International Student Advisory Network (ISAN)

The International Student Advisory Network (ISAN) was established to improve communication within the University around issues affecting international students.

Facilitated by the International Student Services team at La Trobe International (LTI), the Network has now grown to include all LTI staff, executives, academics, support services, administrative and managerial roles as well as student representatives from across the University. Members elect to participate due to their interest in and contact with international student issues on a regular basis.

The Network meets at least three times per year to share information about and address major issues, plan future projects and through this seek to improve services of all kinds to international students across the University. All campuses are represented at meetings with video conferenced with each meeting from the Melbourne campus venue.

Topics discussed at recent meetings:

  • Diverse approaches to educating and being ethical global citizens. Presented by Emeritus Professor Betty Leask; Dr Chyrisse Heine; Dr Sonia Reisenhofer and Shinead Borkovic.
  • Application of theoretical frameworks to practice: Exploring acculturation and cultural dimensions with Australian universities. Presented by Josh Sasai, Counsellor, La Trobe University.
  • Encouraging interaction between international and domestic students. Presented by Dr Shanton Chang, a senior lecturer in the field of the Social Impacts of Information Systems at the Department of Information Systems, University of Melbourne.
  • Introduction to interculturalism. Presented by Dr Barb West of CultureWorks.
  • Financial issues and advice in the support of international students.  Presented by International Student Services, Sponsored Programs Coordinator and Student Administration Bendigo.
  • Local councils: community programs and services. What are students accessing? What is in the pipeline for them? What should we tell them more about? A presentation by Darebin City Council.

For information regarding membership of the Network, past or future meetings, minutes of meetings or to present a discussion topic at an ISAN meeting, please contact the Secretariat.

For information regarding membership of the Network, past or future meetings, or any of the materials on this site, please contact ISAN Secretariat.