La Trobe makes more than 7,000 offers

La Trobe University has made 7,484 student offers to domestic and international students through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) early and main round for 2017.

DNA study of Indigenous Australians

Researchers complete largest DNA study of Aboriginal Australians

A solution to the asylum-seeker problem

A solution to Australia's asylum-seeker problem

La Trobe engineering student wows BMW

A La Trobe enngineering student has impressed Germany's best engineers

Master of Sports Analytics

La Trobe has unveiled its new Masters of Sports Analytics course

What's the point of sex?

What’s the point of sex? It frames gender identity - or does it?

How will the west manage Russia

How the will the US and the world manage Russia?

Zika virus can be transmitted sexually

Zika virus can be transmitted via sexual activity

Why are most people right handed?

Why are most people right handed?

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