of activities to participate in while you are completing your studies.

Community engagement

La Trobe International supports a number of initiatives that foster greater cooperation with the broader Australian community for international students.

Programs and activities

La Trobe International runs a number of programs and activities that are specifically designed for international students, such as the Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE Program), the University orientation and other activities.

Support services

La Trobe International provides support services to assist international students, and promote international student needs throughout the University. These services include:

  • individual student appointments
  • assistance to sponsored students
  • advice on academic expectations
  • information for Muslim students
  • the International Student Advisory Network (ISAN)
  • the International Student Barometer (ISB).

Sponsored Programs

Information for sponsors, sponsored students and Australia Awards students.

Leaving La Trobe

Information for graduating students - Ready, Set, Go workshop, transcripts and graduation, returning home, packing up and becoming an alumnus.

Information for students who may wish to interrupt their studies and leave their course at La Trobe - withdrawal and intermission of studies.

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS): your rights and obligations

The University's and international students responsibilities, and visas FAQs